We're targeting the wrong people for gun control

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cruiser Posted - 10/24/2013 2:11:27 PM | show profile | flag this post

It's NOT private citizens who need to surrender their firearms...apparently it's the police.

How idiotic is it for police to arrest a mother for firing a warning shot INTO THE AIR to get ten teenage boys to stop assaulting her daughter?

With ongoing stories of violence committed by teens it's perfectly logical that the mother feared for the life and safety of her daughter...and even for herself!


But the real kicker is a group of northern California sheriff's deputies shoot and kill a 13-year-old carrying a REPLICA rifle. According to the story, a sheriff's department spokesman said "the deputies fired several rounds from their handguns immediately after issuing the orders to drop the rifle."

I can just hear it now: "Drop the rifle BANG BANG BANG!" with no pause to permit the teenager to deal with his surprise and process what he was hearing.

The operative word is IMMEDIATELY. We've seen far too often reports...and even live-action police reality shows...of police breaking down a door BEFORE they've finished identifying themselves as police and firing at someone BEFORE determining what the real situations is.


It is said that police have no duty under the law to protect citizens from crimes, assaults, shootings, etc., but NOWHERE IN THE LAW DOES IT GIVE POLICE THE RIGHT TO GUN DOWN TEENAGERS WITHOUT JUST CAUSE...and being ignorant of the full situation is NOT just cause.

Where is the outrage from these who cried rivers of crocodile tears over Sandy Hook Elementary?

proudliberal Posted - 10/28/2013 11:35:30 AM | show profile | flag this post

I think the outrage goes without saying...

I am just surprised to see you on board with this one. Maybe there is hope for you yet. The case with the woman firing the gun is just stupid (although firing into the air is pretty dumb). The 13 year old with the gun is just plain tragic. During the whole gun control dust up we saw videos of men carrying assault weapons down the street saying it is their right, then police gun down a kid with a toy. Guns just cause problems, period. And I don't see them solving many.

orthicon Posted - 10/28/2013 12:05:12 PM | show profile | flag this post

"..a kid with a toy"???

did you see the "toy"?..did you see the sheriff holding the "toy" in one hand, and an actual ak-47 in the other hand?..could you tell them apart?..i couldn't and I own an ak-47..

the "boy" was roughly the size of a medium adult..even had the beginnings of a moustache..

sorry.. but in this case, I think the cop was right to open fire..i would have, had I been confronted with the same situation way back when I wore a badge..

cruiser Posted - 10/28/2013 12:50:11 PM | show profile | flag this post

"Guns just cause problems, period.

And I don't see them solving many."

The you're not looking closely. Experts on the topic report that armed citizens interrupt or prevent between one and three MILLION cirmes per year.

That's a lot of people who would otherwise be terrorized or traumatized by bad guys with guns.

But the bigger questions is: Why in the hell do you liberals and left wingers want to eliminate INANIMATE OBJECTS instead of DEALING WITH THE BAD GUYS?

And for orth: You obviously subscribe to the "Drop the rifleBANGBANGBANG..." method of policing. I don't. Cops are FAR too anxious to shoot rather than critically assessing the situation.

As for the 13-year-old, he very likely never even dreamed that he would be challenged by armed cops. It likely would have taken him WAY longer than a split second to process the fact that they were addressing him and ordering him to drop what he clearly knew was a toy.

Kids do not have the maturity to think beyond what they are doing right now. They simply do not consider ramifications and/or consequences.

Cops MUST find different ways of dealing with kids. They simply cannot go around killing them.

And now back to the other idiot: What would make you think my politics woud cause me to think or act any differently???

orthicon Posted - 10/28/2013 1:13:51 PM | show profile | flag this post

no, cruiztwit.. i subscribe to the..

this guy is turning toward me with an ak-47 in his hands.. the muzzle is about to be aimed at me..so I fire first to protect my life and those of others around me school of policing..

at that point in time, I see what I see and react..

and even at 13, a kid should know it's a bad idea to point a gun at a cop..

cruiser Posted - 10/28/2013 1:21:03 PM | show profile | flag this post

I'll just let

the juxgaposition of your post and mine poignantly reflect your attitude.

etaoin shrdlu Posted - 10/28/2013 2:08:24 PM | show profile | flag this post


is correct.

If you are under the impression that someone has a weapon and is about to use it with lethal force on you -- you have the right of self-defense.

Been that way ever since the Magna Carta.

cruster Posted - 10/28/2013 2:10:47 PM | show profile | flag this post

Indubitably Juxgaposed

This is clearly Obamacare at work.

Why can't someone just fire off a shot in a populated area?

Oh. Because others could get hit by the bullet and it's against the law?


Well why shoot a child with a toy gun?

Oh. Because it looked very real and there is a proliferation of these weapons and kids sometimes murder with them?


