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Publication or Company TechMediaNetwork
Job Title Community Content Coordinator
Industry Internet/Online/New Media
Job Duration Full Time
Job Location New York, NY
Job Requirements This person will be responsible for the production of community content, modifications and improvements to that content. They’ll also enhance the value and visibility of existing threads within the forum while improving user-generated content through engagement. The Community Content Coordinator will build up categories through additions, monitoring contracted authorship for quality and performing editorial duties where necessary to dramatically improve the overall quality of threads within the community.


* Ensures questions have solid answers
* Compiles lists of content needs based on demand and analysis
* Coordinates with contractors to facilitate acquisition of content production specialists
* Oversees, edits and authors content for new tutorials, threads, community articles and more
* Secure assets including screenshots, video, drivers, etc. where applicable
* Maintains categorization and appropriate tags for content
* Reports to the Senior Community Manager


* Knowledge of electronics, gadgets and mobile tech communities
* Impeccable organizational skills
* Strong editing background, with experience authoring great web content, including rich text and specialized digital content
* Proficiency in digital asset creation, with Office and Photoshop (or photo editing software) skills.
* Great communication skills


* Previous experience managing content authors or contractors
* Familiarity with the Tom’s Hardware or Tom’s Guide brands
* Previous professional experience in Tablets, Smartphones, Wearables, Mobility technology

Working at TechMedia Network

When our team of award-winning editors and experts aren’t running system building contests, contemplating manned missions to Mars or talking about the latest ‘must-have’ gadgets on national television, they’re at home overclocking CPUs, skygazing in the wilderness, and obsessively tweeting on their smartphones. In short, we’re a culture of tech and science lovers and our passion shows in everything we do. The people who work for us are dynamic, brilliant and inventive. Expectations for our employees focus primarily on results produced, rather than any antiquarian notions of work leftover from an agrarian age. We’re digital, and our people absolutely know what they are talking about. We’re smarter, less mercurial and volatile than other corporate media setups in the same fields, and we take a lot of pride in both our agility and our stability. We’re no-nonsense and extraordinarily pragmatic while still hanging on to all the exciting stuff that makes what we do fun.
About Our Company TechMedia Network, home of Tom's Hardware, TopTenReviews, LaptopMag and Space.com is one of the largest technology and science media companies in the world with a global audience of more than 72 million engaged enthusiasts visiting our sites. We’ve grown in leaps and strides because we not only care strongly about the quality of our content offering, but the community that coalesces around that content. To keep our community focus strong, we’re looking to expand our community staffing for our Tom’s Guide website. The person we’re searching for to fill the role of Community Content Coordinator is someone who can handle the needs of a developing new forum community, has a strong passion for gadgetry and geekiness. We’re in the market for a gizmo-oriented nerd able to fuel direct content additions on a small and large scale – someone who has an eye for tech and can edit and author structured support and buyer recommendations community content on our sites.

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