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#StealBanksyNY Site Promotes Theft, Artistic Freedom, Awkward Hashtags

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 12.02.46 PM does not exactly have a ring to it, but the new site created by two NYC digital ad folks – Derek Evan Harms & Damjan Pita of Razorfish and AKQA, respectively by day – is an interesting bit of content to check out as Banksy’s unofficial October art tour comes to an end. Users can find a map of New York that shows where FREE Banksy art is all over the city. Each FREE bubble links to an image of the art. People have already stolen some of the work, whether it be traffic cones, car doors, or wall art. On the site, in big block letters reads the rallying cry, “Better Ours Than Theirs.” Underneath that in a bright orange rectangle is, “Get it before the MOMA gets it!” And then, of course, is the famous Picasso quotation that has been mimicked by everyone from Quentin Tarantino to Steve Jobs: “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” At least there’s no ambivalence.

Banksy has encouraged people to shake things up instead of simply following the rules. And stealing – or borrowing with no plans of returning – his street art is the perfect way to honor the man’s words. Besides, MOMA already has enough art.

Audi Brings Back #WantAnR8 with a Creative Twist

Audi’s 2012 #WantAnR8 contest was one of the most successful Twitter campaigns of the past few years, so it’s no surprise that they’ve revived the concept for this year. But this time Audi is asking fans to prove their love with a creative new twist.

Fans will be asked to edit and submit a video on the #WantAnR8 site, using footage from Sonoma Raceway. They can then post their video to YouTube and Twitter with the #WantAnR8 hashtag for a chance to win a day with the 2014 Audi R8. Users create the video by using a set of clips from the Sonoma Raceway footage, editing and combining them as they see fit and choosing from Audi’s (predictably poor) music selection. It’s kind of a fun idea, and allows users to either take the project seriously or throw together a bunch of sepia toned and inverted color, upside down shots. That’s what I did for my video, “Worst: Audi WantAnR8 Remix,” featured above (not sure whey they added the colon). Guess I’m not much of a video editor.

Audi adds the tag “Prove you #WantAnR8″ to the end of each user submitted video, prompting viewers to the #WantAnR8 site, where they can create their own video. The contest, which started Oct. 23, will run until Nov. 10. Feel free to share your own creations in the comments section.

Honda, RPA Launch ‘Start Something Special’ Campaign at Really Irish Wedding

Honda and RPA launched their “Start Something Special” social media campaign with what is probably the cutest thing you’ll see on AgencySpy this week (and definitely the most Irish).

Honda-loyal couple (together their families have owned over 20 Hondas) Mairead and Kevin asked their local Honda dealer to loan them three CR-Vs for their wedding reception. But Honda had much bigger plans.

The spot opens with Mairead talking about how she and Kevin first met (in science class, how cute) and explaining her family’s history of loyalty to Honda. We then see Honda preparing to surprise the couple. When they emerge from the church, they see eight black CR-Vs drive up to meet them. The (very, very Irish) band they saw on their first date emerges from one of the vehicles to serenade them. In some of the other CR-Vs are Irish step dancers and $2,000 from Macy’s gift registry. Then the couple is presented with digital messages from relatives in Ireland, who give their best wishes and lament that they couldn’t be there. The surprise is that Honda actually flew these relatives in for the wedding, and the couple looks ecstatic when they show up. It’s all very cute. If you’re a susceptible individual you may even tear up a little bit. If you can’t take a little bit of sentimentality, this is definitely not for you.

Honda introduced the “Start Something Special” tagline throughout the brand’s advertising in August. To socialize the new tag, they are inviting viewers to share their stories with the #StartSomething hashtag. This conversation will take place across “Honda’s social platforms, including FacebookGoogle+, Instagram, TumblrTwitter and Vine, where fans will be encouraged to share their stories with Honda.” These stories will be collected and shared at

Honda is also launching a new TV campaign, starting with “Thank You,” a new spot featuring photos and videos of Honda fans and families showing their appreciation for the brand. The spot debuts tomorrow and will air on the NHL Network and during NFL games. You can check it out after the jump.

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Muh-Tay-Zik Hof-fer Lets Fans Take the Court Against Golden State Warriors

#WeAreWarriors, the latest social and broadcast Golden State Warriors campaign from MUH·TAY·ZIK HOF·FER, shows what would happen if NBA fans got to take the court with their favorite team’s NBA players. The sentiment is spot-on, especially considering how fans like to use the first-person plural when talking about their teams, even though these fans are not paid to play basketball for a living. The Warriors have always been progressive with their social media and fan interaction – including last year’s promotional Social Media Night – and this is another way for the organization to connect on and off the court with fans.

