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Publication or Company Red Bull Media House
Job Title Communications Manager - Culture
Industry Internet/Online/New Media, Public Relations, Communications / Media
Salary Very Competitive
Benefits 401K/403B, Bonuses, Dental, Flexible Hours, Health
Job Duration Full Time
Job Location Santa Monica, CA
Job Requirements PURPOSE OF THIS JOB
The Communications Manager – Culture(CMoC) is charged with developing and leading communications strategies that successfully build the Brand’s voice in music and credibly expand awareness of the Brand’s presence in Art and Creative playgrounds on a national level. The CMoC is based out of Red Bull’s Santa Monica Headquarters and reports in to the [Director of Sports & Culture Communications] at Red Bull Media House Santa Monica.

The CMoC is responsible for strategically positioning the Red Bull Brand and key messages across all appropriate media channels including national and regional online, social media, print, television, print and radio editorial. Serving as “Red Bull’s Editor-In-Chief,” the Communications Manager selects the relevant channels and fitting messages/topics to be communicated to consumers (and 3rd party media). The CMoC must understand the need to integrate the methodologies of Digital & Editorial Communications and foster the implementation of a “Digital Communications” approach. The CMoC must be able to lead across a 360-degree integrated planning model; and create & manage editorial campaigns across Earned, Shared and Owned channels and amplify Paid initiatives for greater consumer engagement - with the objective of driving impact, engagement and conversation. S(he) must understand the importance of planning and maintaining of campaigns and not a series of “one-off” events.

(S)he must maintain a close partnership with the Red Bull Media House departments in Santa Monica, Global HQ (Austria) and in the BUs across Editorial Communications, Moving Images Production, Distribution, Legal and Digital Marketing departments while maintaining alignment with the business goals and objectives of the Culture and On Premise marketing team. The CMoC must be extremely well connected in “media circles;” have a strong background in the world of culture (music, art, creative lifestyle); a proven track record of high quality content (print, photo and video) creation and distribution via traditional news, digital and social media channels. (S)he will serve as a leading resource for U.S.-based music and lifestyle “media that matter” to our consumers and steward a closer relationship to benefit the entire RBMH organization. (S)he must be able to provide tangible examples of leveraging Communications to build/amplify platforms and not just solitary events.

1. Drive impact and overall brand health by leveraging National (and relevant Regional/Local) media platforms
a. Develop & maintain relationships with mainstream National news outlets, digital, social media, radio and television to enhance amplification to activities
b. Harness these media contacts to secure communication which translates the brand image and the product benefits to a national audience
c. Generate excitement around our brand among media, and through coverage that always reflects our brand values

2. Develop creative & strategic communication plans around Red Bull initiatives, events & Opinion Leaders; and select RBMH platforms and properties (ie. Red Bull SoundSelect, Film releases, Red Bull Digital Channel Properties, The Red Bulletin…)
a. Communicate regularly with BU and Int’l communications teams and integrate with their marketing plans to create national and endemic media opportunities
b. Tailor our route-to-media plan specifically to each marketing initiative, solicit feedback and manage expectations by mapping out goals, strategies and deliverables prior to execution
c. Build momentum around each campaign to ensure maximum impact around key stages in its development and execution: from ‘launch phase’ coverage through to ‘post event’ word-of-mouth
d. Build awareness for Red Bull Media House through strategic messaging linked to all content driven campaigns
e. Incorporate all relevant media channels: social media, digital, mobile, television, print and radio to ensure that we are as ‘loud’ as possible in reverberating the message around each initiative
f. Oversee the creation of all press materials and supporting assets, including still images, bios, FAQs and multimedia components
g. Leverage global and regional Red Bull projects to secure national media coverage
h. Leverage Red Bull Content Pool as the source for moving and still image assets by national media
3. Contribute to Red Bull content distribution platforms
a. Commission and oversee video/web production, rights clearance, content licensing and distribution for Red Bull content
b. Expand culture-specific photographer & video production partner resources and contribute original productions to Red Bull Content Pool
c. Identify media syndication opportunities and sustainable partnerships
d. Collect 3rd party content that will feed these systems
e. Deliver leads for RBMH commercial initiatives
4. Deliver quality execution, drive innovation and share best practices
a. Assist in identifying media opportunities to impact the key consumers and provide communication strategies to address our business needs
b. Share Culture Communications Best Practices, recap reports, resources and create tools to inform and educate across departments
c. Track developments in conventional and new media to ensure we are able to harness the latest techniques, tactics and technologies. Learn from department colleagues and other brands, translate successful strategies and tactics to future project

A communication bridge between Red Bull’s image activation & targeted consumers:
1. Demonstrate growth of media and consumer’s association between Red Bull and Music
2. Execute and manage communication campaigns (not a series of “one-off” events) based on a fully integrated planning model consisting of Earned, Shared & Owned channels, as well as amplifying Paid channels - with the key objectives of driving impact, engagement and conversation
3. Increase media impressions on a national level (web, TV, print) and digital engagement rate for our messages and campaigns
4. Innovative concepts to communicate the brand through a changing media landscape
5. Demonstrate to the consumer that Red Bull is an innovative & intelligent brand that’s credibly at the heart of creative scenes
6. Editorial communications outcome contributes to positive growth of brand health indicators and delivers National metrics and KPIs
7. Red Bull’s Image activations are communicated in a way that is more relevant & better communicated to the consumer, building brand perceptions so the consumer sees Red Bull as THE innovative, edgy, non-conformist leader within the Energy category
8. Maximize marketing ROI by increasing number of consumer impressions through appropriate media channels & brand strategies

1. Track record of innovation within the world of communications: a strategic leader who takes initiative and ownership across a Paid, Earned, Shared & Owned matrix
2. Strong understanding of the music/arts industry and relationships with national media in the world of music and cultural playgrounds.
3. Minimum 6 years of Public Relations/ Digital Communications experience, with at least 3 years in a leadership role
4. Strong planning, budgetary and project management competencies
5. Fundamental TV pro
About Our Company Red Bull Media House is a multi-platform media company with a focus on sports, culture, and lifestyle. As an umbrella brand, we offer a wide range of premium media products and compelling content across media channels as diverse as TV, mobile, digital, audio, and print, with core media offerings that appeal to a global audience.

In addition to our global sports, music, and lifestyle offerings, Red Bull Media House also includes two specialized units: Servus Media and Terra Mater Factual Studios. As a TV station and a print magazine, Servus is available in German-speaking regions, and focuses on topics like tradition, “love of life”, and authenticity. Terra Mater Factual Studios produces cinematic feature films and premium TV documentaries in the genres of wildlife, nature, science, and history, as well as innovative factual entertainment series.

Launched in 2007 in Salzburg, Austria, Red Bull Media House has become one of the world’s leading media companies for creating premium content. The company operates a wide portfolio of channels and products for both special interest and broader audiences. With a global network of correspondents in more than 160 countries, Red Bull Media House launched its first dedicated media subsidiary in Los Angeles, California (USA) in 2011.
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