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Matt McCarron

We Can’t Get Enough of Christina Hendricks


Two posts in two days about the Mad Men actress, why not? Women respect Christina Hendricks for her natural, not-Megan-Fox-ness and because of the strong character she plays on Mad Men, and men love her for those exact two reasons as well. Yep, no other two come to mind.

The Emmy Award-nominated actress, who Esquire named “Best-Looking Woman In America,” appears in ads for London Fog’s fall campaign. The campaign was created by the Iconix in-house marketing team and shot by photographer Nino Munoz. The campaign will launch in October issues of fashion and lifestyle magazines such as Elle, Cosmopolitan and InStyle, outdoor and online. You can already check out behind-the-scene photos and b-roll on the site.

Dari Marder, chief marketing officer, London Fog, comments, “Christina has a modern appeal but also harks back to a bygone era, which perfectly complements what London Fog represents. She is sexy and gorgeous and the perfect woman to continue in London Fog’s tradition of celebrity portraiture in our marketing campaigns.”

In a statement, Hendricks says, “London Fog is a classic brand, which I love. It also ties in to Mad Men, we used London Fog in the show and this was a nice way to tie everything together.”

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Shaun White Celebrates New Target Collection

When you see or hear about Shaun White‘s boys clothing line at Target, it seems a bit off, like he’s too old to be promoting boys clothing. We’re talking about someone with gold medals at two different Olympics and millions in endorsements with companies like AmEx, Burton, Oakley, HP and Red Bull. But then again, it’s easy to forget that White hasn’t even celebrated his 24th birthday.

Target has recently released another commercial featuring White to promote the snowboarder/skateboarder/designer’s signature clothing line. The spot developed by Target’s in-house creative team and directed by Jared Eberhardt features the song, “Dream City,” by Free Energy, which is a pretty good fit in the trippy setting.

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Frank Miller Helms ‘Sin City’-Like Gucci Film

Superman bore an S across his chest, and Batman the bat symbol. Flash had the lightning bolt, and Captain America a star. Well, this fall Gucci brings to life its intertwined Gs to present us with a “a heroine who regards this symbol as an incitement to provoke.” Ahhh, advertising.

Enlisting the creative eye of graphic novelist and director Frank Miller, Gucci has released a 30-second “trailer” for its 60-second (very) short film that promotes the brand’s new fragrance, Gucci Guilty.

The Frank Miller spot stars Chris Evans of the Fantastic Four films (naturally) and Evan Rachel Wood from HBO’s True Blood with music provided by Friendly Fires. Though you’ll have to wait for/suffer through the MTV VMA’s on September 12 to see the director’s cut on TV, the full ad will debut online on August 24.

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eHarmony Celebrates Ten Years, Outlasts Most Marriages

On August 22, eHarmony will celebrate its 10-year anniversary, thereby outlasting most American marriages by about two years. (USA! USA!) In honor of this milestone, DonatWald&Haque put together its “Love Begins Here” campaign, which will include a new commercial, pedicab signage and a giant billboard in Times Square.

Academy Award-winning filmmaker Errol Morris directed the new TV spot, and the Times Square billboard includes 6,000 photos submitted by couples that met on eHarmony.

When you consider the first sentence of this post, it makes sense that eHarmony has over 33 million registered users and generates over $200 million in revenue a year, but our question is, ‘does the taboo surrounding online dating sites still exist? addressed the issue with its “It’s OK to Look” campaign, and while it makes perfect sense to join a dating site as opposed to trying your luck on chance encounters, many opt for the latter…just because.

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Sapporo Beer Takes You on a Treasure Hunt

Adding another layer to Dentsu Canada’s “Legendary Biru” campaign, Toronto-based interactive creative production company, Lollipop, has recently launched an interactive site focused on educating Canadian consumers about Sapporo Beer.

Similar to Where’s Waldo? books that you haven’t thought about in years, the site takes viewers on a journey in search of hidden scrolls, each of which explains another facet of the Sapporo brewing process.

“Sapporo beer is easily recognizable–thanks to its uniquely shaped can,” says Michael Gramlow, creative director, Lollipop. “But beyond the iconic can, most Canadians knew nothing about Sapporo beer, or the brand. As part of the ‘Legendary Biru’ campaign, at we have created a poetic interpretation of the story behind Sapporo’s brewing process.”

The site shows viewers a beautifully stitched together, interactive video made from a combination of live action footage, CGI and matte paintings. The live action footage was shot on location in Guangzhou,China.

TV, print and social media will support campaign, all driving traffic to the site.

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Levi’s Sizes Up Women’s Curves

A note to our female readers: Your mom was wrong. You’re not that unique. You’re not one-in-a-million. More like one-in-three. We realize that this may be a tough pill to swallow, but don’t blame us…

You can direct those nasty comments to Levi’s as the clothing brand has recently introduced Curve ID, which advertises “Custom Fits For Women.” According to You Nguyen, Levi’s SVP of Women’s Merchandising & Design (above), Levi’s has identified three different shapes that represent 80 percent of women around the world.

The women’s section on Levi’s site claims if your jeans are “too tight in the waist,” then you’re a “Slight Curve.” If “the waist fits but doesn’t flatter” (ugh, the worst), then you’re a “Demi Curve.” And if “the waist tends to gap in the back,” then you’re a “Bold Curve.” So yeah…there you have it. That’s all you need to know when it comes to jeans shopping.

