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I Have Twatted

360i Minds Behind Oreo Super Bowl Tweet Promote Web Singalong

Singalongs can be messy affairs, like when that guy with the bad voice thinks he can hit soprano notes, or any Journey song comes on at a bar. A tweetalong, however, might be the perfect digital response to help us control our  unprofessional musical urges. Creatives from 360i and the Brooklyn band Rumors teamed up to create a website that might help promote “Slow Down,” a single off of the band’s album XOXO.

The site, essentially a digital singalong, compiles tweets from around the world that hashtag specific words in the song. As the song plays, different tweets pop up alongside the lyrics. And if you want to take a moment to read different tweets, scrolling over the hashtag automatically pauses the song. To continue the song, simply move the mouse again.

This isn’t the first time 360i took an innovative approach to ahead-of-the-curve content. During the Super Bowl blackout, the same Dentsu-owned firm’s creatives slid out some topical content for Oreo (more on it here). Brands have to use Twitter to stay relevant in our culture, but how they go about doing that has been hit-or-miss thus far (with more misses than hits). The success of Rumors will ultimately come down to the quality of music, but this blip on the social radar screen could earn them at least a fan or two.

FYI, Matt Wurst, director of digital communities at 360i, will be keynoting Mediabistro’s April Social Media Marketing Boot Camp. Go here for more info.

Senior copywriter: Nick Panayotopoulos
Senior art director: Roberto Max Salas
Creative Technologist: Tore Holmberg from Your Majesty.

Self-Proclaimed ‘Ideas Man’ Back with Self-Proclaimed ‘World’s Fastest Agency’

Floyd Hayes, former ECD at guerrilla-marketing agency Cunning is back with yet another attention-grabbing stunt that will (perhaps) net him upward of $1000 per day.

Hayes latest project, World’s Fastest Agency, serves as a pleasant reminder to all marketers that, yes, you can make any unsubstantiated claim you want, so long as no one else has made the claim before you. Hayes’ business model works thusly:

  1. Send him $999 via PayPal.
  2. Direct message your short creative brief to @fastestagency on Twitter
  3. Receive a creative pitch within 24 hours via Twitter direct message
  4. Consider whether or not steps 1-3 were a wise use of your time and money

On the website for his new agency, which he also proclaims to be “the world’s first 100% Twitter based ad agency,”  Hayes has already a glowing review from Neil Davies (pitch judge and former partner at Naked Communications) who says, “Very fast, very good.” I mean, what else do you need to know?

BSSP’s Holiday Entry: A Twitter Troll-Burning ‘Cruel Log’

Yes folks, as the year winds down, this is going to be mostly what we’ll see as 2012 runs its course. This latest entry for the holiday season comes from Sausalito, CA’s own Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners, which has decided to hand it back to those throwing lumps of coals in stockings via Twitter with an online entry dubbed the “Cruel Log.” Yep, Twitter “stooges” will get the fiery treatment and we feel something like this won’t be the end of holiday-related agency work inspired by the microblogging service. Happy holidays!

When Freedom is at Stake, Call in the Cats

Apathy is the glove into which evil slips its hand, and what could be more evil than harming kittens? “Save the Kitten,” a joint-venture from Resn, Stinkdigital, and rehabstudios, attempts to raise awareness for Internet freedoms threatened by bills like SOPA and PIPA. “Save the Kitten,” which sounds too much like an unfavorable sexual position, asks users of the Interweb to sign the petition for the Declaration of Internet Freedom. Create positive awareness, and the cat lives. Stand idly by, and bad things happen. In other words, apathy kills kittens.

This is a one-day awareness campaign, so the creators have used all the tricks available to stir up viral success, including naming the cat Webster (humanization) and promising a special appearance from Lil Bub (celebrity endorsement). Personally, I dislike cats, because they make me sneeze, but I’m sure others will see the appeal of a digital feline in danger no matter how absurd the situation. There’s even a Twitter account for Webster to say things like “Finding myself thinking about my life in hour increments. This sucks. How do you humans do this? #save the kitten.”

The looming danger for us Interneters is a global meeting to discuss expanding the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). I imagine diplomats in expensive suits who influence international policy won’t give two licks about Webster, but “Save the Kitten” definitely gets an A for effort no matter how strange the campaign truly is. If you want to fight for your right to party (on the Internet), sign a petition, free Webster, and save the day.

RAPP Unveils Photo Filter Service Fueled Solely by Hashtags

We’re not sure if it was RAPP VP/director of technology and digital solutions, Craig Elimeliah, who sent the tip to us himself, but whatever the case, his agency has basically said, “Fuck the bounds imposed by Instagram, let’s go freeform” with a new photo filter service dubbed “Pananorama” (cue “Cruel Summer” humming). Yes, folks, there’s no need for the ‘Gram as a tweet using a filter hashtag will do the trick, but it looks like the “non-app” is iPhone 5-friendlier. It’s still in beta form, but you can get a better idea of how Pananorama works here.

