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I Have Twatted

Lord Stanley Never Could Have Envisioned ‘The Smackley Cup’

Usually, city rivalries related to sporting match-ups involve wacky wagers from politicians. The mayor of City X wants 100 pounds of cheese from the governor of City Y if City X wins the Super Bowl. But for the 2013 Stanley Cup between the Boston Bruins and the Chicago Blackhawks, the wacky wagers are getting social and, well, smack-talky. The folks over at Arnold Boston and Leo Burnett in Chicago are using the Stanley Cup to launch their own trash-talking competition for charity: The Smackley Cup. Agency employees and random fans from all over are encouraged to tweet using #smacktalkboston or #smacktalkchicago. Once the series concludes, the agency supporting the loser of the Stanley Cup will have to donate 10 cents per tweet and retweet to a charity AND wear the opposing team’s sweater in the office the following day. That sort of masochism always makes for fun water cooler talk.

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GS&P Parlays Fake Audubon/Obama Twitter Feud into Musical Tweet Project

Last week, those perennial rabble-rousers at The Onion took it upon themselves last week to offer up a blow-by-blow account of a Twitter tiff (albeit fake) between President Obama and The Audubon Society (home to “the original tweeters” as the latter says). The slideshow thus prompted the president (or those handling his Twitter account nowadays) to suggest the Audubon Society as a Friday Follow on Twitter (Mashable has a summary of what transpired here).

Well, inspired by the goings on, GS&P decided to get its client, Audubon, in on the joke while thanking @BarackObama for the #FF by coming up with a musical effort dubbed “Tweet Your Tweet.” The project, which is a collaboration between the Goodby camp and Swedish music production company, Dinahmoe,  matches bird chirps to the corresponding tones/letters (a, b, c, d, e, f, g) in your tweets. As you can see in the image above, the president’s account is aptly enough the first to get a nod in “Tweet Your Tweet,” which can get somewhat grating after a while but hey, gotta appreciate the quick turnaround. Regarding the effort, GS&P chief digital officer Kalle Hellzen says, “…we immediately jumped on the opportunity to bring more #birders into the Audubon society. We developed the perfect ‘thank you’ to @barackobama and a fun experience for everyone else to play with.”

Credits after the jump.

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Stockholm Invades Cyber Russia for Gay Pride

Russia’s abysmal track record for gay rights got unnecessarily worse last year, when a court ruling banned gay parades in the country for the next 100 years. Today, Stockholm Pride and M&C Saatchi Stockholm are fighting back with, a digital campaign that lets Russians celebrate gay rights on Twitter for one well-intentioned thorn in the side of the Russian government: to get “Go West” trending in Russia. How are they going to accomplish this from a Swedish website, you ask? All tweets from the website automatically change location to a Russian city. Got to love technology.

If Stockholm Pride accomplishes their goal, I’d love to see the faces of Russian government officials after “Go West” starts trending. Stalin rolls in his grave, Putin rolls in his bed, Sting makes more music videos like this. If you’re interested in contributing, you can tweet from the website to help the cause and watch as Princeton, New Jersey turns into Ufa, Russia.

‘Family Guy’ Scribe Makes Nice with DiGiorno on Twitter

And this, friends, is how an unlikely bond on the Twitters begins. Last Friday, digital agency Resource, which houses offices in Columbus, Cincinnati, Chicago, etc., decided to continue its habit of engaging/baiting Twitter celebs. Not sure Shawn Ries is quite a “celeb” per se, but the guy’s been a staff writer on Family Guy for a couple of years, so that at least says something. Anyhow, Resource, which handles all digital properties for the “It’s not delivery” pizza brand, DiGiorno, decided to strike up a Twitter convo, and above and below, you can see how the chat evolves from snippy to sappy in no time (and now, we’ve been told Ries follows DiGiorno..aww). Think we all learned something today, though we’re not sure what yet. You can check out larger, squint-free image after the jump…

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And Now, 10 More Ways to Become an Intern, From Mother and IdeasTap

These ten briefs from Mother and creative charity IdeasTap do offer compensation (£500, or approximately $762) to each week’s winner, so as contests and internships go, 10 by 10 is one of the more lucrative opportunities for freelancers and young graduates. Each week, Mother will roll out a new assignment that needs tackling. At the end of the process, the ten winners will have their work shown, and creative bigwigs will ultimately whittle the weekly winners down to one overall winner who gets a six-week paid internship.

The first brief, according to the project website: “Mother want you come up with a concept for a Twitter feed and start it from scratch. The profile with the most followers and the best content in 10 weeks’ time wins.”  Now comes the cost-benefit analysis from potential applicants–at what point does buying fake followers from a social media service cost more than the potential earnings from winning the competition? Let’s hope the eventual winner doesn’t spend £1000 buying followers and winds up snagging the internship. Or let’s hope for it, because that would be ridiculous. Imagine the internship turns into a full-time position, all because an individual gamed the system.

Something makes me think Mother wouldn’t want that. But, according to a recent article in PC Mag, you can buy 1,000 Twitter followers for as little as $5. Let the games begin.

‘World’s Fastest Agency’ Welcomes First Client

Just in case you missed some coverage on Floyd Hayes, the “ideas man” has announced the first client for his Twitter-based “World’s Fastest Agency” project, that being U.S. online coupon site, RetailMeNot. According to WFA, which launched just two weeks ago, RetailMeNot sent a 140-character direct mail brief within six hours of the former’s launch (WFA responded in kind less than 24 hours later).

