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Matt McCarron

Gold Bond Pays Tribute to Real Working Class Heroes

“I’m outraged that the LAPD has stooped to entrapping guys who want to have sex with other guys dressed as women.” There’s nothing like getting a great quote and those are the exact words of Tom De Cerchio of Incubator Films, who wrote and directed this Gold Bond ditty.

Perfectly cast and edited with a classic Billy Joel song that I’ll never think of the same way again, the spot promotes Gold Bond foot spray and tells us that the product refreshes and soothes your feet. Noted cinematographer Michael Bonvillain (Lost, Cloverfield, Alias) served as DOP for the commercial, which is a spec and not part of the current Gold Bond Campaign, “Powder My Equipment.”

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Dickies: Pants You May Not Be Tough Enough to Wear

The aspirational youth can “go forth” all they want, but the blue-collar, salt-of-the-earth punching-their-cards 9-5er will continue toughing out the daily grind. That’s at least what the 90-year-old, hard-working Dickies brand seems to be saying in the company’s first ever advertising campaign with Goodby.

The three new commercials (directed by Dante Ariola) in Dickies’ “874 Versus” campaign highlight the quality of the brand’s Original 874 Work Pant by taking the pants through a series of toughness tests, as well as also showcasing their everyday use. For instance, Dickies 874′s are probably for you if you happen to work in a junk yard with a gentleman who reads almost as well as Morgan Freeman.

In a statement, Tad Uchtman, Dickies’ SVP of marketing says, “We challenged Goodby, Silverstein & Partners to create a unique campaign that acknowledges the ethos of our brand and honors the diversity of our consumer base. These are people who work hard, often under the radar, but with earnest dedication and heartfelt passion.”

Leveraging the tagline “Earn Them,” the Dickies commercials are just part of the brand’s overall campaign, which will focus on traditional marketing (television, out of home, print), as well as digital, social media and PR initiatives. When you go to you can see clips of upcoming commercials. In the meantime, check out the other two from this first rollout after the jump.

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Subaru’s Got a Fast Car

I hate Tracy Chapman‘s song, “Fast Car.” It drags on, it’s depressing, and it’s catchy enough to get stuck in my head for days. So, it was with great frustration that the song crept into my mind while I viewed Subaru’s latest commercials for their new 2011 WRX and STI.

Developed by Carmichael Lynch, Subaru’s four new commercials show everyday people (Lewis, Lana, Sandra, Luis, and Danny) speeding with rally driver Dave Mirra as he ducks in and out of turns and “drifts” around concrete columns (yeah I saw Fast and the Furious 3, get off me) while slamming the gear shift up and down. The spots work perfectly with the tagline “Get More G’s,” and we even dig the tennis ball being peeled off the skull. (Why not?)

It’s hard to say which spot is our favorite. Lewis (posted above) is great, expressions on tatted up Luis are priceless, and we have a sneaky feeling that our male readers will enjoy watching the spot with Lana. And you gotta love Sandra! Well done, Carmichael Lynch. Check out the other spots after the jump.

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Nike, RZA & Extreme Sports: As Random as a Headline Gets

First he gave us the 36 Chambers. Then the six-minute Triumph music video (you remember those special effects with the killa bees?) Now, in the most unlikely of partnerships since his minor role in Funny People, the RZA brings us Nike 6.0 sneakers, a line of Nike sneakers tied to extreme sports.

Developed by LA-based 72andSunny, the three new Nike commercials show the RZA in the studio describing how the music for each commercial ties to BMX biker Garrett Reynolds, surfer Kolohe Andino, and dirt bike rider Ryan Dungey, respectively. 72andSunny decided to go with the subtle-branding approach for these spots. (It’s so subtle in one spot that it could be mistaken as a Monster Energy Drink commercial.)

Overall, we’re glad to see the RZA working with Nike and staying busy with three different commercials. Wonder what Masta Killa‘s been up to…

Check out the other commercials after the jump.

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McDonald’s Tries to Buy its Way into Another Market, Gets Called Out

We think it’s a shame that big-name celebrities and brands don’t get called out more. In 1994, Ken Griffey should have laughed Michael Jordan off the baseball diamond.

In 2001, the NFL let the miserable failure that was the XFL off too easy (that comment is not directed at you, He Hate Me). And when are we seriously going to start discussing Lil Wayne‘s terrible attempt at rock music? If I sit in front of my computer with a trombone on my lap, that doesn’t make me a composer.

So it’s with open arms that we receive Jamba Juice’s recently released commercial advertising their new “Cheeseburger Chill” smoothie. Despite never saying that it’s a joke, the commercial is (fairly obviously) taking a shot at McDonald’s and the fast-food giant’s entry into the smoothie market. The end of the spot directs you to where Jamba Juice offers visitors a coupon for $1.00 off their next smoothie. One line on the Jamba Juice website sums it up best: “We’re sticking to what we know.”

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Film a Day in Your Life for YouTube’s ‘Life In a Day’ Experiment

Nope, this has nothing to do with the Beatles. Producer Ridley Scott and Oscar-winning director Kevin Macdonald have teamed up to make a film that captures life in a day. That day happens to be July 24, 2010 (tomorrow). As for the actual footage, they’re looking to the YouTube community to capture it.

In an interview on the “Life In a Day” YouTube channel (posted after the jump), Macdonald says that they’re looking for participants “to film some aspect of their day then post that material onto youtube so that [they] can use it to make a film that is a record of what it’s like to be alive on that one day. It’ll be kind of like a time capsule.”