Well... it's still Obama's fault.

cruiser Posted - 10/28/2013 3:03:05 PM | show profile | flag this post

You're blowing smoke and everyone knows it

You'd have your left wing buddy's back even if he tried to say a turd was a diamond. Your credibility continues at ZERO.

it's just tv folks Posted - 10/28/2013 3:49:20 PM | show profile | flag this post

Ha Ha

Nobody thinks you're a "diamond" 2oldcruztwit.

etaoin shrdlu Posted - 10/28/2013 3:55:42 PM | show profile | flag this post

If, however...

the kid had been carrying Skittles and ice tea, cruzo would have insisted he be killed twice. Three times for good measure!

cruiser Posted - 10/28/2013 4:00:00 PM | show profile | flag this post

When all else fails

drag up something totally immaterial from the past.

Why do left wingers have such a difficult time dealing with reality?

orthicon Posted - 10/28/2013 4:18:32 PM | show profile | flag this post

unlike you, we KNOW reality..we deal with it daily..


not so much..

if at all..

cruster Posted - 10/28/2013 4:32:57 PM | show profile | flag this post

"drag up something totally immaterial from the past"


George W. Bush started a war based on bad intelligence and preconceived notions that cost this country thousands of soldier's lives and billions of dollars and never needed to be fought.

And you supported him

Like that?

Clearly Obama's fault!

mpdodgson Posted - 10/28/2013 9:17:01 PM | show profile | flag this post

Well this one's a mixed bag.

While I totally agree that blindly firing warning shots into the air is most definitely not a good idea; if that was my daughter I propably would have done the same thing if the baseball wasn't handy.

As for the terrible CA shooting; I saw the 'replica' too, looked real to me. And if the cop says the kid turned to him with it raised? Tragic to be sure, but sounds like an accident.

But yea, what got me was now ruise attacks cops for gunning down teenagers without just cause....Who the hell do these guys think they are?? Florida Block-watchers?!?!

At Least 9,900 People Have Died From Guns Since The Newtown Shooting. On a typical day; "there were 30 gun-related murders and 162 people wounded by firearms in the country, based on the most recent figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. On top of that, another 53 people kill themselves with a firearm each day, according to the CDC.

Breaking it down further, three people are killed by a gun per hour and almost seven people are shot every 60 minutes."

But now--all of the sudden cruise is worried about gun happy cops. There's your head shake for the day.

cruiser Posted - 10/29/2013 12:14:35 AM | show profile | flag this post

"30 gun-related murders and 162 people wounded by firearms"

And the greatest percentage of them were committed by gang members against rivals. Take those off the table.

Of the remainder, there is no comparison between them and other situations or activities that could be dangerous, therefore the numbers in isolation tell no useful story at all.

But they get the liberal crocodile tears flowing.

etaoin shrdlu Posted - 10/29/2013 1:21:00 PM | show profile | flag this post

The problem with the...

NRA's "Good guy with a gun" plan is that you have to wait for the bad guy to shoot first -- possibly killing someone -- or fire first.

That's what happened in the CA case.

It's a pretty good example of how the NRA's argument is full of holes.

orthicon Posted - 10/29/2013 1:26:19 PM | show profile | flag this post

"..committed by gang members against rivals.."

"..take those off the table.."

try saying or writing that in german, cruiztwit..you'll be much more comfortable..maybe the "gang members" could all wear brown shirts..the rivals could be jews..

you'd probably like that..so would your rightwingnut Nazi pals..

con Posted - 10/29/2013 3:38:13 PM | show profile | flag this post

orthicon style bigotry. sad? yes. shocking? not so much.

orthicon Posted - 10/29/2013 4:48:32 PM | show profile | flag this post

oh, not at all, con..none of the above apply..

it's just that i'm sick and tired of his racist, sexist, rightwingnut bullshit..

come to think of it..yours, too..

cruiser Posted - 10/29/2013 4:51:31 PM | show profile | flag this post

Then flip your off switch

you cranky, bigoted fossil.

orthicon Posted - 10/29/2013 6:35:23 PM | show profile | flag this post

nah.. there are some real, thinking people on these boards..

on both sides of the divide..people I enjoy interacting with..

so I have to put up with useless, spiteful old relics like you in order to stay in touch with them..and you calling me those names is probably the best example of the pot calling the kettle black I've ever seen..

go back to your rightwingnut masters..collect your paltry paychecks for flogging the rightwingnut line..and remember when you used to be a human being..

if in fact you ever were..which I doubt seriously..

cruster Posted - 10/29/2013 6:48:29 PM | show profile | flag this post

"Take those off the table"

Because gang members aren't people, right cruiser?

Sure, most are poor young disenfranchised African American men, mostly teenagers. But take them off the table. They don't count.

Right cruiser?

Oh welcome back con/puzo. Have you met Notch Johnson?

You'd like him. You too have soooooo much in common!

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