Here’s a statement from the coupon brand’s CEO, Cotter Cunningham: “A good marketing idea is worth its weight in gold, and I’ve paid a lot more in my day for  less than worthy ideas from other ad agencies. We like the return on our small investment in the World’s Fastest Agency on what turned out to be fun, creative thinking.” Cunningham adds, “RetailMeNot has always been on the cutting edge of sourcing content. Their business  model is somewhat reminiscent of how we have used the power of the Internet to  encourage our community of users to post coupons to our website. The World’s Fastest  Agency is an example of how the Internet is creating new business models that disrupt the  status quo.”

No update yet, though, on the client status of “Worst Fast Agency.”

Dr. Pepper’s Biggest Fan is Apparently a Straight-Edge Metalcore Guitarist

Meet Andy Williams, a 30-something bearded musician who shares a name with a recently deceased beloved pop singer/actor. Williams hails from Buffalo, New York, eschews the mere notion of a 9-to-5 office gig, and plays guitar in semi-popular hardcore band Every Time I Die.

It might seem to a naive person that Williams has it all: A cool job, musical chops, great friends, adoring fans and a magnificent beard. However, Williams suffers from a debilitating addiction. While his bandmates indulge in the clinically recommended rock star diet (drugs, fast food, booze), Williams battles every day with his 23-flavored soft drink crutch, Dr. Pepper. In fact, as the above video from Dr. Pepper and Code and Theory suggests, Williams cannot even take the stage some nights without receiving his fix.

As with most cases of substance abuse, Williams’ crippling habit has racked up quite the bill over the years. It’s become so bad, in fact, that Williams is now soliciting fans to buy him cans of Dr. Pepper via Twitter. More disconcerting still is that having heard of Williams’ unique problem, Dr. Pepper has decided not to encourage the guitarist to seek the medical attention he requires. Rather, Dr. Pepper is integrated Williams’ story into their “1 of a Kind” campaign, propping up his near lifeless body against a wall and making him pose with a guitar for a giveaway.

Remember, the moment your friend gets a Dr. Pepper tattoo is the moment you start setting arrangements for an intervention. Credits after the jump.

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Energy BBDO (We Think) Tracking ‘God’ Nods on Social Media (Updated)

We’ve been told that Chicago’s Energy BBDO is behind this rather busy, yet timely site called “God Was Here,” which comes to us a ahead of one of the holiest of days and tracks mentions of “god” on social media–mainly Twitter–seemingly in real-time. We figure this is a good way to wind down Good Friday, so feel free to click around on this silly, but somewhat intriguing entry.

Update: We’ve been told the “God Was Here” site is actually a side project from folks across multiple agencies, not just Energy BBDO.

‘Worst Fast Agency’ Pledges to Give Clients Quick, Terrible Advice for $1

Just one week ago, prolific guerrilla-marketer Floyd Hayes introduced us to his latest project, “World’s Fastest Agency.” The first (to our knowledge) Twitter-based creative agency, Hayes’ new shop answered creative briefs via Twitter within 24 hours for a cool $999. Well, we knew (maybe) that it would only be a matter of time before the World’s Fastest Agency spawned an imitator or two.

Enter “Worst Fast Agency“, an anonymously run Twitter-based creative shop that pledges to do what World’s Fastest Agency does in half the time for a fraction of the price. Oh, and did we mention that it gives terrible advice? Yes, in just 12 hours, Worst Fast Agency will tweet awful marketing strategies to you for the low price of $1. It sounds almost too awful to be true.

In an anonymous tip, the shadowy founder of WFA tells us, “I just launched this company the other day, and have already received loads of requests and interactions (have actually made $$$). Sure, it is somewhat of a joke/parody, but I believe there is a market for clear, bad advice, not just bad advice masquerading as good advice.” Think about it—it’s feasible that this person has made like $20 doing this! Peep WFA’s website to read some very plausible client reviews, and tweet @WorstFastAgency to receive your own terrible advice.

If You Missed SXSW, Let Havas Recap it for You in Twitter ‘Novella’ Format

Man, wasn’t SXSW Interactive just the best this year? What’s that? You didn’t get to go due to cost or an obligation to do actual work? Well, lucky for you, Havas Media is happily providing what they call a “Twitter Novella” to tell you about all the fun you missed. Because, wow, it was just so much fun, you guys!

I don’t quite knows what qualifies this as a “novella” per se, but I suppose if you have a bunch of character-based Twitter handles using the same hashtag, then that might as well be the definition. Again, advertisers, you can make any unsubstantiated claim about anything you so long as no one makes the claim before you. Bonus points if it’s somehow involved with social media.

Throughout SXSW, Havas sent a team of its employees around Austin to tweet about the festivities as walking stereotypes would. The Hero Worshipper tweeted about celebs, stalking Grumpy Cat to wherever Mashable had a branded tent. The Data Geek quoted Nate Silver and dispensed somewhat useless statistics. The Bar Fly partied and drank. The Cynical tried to be cynical, but found it difficult due to all the fun. The Optimist loved everything. And finally, The Loner tweeted about loneliness.

Put these tweets together, and it’s though you were actually there instead of sitting at your office wondering how people have the time to ignore work for a week. Catch the Havas tweeters in the upcoming sequel “Twitter Novella: Cannes Edition.”