Macdonald will then edit the footage into a full-length documentary that will premiere at Sundance next year. The idea stems from Scott’s first film, which documented a day in his life when he skipped school.

As for creative direction, Scott and Macdonald are looking for participants to answer the following questions:
- What do you fear most in your life today?
- What do you love?
- What makes you laugh?

The team also asks that you film whatever is in your pocket.

This is a great opportunity for aspiring filmmakers, but we just feel bad for Macdonald and his assistants who will have to rummage through days of footage.

Check out the interviews with Macdonald and Scott after the jump:

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The Future of Music Necessitates Very Weird Masks

McCann launched this new Hewlett-Packard commercial featuring Dr. Dre (wearing a weird mask) to promote the brand’s HP Envy Laptop, which they’re describing as “the first laptop built for music.”

The spot features the song “Under Pressure,” Dr. Dre’s first single off his long awaited album, Detox. In the commercial, we see Dr. Dre in a futuristic studio working on a laptop that receives an upgrade of Beats Technology. On their website, HP notes that “[t]he Beats Audio Interface, combined with Traktor LE software, lets you fine-tune all the audio functions of your ENVY for maximum playback quality and seamless song mixing.”

Partnering with Dre and Beats is a clever move for HP as they vie to gain market share from Mac, which essentially runs the music industry. Our only question is, “When will Detox finally come out?!”

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The Future: We Were Asked to Write It, Now It Has Been Written

W+K has released two follow-ups to the their wildly successful “Write the Future” commercial, entitled, “The Future Has Been Written.” The first spot, presumably b-roll from the original commercial, opens with a five-second close-up of a newspaper, followed by three seconds of the Spanish players (from the original spot) fake laughing, then “The Future Has Been Written” appears, then three more seconds of fake laughing, then the swoosh.

The second “The Future Has Been Written” spot features various members of the Spanish team training with young male soccer players wearing yellow shirts (left over from a LiveStrong shoot?). Can’t blame W+K though, even the Nike budget must be a bit tight after piecing together the multi-celebrity, multi-location, and highly edited “Write the Future” commercial, which, let’s not forget, was directed by two-time Academy Award-nominated writer-director, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu.

Our only critique of this spot is that W+K chose to open with a close-up of Carles Puyol. There’s a reason why his American counterpart, Howard Stern, went into radio and not television.

Check out the second spot after the jump.

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Gucci Creates Another Ridiculously Unnatural Photoshoot

Fall 2010 Gucci ads Raquel Zimmerman fox coat.jpeg

Gucci recently released photos of their 2010 Fall ad campaign reaffirming the notion that you, me, and every other non-supermodel in the world will look nothing like those featured in the ads, whether wearing Gucci apparel or not.

The beautifully dramatic ads, shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot of Art Partners, are just part of another campaign by a high-end designer featuring models posed in unnatural positions. We get aesthetic value, and while it’s hard to guess where the photographers’ inspirations come from for shoots like these, we’d like to take a shot:

“OK, Nikola, we’re going to need you to sit in this randomly placed golden chair with your legs spread uncomfortably wide – yeah, the same chair that Raquel seductively jumped over in the previous shot. Now Raquel, throw on this winter coat and – yes, I know we’re in the desert – and stand in a completely unnatural pose. Someone give Nikola more hair gel!”

“Mert and Marcus” are known for working closely with hairstylists and makeup artists and for heavily airbrushing their images. We think it’s safe to assume they loved the Sex and the City 2 promotional campaign.

Check out the other shots after the jump.

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Five Baskin-Robbins Flavors Set to Unthaw


To celebrate its 65th anniversary, Baskin-Robbins has retired five of its 31 signature flavors to make room for more innovation. The “retirement party” took place late last week as the five flavors were sent to the “Deep Freeze.”

The five retired flavors are French Vanilla, which has been around since 1945, Caramel Praline Cheesecake (1970), Campfire S’mores (1975), Apple Pie a La Mode (1976) and Superfudge Truffle (2007). A Facebook group, “Save Baskin-Robbins’ French Vanilla from the Deep Freez,” has already sprung up in protest. Although the group founder is not listed, our guess is that it is an overweight man, presumably a die-hard Farmville fan and living in his mother’s basement. (This just in: he might also have diabetes.)

In a statement, chief brand officer Srinivas Kumar says, “Over the decades we have retired some of our iconic flavors into our Deep Freeze – like Miami Ice from the 1980s and Beatlenut in the 1960′s – but never before have five flavors gone into the Deep Freeze at one time. By retiring these great flavors we are marking Baskin-Robbins milestone birthday celebration but also making room in our flavor library for new flavor innovation.”

In an advertising campaign dating back to 1953, a local agency named Carson-Roberts (which eventually merged into Ogilvy & Mather in the early 70′s), encouraged Baskin-Robbins to showcase 31 flavors, thus giving them a competitive edge over rival Howard Johnson restaurants, which only sold 28 flavors, and gave consumers a flavor-a-day for an entire month. (How American of them.)

The new flavors have not been announced yet, but being that we all know that July is National Ice Cream month, go out and treat yourself to a cartoon. And add some hot fudge. And caramel. And marshmallows. Oh, and definitely some crumbled Oreos. Why not some Butterfinger bits too? It’s what a true American would do.

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