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Breaking into Educational Writing (13 minutes)
Posted Oct 22, 2010
  Grammar Mistakes Even Smart People Make (18 minutes)
Posted Jul 26, 2010
Learn what you need to land work with educational publishers and how to expand your client list over time.  more details

Writing & Publishing, Education, Writing, Freelancing
  Explore the mysteries of "lie and lay," "I and me" and other thorny decisions with expert June Casagrande.  more details

Grammar, Style, Writing, Copy Editing, Editing, Usage
Is Writing for the Web Different from Print? (15 minutes)
  Writing for the Web: Understanding How Readers Use the Web (15 minutes)
Find out what works online, what doesn't, and how to make a smooth transition from print to online.  more details

Editorial/Journalism, Writing, New Media, Blogging, Intro, Crash Course, Seo
  What is "usability" and what does it mean for writers? Find out how to keep people on your site, and coming back for more.  more details

Editorial/Journalism, Writing, New Media, Blogging, Intro, Crash Course, Seo
Guidelines for Writing Online (15 minutes)
Find out what today's audiences expect online and learn to engage them with searchable headlines and appropriate multimedia content.  more details

Writing, New Media, Crash Course, Intermediate, Seo