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How Many Interviews Does it Take?


A tip from an AS reader suggests the the trend in terrible hiring practices as of late is continuing with Digitas.

“Digitas’s Recruitment is the dumbest team in the marketing industry, the stories of trying to fill even the smallest creative post usually amounts to a minimum of 8 interviews. One top NY CD was being lured by them, after 12 meetings only to be told they wanted someone with a “Crispin Background”. The CD has been from Goodby.”

An reply on an AS post two weeks ago in response to possible trouble in the recruitment department tells about how well that department doing.

“I had just finished a meeting with my NY recruiting team when someone forwarded this blog to me about Digitas. The NY recruiting team is going strong and consists of 4 fulltime recruiters with an additional 8 fulltime recruiters in our other offices. Our recruiting strategy shifted from being locally based to leveraging our national network of recruiters. We did wrap up contracts for some of our freelance recruiters and maybe that is what started the rumor. My team is actively recruiting top talent and committed to growing the Digitas family.
Megan Hayes VP Director, NY Recruiting”

So clearly they are still a working department. But how well are they working? Guess it all depends on who you ask, right?

Hallmark Has a Card for Every Occasion

Gay Grooms.bmp

California and Massachusetts both recognize gay marriage and now the nation’s largest greeting card company does too. An AP report says that Hallmark is introducing a new line of same-sex wedding greeting cards. Although the language is neutral, with no mention of wedding or marriage, the message is clear. Apparently these kinds of cards were in high demand which prompted the decision by Hallmark to create them. Good old supply and demand. The cards are being slowly released and are expected to be widely available by next year. Hallmark has always had those very touching commercials and more recently those really funny ones. I wonder if they will shy away from producing commercials to promote their new efforts. Hallmark says this move was not motivated by political pressure. But really aren’t they all?

Nationwide’s Idol


The latest pitchman for the Nationwide Insurance “Life Comes At You Fast” campaign is a real hair raiser. American Idol’s Sanjaya Malakar will be featured in the latest commercial. This is the newest spot in a series of spots that have featured celebs including MC Hammer and K-Fed and accurately point out the need to be mindful that you never know what will happen in your life financially and for that reason you need insurance. But let’s be honest, life came at the child long before American Idol ended.

Rapp Collins Update

The tips keep pouring in… Seems Rapp Collins was indeed all about mismanagement as we were originally told. One tipster had this to say about the whole situation:

“It was simple. They won a new client and wouldn’t staff for it. That meant bringing in freelance on a client that had made it clear they wanted to run efficiently. Client (Medco) made it clear they wanted lean. Management threw everything at the client but staff (except for a few very top hires that cost a lot and didn’t do much). Client saw the meter going through the roof and said they wouldn’t pay for it. It was obvious to anyone who had seen this story play out before what was going to happen. And it did. Too bad though that agency staff who did good work pay the price for mismanagement at the top.”

Ah, inefficiency at it’s finest.

Coke Will Not Find This Funny


A very similar picture to the one of the Spanish basketball team has surfaced of the Argentine womens football team “impersonating” Chinese people but this time it’s while wearing the name of a sponsor. The team is wearing their Coca Cola jersies. According to a Brand Republic article, the picture was first published on August 5 in the Argentine sports newspaper Ole and was taken a week before the Spanish ad. Seriously? How is Coke gonna deal with this one?

Olympics Winning with Women


I read an article in the NY Times that talks about how the Olympics is a great time to market to women consumers. It is arguably the one time that most women are engaged in watching sports. According to the article research done by NBC Universal showed that thus far 49% of the viewers of the Olympic coverage on NBC were women ages 18 and older. That quite a large number and the reason why there are so many ads for beauty products, presription drugs for women and home care products. The article goes into detail about why marketers feel like the Olympics is a good time to bump up their efforts with women. I’ve certainly noticed the increased efforts to reach out to the female demographics during the commercial breaks of the Olympic games. Have you?

The A-Team


A tipster asked why we don’t have Seiter & Miller on our list? Well, it’s true that their client list is solid. But they haven’t had any exciting new business wins or any especially interesting campaigns that I know of. And there agency has been quiet as far as I can see. Their website boasts that they only have an A team working for their clients. What exciting things should we know about that “A Team”?

Rapp Collins Taking a Big Hit?


We received two tips that Rapp Collins has let lots of employees go today. One tipster sited the reasons as “poor mismanagement of freelancers and 2 clients who didnt pay”. Rapp Collins is an agency that’s always kind of flown under the radar for me, so I’m not sure what could be the real reason for the layoffs and how may have been let go. There client list is fairly extensive though, so I can’t imagine two clients not paying causing that much financial strain. What’s the real deal?

Family Guy Creator Works for Burger King


According to Brand Republic, the creator of ‘Family Guy’, Seth McFarlane will create ads for Burger King. The ads will be airing before his new video clip show ‘Calvacade of Comedy’. The videos will be distributed only through Google. McFarlane will create three ads that will run before his show. My fingers are crossed that one of the ads will feature Stewie kicking the crap out of the Burger King Mascot.

Over After All This Time


Brand Republic reports that Lowe is ending its 26 year relationship with Stella Artois and it’s makers, InBev. This comes on the heels of InBev’s decision to have Mother promote their new special brew of Stella. Their decision would suggest that there were obviously hurt feelings over that decision. I wonder what this new development means for Mother. Will they take all of the Stella business?