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Crashing Mindshare’s Holiday Party


Hopefully, your agency is still planning on holding a holiday party.
Mindshare is. Something about the Bon Jovi and random hip-hop background music on the web invite; the stock photos of people “getting down” and it being held at Jay-Z‘s 40/40 Club might have you thinking this is going to be a dud of party. Aha! That’s where you would be wrong.

Last year’s party was reported to be actually, um, fun with the CEO inviting staffers to a post-party location and letting them drink on his tab until the wee hours of the night. With the current economic situation, we doubt that’s going to happen, but you know, ad staffers are easy. Give them some free liquor and you can expect shit to go pear shaped, right quick.

It’s at 6 pm on December 10th if you feel like crashing.

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Breaking: Possible Layoffs at Mindshare

MS Lgo.png

We hear that moments ago at Mindshare, some employees were told there will be layoffs. The agency supposedly hasn’t been hiring since June, and according to an inside source, many staff members have been promoted to fill internal positions that would normally be staffed by new hires.

As a result of this, many departments are already very understaffed, and though the agency seems to have held off as long as possible, the inevitable may be finally happening.

AgencySpy contacted Mindshare for details on the situation, but an agency representative declined to comment.

We’re not being told how many will be let go, but an e-mail is to come shortly on the matter. However, the WPP company has been suffering from the same hiring freeze that’s created a stall for its brethren.

Refer to this post on Martin Sorrell‘s memo on the issue. See the actual memo, here.

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Mindshare Buys The Brits Out


Mindshare has opened its pocketbook to purchase media firm Michaelides & Bednash. The U.K. shop will be folded ever so neatly in with the Invention Group and the founders (George Michaelides, Graham Bednash [pictured above], along with managing partner Paul O’Neill) will be heading up the newly formed Unilever unit. Makes sense. In 2003, Unilever tapped M&B to handle communications with a $30 million budget, for Family Brands.

So, Ad Age says that Michaelides and Bednash are widely regarded as fathers of media planning. Really? We polled a few media planner friends who had never heard of the company. A few others had heard of M&B, but balked at the founding father role.

Arguably, M&B was at the forefront of a planning revolution in the U.K. that includes shops like Naked. The agency was all about not media buying, but implementing strategy as part of the creative process. This might be one of those UK versus US things. Making a splash in Britain doesn’t guarantee a direct ripple in The States.

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The Creative Behind The Mindshare Logo


Seems we’re not the only ones going wonk-eyed at Mindshare’s rebranding.

Someone has sent us the working creative outline behind the two circles, which supposedly signifies the flow of creativity. Thanks for the treat. It made us chuckle, which is very hard to do.

If you’d like to see a bigger image, go here.

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MindShare Paid For A Bunch Of BS


Like we said yesterday, MindShare has released its new logo. Apparently, it was made with the the help of design agency, Moving Brands.

One UK agency leader told Brand Republic today that: “I am really struggling to see the point of this. If there were significant changes then you could justify the expense of commissioning the design agency, not to mention rolling out new stationery and office insignia around the world.”

In a press release issued from MindShare this morning:

“The symbol has been created to reflect the structure and form of Mindshare’s business. It shows two forms coming together to create a new, strong form reflecting Mindshare’s partnerships with clients, suppliers and other agencies.”

Did you get all that from the logo? Did Mindshare’s strong partnerships with all of their business partners translate? Sure. Sure they did.

“The flow of colour symbolises the flow of creativity across the business and the segmentation mirrors the bringing together of specialist expertise within Mindshare’s “open source” approach to client business which enhances a platform neutral approach.”

All the lingo… give it a rest. Now, you, dear reader, can’t see the flow of color because the image above is static, not animated, but if you must – go to the Mindshare site and watch their “open source” logo in action.

“When written in prose Mindshare no longer has the upper case “S” previously used – hence the company’s name will now be written Mindshare and not MindShare. In visual form on the printed page, this will represent the agency’s new simplified approach.”

Dear heavens MindShare, oops – Mindshare. You bought this hoopla off of Moving Brands? How much did it cost you? Quarter of a million? More? You’ve been had.

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Mindshare Gets A New Look And Sound And Feel And…

MindShare has been busy as of late. Actually, did you now that it’s no longer MindShare, but Mindshare? Mind your capitals, kids. The agency is finishing up its reorganization, which goes all the way down to the letter.

Employees have already received letters informing them of their new titles. What was once a “planner” is now a “senior associate.” Swell, right? The brand will also be receiving a new logo I hope that you weren’t attached to their old one. This latest version features two circles, one purple, one blue like “two Pacmen eating each others faces.” That is not my description, but it’s quite illustrative. Gag.

On Thursday, the shop will announce all this to their clamoring public with a staff party to follow. There’s some other odds and ends, like the focus onto digital, but lets not ruin their surprise, right?

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Exclusive: Hustla Mindshare Is Trying To Finish Off Carat

MindShare recently shifted their client, health care giant Novartis, to sister agency, Media Edge CIA. The party line was that the move would “realize ‘efficiencies’ that can be achieved by aligning the client with one global agency network.”

