140ConfLogo.gifSo you know the “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” Old Spice campaign everyone was ROFL’ing about a month or so ago? Turns out it wasn’t all poop and giggles. According to Dean McBeth, a Wieden + Kennedy digital strategist speaking at the 140 Characters Conference in San Francisco today, the campaign has received 1.5 billion impressions since its launch in February, including 130 million video views. Twitter followers are up 3200%, according to McBeth. Google searches are up 2200%. Facebook interactions are up 800-1000%. And traffic to the Old Spice Web site is up 350-500%.

OK fine. But what about actual business impact? According to McBeth, sales of Old Spice body wash have gone up 55% in the past three months. Some SKUs, he said, are up as much as 1900%.

After the jump, a look behind the scenes at how W+K produced all those video responses.

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