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Agent C

More on Hyundai.

Word on the street is that Hyundai is all ready leave Goodby with a “Dear John” letter and jump in bed with someone else. Namely, the Richards Group in Dallas.

That’s right. Their ex.

Hyundai is actually thinking about gutlessly running back to their ex. Just remember Hyundai – after a break-up, you only remember all the good times.

This should get interesting.

Chop Shop?

Hmm… there’s been some buzz about Hyundai and Goodby’s rocky relationship as of late. Kinda makes you wonder if the shop actually got too much of a good thing when it won Sprint and the aforementioned car manufacturer back to back.

Apparently, Hyundai Motor Company’s dealers don’t want Goodby as their agency. They feel the advertising currently being done doesn’t properly connect with their consumers.

And dealers ALWAYS know what’s good for business, right?

Hopefully, Goodby can address their concerns and show them how to do right by their business. Steering around dealership associations is a tricky business, unfortunately. They cause the deaths of more good automotive campaigns every year…

A dealer couldn’t acknowledge good creative even if it rabidly ripped off his left butt cheek, slapped it down on his lap, and then said “hi. I’m good creative. I’m the one who just ripped off your left butt cheek.”

Sad but true. Let’s all not forget the unfortunate dealer-butt-cheek-dismemberment incident at Fiat in the late 70s.

And then there were .

Apparently, the creative staff at TBWA/Chiat Day NY has dwindled to about 7 people. SEVEN. A pittance, considering how much work still must be done there. The remaining creatives must be reduced to zombies at this point.

Kinda can’t blame Ian Reichenthal and Scott Vitrone for bailing. Apparently, they got a sweet offer over at Y&R. Word is, they’re going to be the go-to dudes for the network.

They need a crazy campaign in London? Send Ian & Scott! Problem in Sydney? Ian & Scott to the rescue.

That’s the plan for them anyway. And who wouldn’t want a gig like that?

Harrison Ford… Copywriter?

Usually, when people think of Harrison Ford, they get a warm, fuzzy feeling. They think of years past… Star Wars marathons, seeing Indiana Jones on the big screen, dressing up like an Amish guy for Halloween because you loved Witness so much…

However, as nice a guy as Harrison might seem to be in all the Barbara Walters interviews, he’s apparently not such an easy guy to work with when making an ad. Even an ad to promote an environmental cause he’s involved with.
BBDO NY is currently developing a campaign with the actor, and he has attempted to rewrite the creatives’ scripts himself… multiple times.

He’s finicky about scripts, mainly because he’s so concerned about his voice and face being attached to the project. Not because the scripts or concepts are bad… but because… well, he’s a celebrity and celebs apparently have earned the right to be difficult.

He’s apparently so finicky, in fact, that his demanded changes completely decimated a scheduled shoot in Latin America to get the campaign rolling.

Oh, Harrison. Just go with it. BBDO does great work.

Nick Francisco. 42 Days Later.


It’s been 42 days since Publicis Seattle Art Director and father of two, Nicolas Francisco, went missing.

After leaving work on February 13th, he “disappeared.” His car was found only days later. His pregnant wife begged everyone to help her find him.

So, where’s this case gone lately?

And people who knew Nick seem split on the issue now. Was it foul play? Or cowardice?

The media hasn’t really explored the fact that Nick apparently told his church he’d planned quitting. A church that has a rather controversial reputation to begin with, quoting Snoop Dogg in sermons laden with firmly-prescribed gender roles. Some even refer to it as “cult-like.”

Here’s an article about Nick’s church from

There’s been speculation that the link between Nick’s resignation from the church and his disappearance are far too coincidental.

On the flip-side, some of his co-workers tend to think he just cut and run. Not a pleasant thought, but considerably less scary than the alternative.

Nick had only known about his wife’s pregnancy for a matter of days before disappearing. There’s been buzz about a lot of missing money from a PayPal account he had… and apparently the family was beyond broke.
Perhaps his resignation from the church was simply a heads-up… like, “hey. I’m not gonna be around soon.” And ditching one’s own car isn’t exactly rocket surgery.

A soap opera worthy of the name “As the Rumor Mill Turns.”

Either way, we hope Nick returns back safe and sound.
42 days and counting.


Greetings from Agent C.


Hello everyone.

Agent C here, deep under cover in the muck you all call the ad biz. Despite the fact that I’m one of you, it doesn’t mean I’m out to protect anyone. Fact is, things get ugly and everything’s game.

Go ahead and think you’re safe. Chances are, I’m watching you.

Want to contact me? I have a well-disguised vacuum tube at the corner of 10th Avenue and 47th Street. You can slip notes into the canister and send them to me that way.

Or you can email me at agencyspy.agentc @ gmail. Your choice.

Excuse me while I go to yet another pointless meeting about a meeting. There better be free food, dammit.

>> Agent C.