Uh-huh. Sure, maybe major ad media is buying it, but please. We know that the reason for the switch-up is because MindShare is a tru hustler 4 realz. The agency is looking to target another shop’s client while, the beleaguered competitor is losing accounts at a rapid clip. Hmm… Carat anyone?

Yo! I love it when this shit gets street, don’t you? Forget the puffy press releases. The real underbelly of advertising is a bit gangster.

So, the question is – which Carat account are they going to snag from beneath the competition’s weary nose? For those of you who want to play the guessing game, please use the comments section. Or, if that fails, the tip box or email (superspyin at I’ll place all guesses into the comments section by hand.

They should be paying me a lot more for this BS. Reposting comments? For heaven’s sake. Yeah, I’m hustla, too.

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Field Trip With MindShare New York


It’s warm all over and now is the time when agencies begin to trot their employees out in front of the sun, remind them there’s more to life than their cubicle walls. First trip we’ve heard about this year is MindShare’s June 13th outing to… SIX FLAGS! No, really. Reminds you of that class trip you took senior year like three weeks before graduation, right? Check out the email from Nadine, Managing Director, of MindShare New York below. Comments are in brackets.


To welcome the warm weather in as well as to celebrate with a fun client we think you all deserve a break……


I am pleased to invite you to our annual corporate outing, this year to be held at Six Flags Great Adventure & Wild Safari in New Jersey. The day should prove to be fun and a great opportunity to get to know each other outside of the office!

[Gag. Gag and gasp. Get to know each other outside the office? Hello... do you really think, like really, that your employees 1) aren't commiserating about your new polices over nightly brews? 2) That if they don't like each other inside the office, that they're really going to ride Batman together, share a cotton candy and bond because they are outside of the office? These are grown-ups Nadine. Big people.]


The outing will be held on Friday, June 13th.


Buses will be departing from Manhattan (Penn Station Area) at 9 am sharp. If you choose to drive, you can meet us at the park at 11 am but expenses will not be reimbursed. Buses will be scheduled to leave the park for Manhattan throughout the afternoon. Further details on transportation will be issued at a later date. Each employee who registers will receive a full Park and Safari pass for the day.


Lunch is Our treat if you meet us when lunch be served (from 1-3pm) at the park – actual site details to come. We encourage you to join us for lunch to meet with your co-workers as other food related expenses will not be reimbursed.

[Bribing your employees to hang out with you and each other with free sandwiches is not actually a bad idea considering how expensive food is at an amusement park.]

******Important to know******* —–

Please take a moment to fill out the short registration by Friday, May 30th.You need to register in order to receive your park pass.

We would like you to make every effort to attend so please plan client
business accordingly – the day is after all on us. If you choose not to attend, you will either need to be in the office or take a pre-approved summer Friday/vacation day.

[Note to management: Who the hell is going to use one of their precious vacation days when they could sit in the office all by themselves and watch movies, play a game of spin the bottle, whatever? The real party is going to be with the twenty people who DON'T go on this field trip. Lock your desks. If it was me, I'd be going through Nadine's desk like hasta pronto.]

[image source]

MindShare Gets A MAC


As you know, MindShare has decided to totally reorganize their structure by dissolving MindShare Interaction and spreading its employees throughout the network. CEO, Scott Neslund, told Adweek that:

“Digital is not at the core of what we do. We are integrating it into the offering, but not at the center, because that would mean you’re no longer media neutral.”

Okay. That’s not what Scott was telling staffers at the mandatory meeting on Friday at Gotham Hall. The meeting ran a whopping three hours at which each division head spoke about what their section would be responsible for moving forward – complete with mind numbing, repetitive PowerPoint slides. Let the brainwashing begin…

MindShare leaders informed staffers that digital would be woven into everything the company does with a heavy emphasis on digital, digital, digital.

And catch this, Neslund said these changes were a “reinvention of the agency,” to the trade journals, so naturally, one bigwig told the assembled attendees that they would be getting MACs! As if a MAC is going to change the atmosphere, make folks more creative, um… more digital even? Way to buy deep into the Apple branding.

The MindShare MindFuck

Something big is about to come out of MindShare sometime next week. The leaves are twittering and we can’t get a straight answer. Not sure what it is, but apparently, the company is looking to deal with the fragmentation in media and evolve the overall business. Currently, the agency performs strategic media planning, negotiation and execution with specialist services including modelling, research and a sports and entertainment sponsorship consultancy. So, what’s the next step for MindShare?

Our guess…. an agency of their very, very own? Well, that’s one the record already. The WPP-owned media agency is currently interviewing creative candidates for a digital creative arm to be based in the UK.

Hmm… here’s another hint – the internal lexicon at MindShare has nixed the words “creative agencies.” The term has been reduced down to just plain ol’ “advertising agencies,” as to MindShare (and they’re right) media can be creative, too.

We’re going crazy. Help!