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Argonaut Launches ‘It’s All Fit’ for Fitbit

San Francisco-based agency Argonaut is launching the first-ever campaign for health and fitness-tracker brand Fitbit with a 60-second anthem ad entitled “It’s All Fit.”

The spot, which as directed by Daniel and Katine Mercadante, positions the Fitibit line as perfect for tracking your health during all kinds of physical activities, from weightlifting to ping-pong to hockey and skateboarding. It leans heavily on the soundtrack, a catchy tune sung by The Donnas lead singer Brett Anderson to drive the action, functioning almost as a Fitbit music video.

“It’s All Fit” breaks today and is supported by a print campaign The timing of the brand’s push into above-the-line marketing is not incidental. With steady growth since its launch in 2007, Fitbit has come to dominate its category with a 70 percent market share, and is rolling out three new products:  the Charge, the Charge HR and the Surge, described as the first-ever “fitness super watch.”

FCB Chicago Follows Up ‘Jingle Balls’ with ‘Jingle Bellies’ for Kmart, Joe Boxer

Last year, FCB Chicago (then Draftfcb Chicago) caused a stir with its “Show Your Joe” spot for Kmart and Joe Boxer. The spot, which showed boxer-clad men jiggling their unmentionables to the tune of “Jingle Bells” went viral while stirring up controversy among the easily offended and earning the unofficial title “Jingle Balls.”

This year, FCB Chicago is back with a new holiday musical, moving on to a new body part but sticking with same song. “Jingle Bellies” features men clad in open suit tops and pajama bottoms exposing their bellies, as you might imagine, and performing a percussive rendition of “Jingle Bells.” The 60-second spot ends with a surprise tip of the hat to last year’s spot, and the same “Get More Christmas” tagline. Fans of last year’s spot should enjoy it well enough, although without the same level of controversy it’s unlikely to generate the same viral success as “Show Your Joe” and those irked by that attempt will continue to not be amused. The ad, which like last year’s spot was directed by Wondros’ Christian Weber, makes its broadcast debut tonight.

m:united Breaks Out the Carols in ‘Winter Wonderland’ for Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3

m:united has launched a new holiday spot for Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3, entitled “Winter Wonderland.”

As you might have guessed from the title, the 30-second spot makes use of the carol of the same name. And as you might have guessed from recent Surface Pro 3 ads, the spot is based on a minimalist comparison with Apple’s MacBook Air, visually limited to the computers in question and two pairs of arms. “My Mac is great, it’s so delightful,” begins the ad, with a reworking of the holiday carol sung in a somewhat grating voice. “So’s my Surface, it’s just as powerful,” answers a chorus, as the ad then goes on to list the features that make the Surface Pro 3 superior: the touch screen, digital pen, kickstand and detachable keyboard. By the end of the spot, the Mac booster is ready to make the switch to the Surface Pro. Somehow we don’t think most Mac fans will be quite so easy to convert.  Read more

W+K Asks You to ‘Choose Your Winter’ for Nike

W+K Portland launched a campaign for Nike’s Hyperwarm line with the 60-second broadcast spot “Choose Your Winter.”

The spot enlists an unexpected guest for the brand in Chris O’Dowd (who you probably remember as Kristen Wiig‘s love interest in Bridesmaids). O’Dowd plays an alarmist newscaster making dire predictions about a “snow-mageddon” or “snow-tastrophe” — even claiming that ancient man went extinct during the Ice Age. His over-the-top warnings about the cold and snow are contrasted with images of athletes — including NFL stars Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson, figure skater Gracie Gold, soccer players Clint Dempsey and Brad Evans, middle distance runner Mary Cain and snowboarder Johnnie Paxson — decked out in Nike Hyperwarm and powering through the cold. The message is clear and effective: you can exaggerate the effects of the cold and use it as an all encompassing excuse or you can tough it out with help from Nike. 

Nike told Adweek the spot is the first in a series. Athletes who will appear in future spots include NHL star Dion Phaneuf and Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig, who is currently playing in the 2014 Major League Baseball Japan All-Star Series. Read more

Drogba, Messi Square Off in ‘Epic Food’ Showdown for Turkish Airlines

After winning the Turkish Airlines business last September, CP+B’s “Selfie Shootout” spot for the brand, starring Lionel Messi and Kobe Bryant, went viral, eventually reaching over 138 million views to become the most watched ad of the year on YouTube. CP+B brought back Messi again this year for the follow-up effort, this time pairing him with fellow soccer star Didier Drogba for the third and final spot in a series that began with the 2012 “Legends on Board” spot from Turkish agency Alametifarika, also starring Messi and Bryant.

In the new spot, called “Epic Food,” Drogba travels to different locations around the world for exotic meals (showcasing all the places Turkish Airlines flies to). At each restaurant he visits, however, he finds a photo of Messi, who has already been there. This only strengthens his resolve to find a place Messi has yet to visit, upping the ante with places farther and farther off the beaten path. If you enjoyed the previous spots in the series, chances are you’ll like this one as well. If not, “Epic Food” doesn’t change the formula up enough to change your mind. The spot will be hard pressed to outdo last year’s “Selfie Shootout,” this time without Bryant along for the ride, but should go viral even if it doesn’t reach quite the same level of success.

The 60-second spot is supported by an initiative calling on viewers to upload their own epic travel photos through with a competition offering a chance to win a trip to the locations featured in the commercial. Drogba and Messia will be kicking it off themselves, on November 18th, with their favorite foods. Read more

Epic Meal Time Crew Helps Raise Awareness for Feeding America

FYI enlisted the cast of its show Epic Meal Time to raise hunger awareness with a new PSA campaign for the Ad Council and Feeding America, the country’s leading domestic hunger-relief organization.

