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Publication or Company Marketing Consultant to Banks
Job Title Journalist Plus
Industry Marketing, Public Relations
Salary Competitive
Job Duration Full Time
Job Location Nashville, TN
Job Requirements So we’re looking for more than just a writer. We’re looking for a future star, who can move up in the company. We’re looking for someone with a record of achievement. If you’re young, you were probably a top student, and have academic credentials that show it.

Or maybe college hasn’t been your recent arena – you've written for publications, or you've run a small business of your own, and proved something there. Maybe you’re employed right now, doing great, getting promotions, nice future ahead – but not enough for your ambitions. Maybe you’re doing well, but the leadership where you are doesn’t have the oomph to let you be who you want to be.

With us, you’ll write. You’ll generate interest in our products. You’ll work on paper and online to tell our story, and chances are you’ll end up talking to clients and prospects. You’ll occasionally get on a plane and see a client face-to-face. If you’re good, you’ll make more money than you’re making now, you’ll have a working environment you find more pleasant than you’ve had before, and you’ll find a solid path to becoming who you want to be in a year or two or ten. If you're interested in using your writing and project management skills as a way get into sales, this job is as good a training ground as you're likely to find.
About Our Company We're a small company, not a start-up, looking for a first-rate writer with a desire to do more. We work with banks. We create winning marketing strategies for them, and we design products that connect with customers.

We've found that writers, the good ones, tend to be great project people and team leaders. They have a strong work ethic, and think about the job when they’re not on it, choosing more than occasionally to come early and stay late if the project demands it. Writers tend to be smart. They think on their own. They’re not intimidated by tight deadlines on big projects. They don’t need a pile of work on their desk and somebody’s instructions to get through it. Good writers approach projects with creativity, test different approaches, make things happen.

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