W+K Portland worked on the gallery portion of Levi’s women’s site. And, through a little investigation (that’s unconfirmed by W+K), we have a sneaky feeling that some of photos in the Levi’s gallery feature actual W+K employees.

Hear us out: when you slide through the gallery, the 5th woman (pictured after the jump) is named Jessica. Jessica is dreaming about “finding a job.” Coincidentally, a woman named Jess (who also has short brown hair and thick glasses) recently graduated from Wieden+Kennedy’s WK12 program. Pictures of this Jess are posted after the jump as well. You (not you, You, “you” as in the reader) be the judge.

If all our ducks are in a row, we think it’s refreshing to see W+K and, in turn, Levi’s, using “real” women for their website. But Jess, since we know you’re dreaming about finding a job, we hope you got paid.

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Jason Bateman: Able to Strip & Chew Gum at the Same Time

Wrigley’s Orbit gum has released its second of three clips that bring together Arrested Development stars Jason Bateman and Will Arnett. “Gob” is absent from this clip, but Bateman dressed in drag as a stripper nicely makes up for it.

Similar to their first five-minute clip entitled “Prom Night,” this spot also runs a bit long at a little over four minutes. Still, it’s definitely a funny ad, but it takes a great commercial to be able to hold viewers’ attention for that long in today’s internet ADD environment.

Bateman sent out a tweet letting us know that the new short was posted, though unfortunately he didn’t know how to post the link. His tweet reads: “The new Orbit short from Dumbdumb is up at YouTube. I’d post the link, but still dumb. Sorry. It’s called The Dancer. Hope you like it!”

The ads come from Bateman and Arnett’s production company, DumbDumb, which is backed by Electus, the IAC-supported company run by former NBC entertainment chief Ben Silverman.

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Twitter & Wes Anderson: ‘I Love It’ vs. ‘I Just Don’t Get It’

We all fall into one of the categories above. Some of us can watch Chas Tenenbaum all day while others simply don’t understand why people care that Kanye “need[s] this horse…Kings need horses.” Or maybe you say you like Wes Anderson flicks only because you think it makes you sound smarter, and actually love retweeting the fact that @GaryJBusey “hates Justin Beiber…because he’s prettier than every woman [Busey's] ever slept with.”

Whatever the case, the fact remains that Twitter and Wes Anderson are polarizing. But it’s because of this shared quality that Twitter’s new recruitment video is so perfect. “Meet the Class of Twitter HQ” takes you through a meet and greet of different departments within the Twitter headquarters in perfect parody of the sequence from Anderson’s Rushmore. The video even references The Office by showing Twitter’s “The Finer Things Club.”

Twitter employees are the stars of the spot and even wrote, filmed and edited it. To learn more about the recruitment process, check out @jointheflock.

We posted the Rushmore spot after the jump so you can compare.

via Gizmodo

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New Jersey: You Make This Too Easy

Jersey, Jersey, Jersey…just when we think you couldn’t further validate all of our stereotypes, you up the ante once again and squash any lingering doubts. Although this commercial holds no relevancy to any of our readers outside of the New York or New Jersey area, we felt it necessary to post this spot for Parsippany’s own, Sizzle Tans.

Naturally, the commercial features Teresa Giudice of Real Housewives of New Jersey, proving that she really will do anything to start chipping away at that nearly $11 million debt she has hanging over her head. We’re going to let the bootleg spot–which includes the opening slate presumably because it was cheaper for Sizzle Tans not to edit–speak for itself. We just feel bad for producer Chris Lapinski and AE Richard Morano for having their names tied to this train wreck.

We’re not sure how to get in contact with Giudice, but if she happens to read this we want her to know that we’re willing to give her five bucks if she sits down for an interview.

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It Takes a Real Athlete to Promote K-Swiss’s New Tubes

It’s not until you actually see them in commercial and in the same spread together that you say to yourself, “Wow…never thought about it, but Jeremy Shockey is Kenny Powers.” He’s given the finger to opposing players during games, thrown ice on rival fans (who were kids), he’s even dated Tara Reid-she’s just Kenny’s type! Fortunately, 72andSunny made the connection for us.

72andSunny’s new K-Swiss Tubes campaign advertises the new running/training shoe by leveraging “athlete” Kenny Powers (played by Danny McBride in HBO’s Eastbound & Down) and New Orleans Saint, Jeremy Shockey, 49er Patrick Willis, and 3-time MMA champion Urijah Faber.

In a statement, Glenn Cole, 72andSunny co-founder, says, “When you have four of the most intense pro athletes in the world–and that’s including Kenny Powers–you can tell a story about performance technology in a way that young guys care about.”

There’s a lot going on with this campaign. Here are a few aspects we think you’ll like:

- Exclusive video featuring Kenny Powers signing with K-Swiss and proposing a few campaign ideas

- Facebook app called “Workout Wingman,” which allows you to have Kenny Powers take over your Facebook page and respond to your friends while you’re logged off and (presumably) working out.

- Billboard near Times Square and Venice Beach with an 888 number (1-888-With-Tubes-I-Will-Train-The-F-Out) that invites callers to join the elite society of badasses;

- :60/:30/:15 spots that will air nationwide in movie theaters and channels such as ESPN, Comedy Central and MTV.

- Cover takeover on ESPN the magazine

Check out one of the other spots and print ad after the jump.

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