The 30-second spot titled “A Little Help” shows one average Joe getting posted up by Warriors 7-foot Australian behemoth Andrew Bogut. Unfortunately, because of the height difference, the fan’s face keeps bouncing against Bogut’s butt. But like most crazy sports fans, he probably liked it. And he probably bragged about it to his friends. And deep down, his friends were probably jealous. There will be three additional #WeAreWarriors spots in the future, all of which are focused on the team’s fans. Here’s to hoping they will also include Warriors guard Kent Bazemore (seen here as the other guy offering a hand to help up the fallen fan). Bazemore is the NBA’s best and most-celebrated benchwarmer. You can see why here. Yes, a fan created a compilation video of Bazemore’s bench celebrations. That’s wonderful.

The ad is directed by MTZHF co-founder/ECD John Matejczyk and written by its ACD/CW, Josh Bogdan. Credits and some behind-the-scenes footage after the jump.

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The Trident Player Brings a New Low to Dumb Gum Advertising

Poppin’ Layers is not a good commercial (or music video). The Trident Player is not a good rapper. Rapping about Trident Layers gum for four minutes and 34 seconds is not very funny. At this point in pop culture, the vaguely racist whiteboy poser with a fake rapper voice is just about the laziest choice for any creative or artistic project. It was lazy/dumb 10 years ago when Malibu’s Most Wanted came out.  Trident and Hollywood’s Mischievous Studios, which is behind this music video, can do better.

It would be easy to mock this campaign and be mean, but I’m not going to. You really don’t have to watch more than the first 15 seconds to get the video’s full effect. You may not know that the actors in the clip are all popular on Vine, which is mostly irrelevant, because it’s Vine. However, everyone should use this opportunity to learn from mistakes. Using Vine as a marketing platform is not very wise, especially with Instagram and SnapChat clearly dominating social media video sharing. Using lazy stereotypes is, well, lazy and uninteresting. The only press that can come from something like this is bad press from people who think it lacks any sort of awareness or intelligence. I get that gum brands are supposed to be cool and irreverent, but Poppin’ Layers is just amateurishly off the mark.

TBWA, Tool Craft Passion Genome Campaign Extension for Nissan


TBWA\Chiat\Day LA and Tool have created a neat social extension of the TVC from a couple of months ago to promote the Nissan 2014 Versa Note.

The Passion Genome site allows users to “see the passions they share with their friends illustrated in a Passion Portrait, a personalized, interactive visualization of themselves.” How does that work exactly? Well, basically you link your Facebook account to the site so it can analyze your info and you choose a photo to represent yourself. It didn’t work so well for me, but then I don’t have any decent portrait shots on Facebook (my profile pic is currently a sloth astronaut).

Nissan seems very excited about the project as Jon Brancheau, VP/marketing for the automaker’s North American ops, says in a statement,”The Passion Genome displays passions and connections in an extraordinary and fascinating way, and we at Nissan can’t wait to see how it resonates with everyone who explores it.” The project was inspired by the idea that the 2014 Versa Note has a “sculpted, modern look” that “reflects the active lives of its target buyers.” That may be a bit of a stretch, but that’s no matter. People will share this on Facebook and spread awareness for Nissan. Especially because if you share your Passion Portrait on Facebook or Twitter (using the #PassionPortrait hashtag) you could win one of eight $1,000 gift cards from and have your portrait featured on Go try it for yourself, and feel free to link to your Passion Portrait in the comments section. Credits after the jump.  Read more

Interone, ADC Germany Trick People Into Undergoing a Job Interview

Have you ever been checking out ad work and thought “Gosh, I would really love it if I was suddenly whisked away into a Google Hangout with some random people I don’t know”? Well, fear not! ADC Germany and Hamburg-based Interone BBDO haven taken over with, well, ADC Takeover, which is the most guerrilla way to conduct job interviews ever, maybe.

As you can see in the case study above, unsuspecting browsers of all walks were surprised when an ADC boss and/or Interone ECD suddenly appeared on their screen for what was purportedly a job interview, and they were probably more surprised when the web chats seemed to quickly escalate into a game of “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” It even looked like the ADC team got to see some nipples, which is really the best kind of surprise if you think about it. Credits after the jump.

