Where is the coverage?

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newscred Posted - 8/3/2013 1:13:02 AM | show profile | flag this post

Any guesses when there'll be reporting on the change made yesterday to congress and its staff and Obamacare? Let's see if it's covered at all.

The bill was written to ensure everyone, including congress and their staffs, were covered by Obamacare and had to pay as much each year as anyone else in the country. A lot of stink from them about what it was going to cost them, personally. These are people with big yearly salaries. Complaints to the administration were made just a couple of days ago (as I understand it) and miraculously the next day an oversight government agency said congress and their staffs will still be on the Obamacare rolls but they'll have to personally pay only 25% of their yearly costs. American's tax money will pay the other 75% of those YEARLY costs. That's outrageous. Another corrupt action by the administration and congress.

Why aren't we hearing our country's news media reporting this in headlines?

orthicon Posted - 8/3/2013 2:03:25 AM | show profile | flag this post

probably wson't see much for now...

since there are much more important things to report on right now..

as you would realize if you had ever spent one minute in a functioning newsroom..

but since you haven't, i'd just be talking to a blank wall..

mpdodgson Posted - 8/3/2013 12:40:00 PM | show profile | flag this post

beenthere? "Let's see if it's covered at all"

Going down this road again?? Since you don't work IN CONGRESS, you've must have heard about this from some media. Whatever.

I agree with you btw about the fairness of it all. The complaints weren't just made this week though, staffers have been whining for some time. This is one of those 'deals with the Devil'...

"...government contributions would continue. Those contributions provide $5,000 a year for individual coverage and $11,000 for families under some of the most popular health plans."

However---"under the arrangement, lawmakers and many of their aides will have to get coverage through new health insurance marketplaces, or exchanges, being set up in every state"


Personally...I think the MUCH bigger story concerning ObamaCare this week was still Boehner & Co wasting everyones time and money with the 40th 'Repeal' vote. (Republican Rep. John Culberson (R-TX) said on the House floor, “My day is not complete unless I vote to cut spending and repeal Obamacare.”) Thanks John.

mpdodgson Posted - 8/3/2013 1:05:52 PM | show profile | flag this post

I apologize;

Post was meant for newscred obviously. mea culpa.

etaoin shrdlu Posted - 8/5/2013 10:09:23 AM | show profile | flag this post

Again, newscred...

you really should pick up a newspaper, turn on a TV or radio or Google the story before you post another of these inane "Where is the coverage" posts.

This was covered like mad by the mainstream media.

Though, it looks like you are a bit misinformed about what the vote was actually about.

cruster Posted - 8/5/2013 12:14:18 PM | show profile | flag this post

I Don't Think newscred is Being Critical of the MSM

I think he's just asking for help from his pals so he can find the story.

Have you noticed that every time newscred posts one of these "where is the coverage?" threads, that several links showing that there has been coverage, often lots of it, tend to follow?

Then he doesn't respond because he's busy reading the articles, after a ten year old shows him how to "click" on the "link".

I think newscred just doesn't know how the use the internet tubes and the Googles because AOL is still so confusing.

newscred Posted - 8/8/2013 3:55:33 AM | show profile | flag this post

modern news mantra: it's only news if it helps the democrats

I love how you guys say this was covered like mad by the mainstream media. Your definition of covered like mad must be mentioning it in passing in the third block of the weekend 11pm...and never again being mentioned.

Obama jetting to his hollywood appearances gets more coverage.

Yes, I have worked in liberal newsrooms. Oops, no need to say "liberal". It's implied in the word "newsroom".

mpdodgson Posted - 8/8/2013 5:33:32 AM | show profile | flag this post

Then I suggest

a new line of work. Practice in front of the mirror 'You want fries with that?'

"third block of the weekend 11pm"?? You understand that would be the 'local news' right...and not say, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, etc?

Go away until your next 'Where's the coverage' post. Which I'm sure will be just as insightful.

Village Gal Posted - 8/8/2013 8:18:34 AM | show profile | flag this post

newscred, instead of ranting on this bulletin board, which few
people read, I suggest you write an op-ed or expose using
your inside info. I'm serious..

con Posted - 8/8/2013 8:38:38 AM | show profile | flag this post

speaking of where is the coverage.....

obama's gaffe-fest on leno is being ignored by the media... while republican gaffes get front page coverage.

yet some will ask "what liberal media?"