The cast of the show talks about what they do with all the food from the epic meals they create it — eat it, give it to the crew — before segueing into a brief discussion of the “people out there who don’t have enough to eat, and don’t know where their next meal is coming from.” They then offer up an endorsement for Feeding America, who, “everyday give hope to those in your community who struggle with hunger” and direct viewers to The show also donates “a portion of its production budget to the L.A. Regional Food Bank, a member of the Feeding America nationwide network of food banks.”

The PSA will run on FYI, debuting during Epic Meal Time‘s Thanksgiving-themed season premiere this, as well as on other A&E channels.

“At Thanksgiving, it is important to remember that so many children in our country are facing hunger,” said Bob Aiken, Feeding America CEO. “Thanks to ‘Epic Meal Empire’s’ PSA’s, a new audience will be made aware of efforts around the country to feed our children and avoid food waste.”

Nest Launches First TV Ads

Nest is launching its first broadcast campaign, with a series of 30-second spots created in-house.

Each ad takes a humorous tone, often extolling Nest’s virtues through someone who doesn’t like the product. In “Grandpa,” for example, an older man complains about Nest, since “being cold builds character” and people are not building up enough leg muscle since they don’t have to get up and change the thermostat. It’s the most believable and down to earth of the ads, and because of that the most successful. Other spots see a destructive toddler and a dog (who talks through a voiceover, ugh) complaining of Nest’s Dropcam preventing them from engaging in their hijinks. A fourth spot changes up the approach, focusing on an obsessive-compulsive type who repeatedly checks if his house is on fire.

The ads will run during NFL games, beginning Sunday, as well as during prime-time programming and on cable channels such as ESPN and Discovery. Nest is hoping the ads will promote their products as potential holiday gifts.

“Who would have ever thought of giving smoke alarms and thermostats for Christmas or the holidays would be the norm, but we see a lot of people gifting our product,” Doug Sweeny, Nest’s vice president of marketing, told Adweek. “It’s a big part of our business.” Read more

Mike Myers and His Brother Star in New Ad for Sears Canada

Mike Myers and his brother, Peter Myers, who has worked at Sears for 32 years, star in a new ad for Sears Canada.

In the spot, Mike talks about Sears Canada’s recent woes, asking if the retailer is going away. Peter reassures him that they aren’t going anywhere and asks if he knows anything about the retail business, to which Mike replies, “Not a lot. Just that Sears Canada has to demographically and psychographically alter the trajectory of its business model. But that would just be a wild guess.” Despite the two brothers’ natural chemistry, that’s as close to a laugh as the 60-second spot, which will only air in Canada, gets. Still, it’s not completely without its charm, as the brand being upfront about its recent struggles is refreshing. The spot ends with Peter asking if Mike is going to deliver the tagline, and Mike rehashing a long-retired one before offering up one of his own. Read more

Adidas Promotes NBA Swingman Jersey with Damian Lillard

Adidas is celebrating the launch of its revamped NBA Swingman jersey line with a new spot starring Portland Trailblazers star Damian Lillard.

The spot follows Lillard as he is shadowed by his “swingman,” who is as devoted to being a great “swingman” as Lillard is to being a great basketball player. He sets out to “think like Damian, act like Damian, smell like Damian,” even if he can’t play like him. The ad attempts a humorous tone, but while it shoots for laughs, it ultimately comes up empty. Additional ads in the series featuring Kenneth Faried of the Denver Nuggets and Joakim Noah of the Chicago Bulls will follow in the coming days. Adidas’ NBA Swingman jerseys are available now at and the NBA Store on Fifth Avenue and retails for $110.

AMV BBDO Celebrates Historic 1914 Christmas Truce for Sainsbury’s

AMV BBDO created a holiday ad for U.K. supermarket chain Sainsbury’s, telling the story of the historic 1914 Christmas Truce between Britain and Germany during World War I.

To make sure the details were correct for the 3:20 ad, entitled “Christmas is for Sharing,” AMV BBDO and Royal British Legion worked closely with historians, basing the ad on original reports and letters describing the event. The ad opens on Christmas Eve 1914, with both sides hunkered down in their bunkers. Soon, both the Germans and British are singing “Silent Night” and one brave soldier emerges, arms waving in peace, and walks towards the war zone. Both sides meet halfway between their bunkers, engaging in friendly conversation and even a game of footie. The spot is elaborately produced and well-shot, directed by Ringan Ledwidge, looking more like a Hollywood war film than an advertisement. Its long running time is no mere gimmick either, as the spot utilizes the time to build emotion and prepare the viewer for the ultimate payoff.

Sainsbury’s unveiled the ad during Tuesday night’s airing of Coronation Street, and a chocolate bar that features heavily into the story is available for sale in their stores, with proceed going to the Royal British Legion.

“Christmas is a special time of year when people come together to share simple moments and kindnesses,” Mark Given, head of brand communications at Sainsbury’s, told Adweek. “This year, we wanted to reflect that theme of sharing in our Christmas campaign through the lens of one of the most extraordinary moments of sharing in modern history, when on Christmas Day 1914, British and German soldiers laid down their arms, and came together on neutral territory to share stories, mementos and even a game of football.”

Stick around after the jump for a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the ad and a look at the historical events that inspired it. Read more