Wendy Riss

Wendy Riss
Wendy Riss is a television writer, screenwriter, and playwright based in Los Angeles. She was a story editor on HBO's Hung and a staff writer on F/X's The Riches. Wendy has also written the plays Wildfire and A Darker Purpose at Naked Angels, which became the movie The Winner starring Rebecca DeMornay, Vincent D'Onofrio, and Billy Bob Thornton.

Wendy received her MFA at NYU's Dramatic Writing Program, where she was named Best Graduate Playwright. She is a member of Israel Horovitz's Playwrights Lab and has received numerous playwriting commissions including the New York Shakespeare Festival's new playwright commission.

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Wendy was fantastic. She was extremely knowledgeable, very encouraging, and gave concrete, eye-opening pointers and advice that made a real difference in my writing. -- Nina Berry

"This was an awesome class! Wendy got her lesson across in a format that can leave a lot to interpretation. She provided practical guidance that left me with a solid foundation to build upon. I would definitely take another class taught by her." -- Helen Little

""Wendy was always in total command of the material, and her practical instruction on how to approach the process of writing was both fascinating and easy to follow." -- Joshua Kornreich