Grateful Deadline Posted - 8/8/2013 12:15:57 PM | show profile | flag this post

Here's a 411, con: "The Tonight Show" isn't a newscast.

cruiser Posted - 8/8/2013 1:00:39 PM | show profile | flag this post

Here's the 411

The Tonight Show is one of the damn few places Obama will speak off the cuff. In his infrequent news conferences, etc., he always has a teleprompter...presumably to prevent gaffes, to which he seems to be particularly prone.

cruster Posted - 8/8/2013 1:43:13 PM | show profile | flag this post

"obama's gaffe-fest"

But con/puzo, it's just too bad no one but you noticed the "gaffe-fest".

And only cruiser saw the teleprompter with all the pre-loaded answers to the questions Jay Leno was forced to ask at gunpoint.

Even the studio audience missed that!

And people call you guys stupid.

cruster Posted - 8/8/2013 1:44:31 PM | show profile | flag this post

"I have worked in liberal newsrooms"

Oh! Tell us more newscred!!!

Was it an important job?

Or sports? Maybe morning anchor.

Village Gal Posted - 8/8/2013 2:23:20 PM | show profile | flag this post

yes..do tell what job you did in the "liberal" newsrooom.

orthicon Posted - 8/8/2013 2:28:16 PM | show profile | flag this post

dunno what his job title was..if i had to guess, i'd say..

custodian..sounds so much classier than "janitor"..

con Posted - 8/8/2013 2:35:25 PM | show profile | flag this post

cruster, jealous much? since you couldn't make it on local access.

that must cause you major butthurt.

"presumably to prevent gaffes, to which he seems to be particularly prone."

troo-beleevers tell us obama is the smartest ever... they never give cred to totus or the millions spent on coaches.

cruster Posted - 8/8/2013 6:29:00 PM | show profile | flag this post

troo-beleevers. Ha, ha ha!

Oh con/puzo! Your razor sharp wit is so biting. Why ever would you unleash it on me? Are you angrified by something?

I'm impressed that you leave Halliburton out of all of this, after all, it's 2013. And who's the president? Right?

As for my butt, thank you for caring!

Of course you've always said you have never been in the news business. At least under this screen name.

Under others... maybe some issues with driving?

con Posted - 8/9/2013 8:47:55 AM | show profile | flag this post

"Of course you've always said you have never been in the news business. "

please point out where i have said such. can't? didn't think so...

keep thinkerating you know me.......

con Posted - 8/9/2013 9:02:20 AM | show profile | flag this post

what liberal media?

looks like the media got caught covering up obama's gaffes.

liberal media band-aids for democrat gaffes don't work like they use to.

Grateful Deadline Posted - 8/9/2013 12:29:52 PM | show profile | flag this post

Huh? Here ya go, con -- get you away from the idiotic Newsbusters and that anything-for-ratings-whore Glenn Beck:


The more outrageous the mountain from the molehill, the better, eh? This is why my relatives who are true conservatives say so-called "conservative" media is a sideshow.

Grateful Deadline Posted - 8/9/2013 12:35:43 PM | show profile | flag this post

Beck, by the way, is an entertainer. Not an expert -- an entertainer. That's where you get your opinions, con -- from entertainers. Is that a smart thing to do? For you, maybe. It is, however, inappropriate and inadequate for participation in a room full of news professionals.

con Posted - 8/9/2013 2:29:14 PM | show profile | flag this post

salon? really? this the same lib rag that tells us sean hannity is the reason detroit is bankrupt?

i guess salon is appropriate and adequate for alleged news professionals.

obama's leno appearance was a gaffe-fest and the liberal media tried to band-aid obama's boo-boos. no amount of spin will change that.

times they are a changin'.

lapdoggieness will always get called out.....

Grateful Deadline Posted - 8/9/2013 10:23:34 PM | show profile | flag this post

Your posts are so wacky -- I love 'em!! You always, ALWAYS crack me up -- how you come up with this twisty-brain stuff is AMAZING! And then to top it off with belligerence and illiteracy -- brilliant playing of the stereotypically shallow far-right-wingnut!

mpdodgson Posted - 8/10/2013 9:01:33 PM | show profile | flag this post

When Beck was a Fox Star;

Quoted in an April, 2010 Forbes interview: “ I could give a flying crap about the political process… We’re an entertainment company.”

It was true then and true now.

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