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Onion Labs Celebrates Whiskey with ‘Meet The Olds’ Campaign for Jim Beam

I’ve been a fan of The Onion for as far back as I care to remember, so I’m always glad to see them expanding their comedic empire. Their in-house creative agency/studio Onion Labs is responsible (along with Barbarian Group, who put together the website) for a new campaign for Jim Beam’s “The Olds” whiskeys (Old Crow, Old Overholt and Old Grand-Dad). Onion Labs emphasizes the old aspect, presenting “The Olds” as a group of rambunctious, terminally youth-like men with a combined age of 422.

In the spot for Old Crow (featured after the jump), Crow is introduced as “the rare ladies man who is also a man’s man,” not the most original of premises. Sounds a little like the Dos Equis spots, to be honest. I guess the whole “women want him, men want to be him” thing is a pretty standard formula for selling alcohol, really. The execution works pretty well here, however. Crow gets chased offstage after singing about a sexy robot. Clearly the spot doesn’t take itself too seriously. The highlight is probably the woman who claims her father sent her away to boarding school, at the age of 37, to keep her away from Old Crow.

The “Meet Old Overholt” spot (featured above) works better. Old Overholt shares his life’s code: “Don’t be a delicate, lazy, pillow-soft, mamby-pamby, non-sweat-breaking, do just enough to get by, ‘Oh, we better call a plumber to come fix it,’ ‘Can I have a salad with the dressing on the side’ fancy-pants wimp.” Overholt, we learn, had this phrase tattooed on his chest, “at the tail end of the Industrial Revolution.” It’s worth a good chuckle as a kind of self-conscious satire of typical liquor ad machismo (more clearly so than “Meet Old Crow”), and should do well by the brand. (To be honest, I’d never heard of Old Overholt before. So I guess the spot succeeded at making me aware of its existence at least.)

The Old Grand-Dad video is forthcoming, which is a little disappointing since that’s the one I remember drinking in college. But I guess I’ll just have to check back to see when it comes out.

In addition to the video content, Onion Studios worked on the social media campaign which encompasses both Facebook and three Twitter accounts (@MeetOldGrandDad, @MeetOldCrow and @MeetOldOverholt). Check out “Meet Old Crow” after the jump. Read more

Your Undead Post, Part II: Hyundai Builds Zombie-Killing Machine in ‘Chop Shop’

“If you want to survive, listen up.”

So begins Innocean’s new spot “Speech” for Hyundai (Two undead posts in a day? What the hell, it’s October). The speaker of those lines credits his ability to live off the land and fight for his survival, but an onlooker points to his Hyundai zombie-killing vehicle. Although the spot’s attempt at humor falls mostly flat, it was  perfectly timed, debuting last night during the premiere of AMC’s The Walking Dead. The 30 second spot was also show during Talking Dead last night, while “The Walking Dead Chop Shop” — the site that lets users build their own Zombie Survival Machine — launched during San Diego’s Comic-Con in July. Innocean’s television spot will be accompanied by three digital spots in all — “Speech,” “Cooler” and “Difference — airing on Hyundai’s social media channels.

The spot functions not just as a stand-alone advertisement, but as a way to drive viewers to the “The Walking Dead Chop Shop” site, which is a great tie-in. Actually, I’m kind of not sure if the spot is a tie-in for the site, or the site is a tie-in for the spot. I’m going with the former, since the site existed first. At any rate, we covered “The Walking Dead Chop Shop” back in July, but for the link-averse, here’s a short review: you can use any of three Hyundai vehicles as your base-vehicle and then pimp them out with all kinds of accessories, like razor wire, a “horde plow” and (of course) flame throwers and cattle guns. This isn’t exactly my sort of thing, but it should be a lot of fun for the car/weapon happy and zombie-obsessed. Credits after the jump.

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Young Hockey Players Can ‘Storm the Centre’ with Social Media, Skill

Screen shot 2013-10-11 at 2.04.53 PM

From the very Canadian, but not Canadien, news bureau: Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners and Under Armour are launching a youth hockey contest tomorrow, October 12, called “Storm the Centre.” Two teams of skating youngsters will eventually win a chance to play at the Air Canada Centre, home of the Toronto Maple Leafs. I want to spell it center, but it’s for the kids, so I’ll keep it Canadian.

The contest consists of three stages – social media engagement, teamwork, and finally, hockey skills. These sort of pee-wee competitions happen all the time, but adding a social media component is a cool twist from RTO+P, especially in a hockey-crazed country, where presumably, families will claw for the chance to see their kids play on a pro rink. The details of the challenges haven’t been released yet, but you can check team eligibility and sign up here. To all the little Charlie Conways out there, have fun.

Credits after the jump.

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