Today in Twitter Catfights: Current and Former CP+B-ers Squabble Over Soda

In yesterday’s Odds and Ends, we posted a new clip from Crispin Porter + Bogusky’s Swedish branch for Sony Xperia that basically gave select Skyfall viewers in Stockholm a nice surprise in their soda (see below). Well, the campaign drew the almighty “MEH” as you see above from Max Lenderman, whose LinkedIn still bills him as director of OuterActive, CP+B’s experiential marketing practice. The only problem is that it appears Lenderman no longer works at CP+B as hinted by the tweet from the MDC agency’s CCO Rob Reilly, who took exception with his former colleague’s sentiment (according to spies as well, Lenderman is a “former” CP+B-er). It looks like Reilly has had the last word thus far in this mini-twatting battle, but we’re anxious to see how this plays out. Your move, Max.

Yes, the Election Will Be Determined by Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots

Now, this is democracy at work and it comes to us from of an agency outside the U.S. no less. Just six weeks after turning print ads into iPhone loudspeakers for Coca-Cola, Mauro Cavalletti and crew at JWT Brazil–specifically, the innovations lab at Agencia Casa JWT–have returned with a Twitter-centric effort just in time for Election Day called “Tweet Punch-Out.”

Not quite unlike what a couple of creatives from Dailey came up with back in August, Cavaletti and the JWT lab rats’ project pits Obama versus Romney in the form of blue and red Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots. The Agencia Casa camp hacked the scrappy bots and connected them to live Twitter feeds, which will trigger the toys to throw punches when either Obama or Romney is mentioned. Unlike the real-life debates, there’s no Candy Crowley or Bob Schieffer to rein things in, though judging from the score sheet, Obama’s camp might have to throw in the towel in this particular fight. Go here for all the streaming fun. Credits after the jump.

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Yes, Twitter is Now Capable of Conducting Symphonies

We officially live in an age where “Tweetphony” is not only a thing, but it’s one of the better ideas I’ve seen executed on social media.

From Havas Digital Amsterdam, the Tweetphony microsite allows visitors to play with a little on-screen keyboard, which is then transcribed into a 140-character tweet. Then, the world’s largest professional pop, jazz and light music orchestra in the world, the Metropole Orchestra, will choose their favorite musical tweets and perform them as part of an 8-hour concert this Friday, which will be live-streamed on the Tweetphony site.

By now, you’re probably asking, “Wait, how is this a good idea?” Now, realize I didn’t say that this was necessarily a good idea; I merely stated that this is one of the better ideas I’ve seen on social media. After all, it takes a lot more thinking, creativity, and time to pull of something like this than it does to make another stupid parody Twitter account (I’m looking at you, @SleepyRomney). It’s kind of a giant waste of time for a small amount of recognition, but it’s also pretty cool so props to Havas. You haven’t done anything this cool today, so calm down.

Pizza Chain’s Stoned-Looking Mascot Will Stalk its Twitter Followers

We were a bit stacked on the campaign front yesterday, but we couldn’t overlook this amusing, somewhat creepy but ultimately harmless effort from the folks at Atlanta’s Fitzgerald+CO for pizza chain, Mellow Mushroom. We’ve been told that the chain, which was founded nearly 30 years ago near Georgia Tech University, embraces a hippie mentality, a fact that’s reflected in its rather, um, laid-back mascot you see in the clip above.

The rather dazed and confused character is part of Fitz+CO’s effort to gain Twitter followers for its client and show to love for a select few current ones. But rather than just click follow on their Twitter profile, the agency decided to take it several steps further and actually have a couple of mascots, “Mel” and “Dude,” trail 20 @mellowmushroom followers over a period of one week. The video you see is hopefully a precursor for many more to come. Additionally, if you want to “Follow Mellow,” click here and you could win free pizza for a year. Hey, there are currently 130 Mellow Mushroom locations in 100 cities, so you could be in luck. Credits after the jump.

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R/GA, A&E Start a Public Duck Hunt

A&E is one great reasons why people think Americans are insane (not to sell you short, TLC). We have a network of  shows like Billy the Exterminator. Gone are the days of  Lizzie McGuire; our kids are watching hoarders cry as they throw away soggy coasters and 10-year-old receipts. And, of course, the latest WTF A&E news: tonight is the season two premiere of Duck Dynasty.

As far as I can gather, this “reality show” is about three generations of bayou duck hunters. They run a business called Duck Commander (high-end duck calls, decoys, etc.) that is now a multimillion-dollar “sporting empire.” They race lawn mowers and wear camo tuxedos.

To launch the new Duck Dynasty season, R/GA New York and A&E have created a social media duck hunt dubbed “Duck Call.” Users follow one or all of the six Twitter handles associated with the show. Then, when one of those handles tweets #QUACK or a little duck says #QUACK on the show, the first person to tweet back with #DUCK wins. They get Duck Dynasty swag or a $100  e-gift card. Fingers crossed for the latter, unless you’re stoked on bandanas and bearded Chia pets.

During tonight’s premiere, a social response lab will also produce customized Duck Dynasty imagery featuring users (#JointheDynasty). Finally, you too can live the true American Dream. It’s all about the pursuit of happiness, and blowing up beaver dams. Feel free to join the “dynasty” here.