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Week in Advertising

The Week in Advertising: People Coming Out (Kevin?), Sex Going in

So Weston, our producer, is sick today. That means TVNewser’s Kevin Allocca did all the editing. Feel free to let him know how much he sucks.

This week’s show is a little MadMen heavy, due in part to how awesome Sunday’s episode was and also the fact that we’re totally uncreative (word?) over here and this was the best we could do. Wannafightaboutit?

Episodes of TWIA

The Week in Advertising: A Blogger’s Life is a Hustler’s too, Kevin Allocca is a Hipstapotomus

I’m not sure what a hipstopotomus is, but let this post serve as a reminder to all of you that Kevin Allocca, bless his soul, is one complicated S.O.B. And I have to say that his segment in today’s episode of TWIA is his best yet.

FYI in some cases we tape my portion of the show on, say, Friday and then add Kevin’s part later. It’s the magic of WebTV at work. I was expecting Kevin to lambaste me like usual, but this time he turned it around. Click play to see how. Or don’t, jerks.

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The Week in Advertising: Crotch Thrusting Killers, HJs and How We Make TWIA Happen

Each week for the last 11 months, Weston Almond and I have marched up to the studio where with the help of various gads we’ve managed to throw together The Week in Advertising. The mistakes have been plentiful but in the end we agree that if you laugh even once, the pain of failed comedy will have been worth it.

This is your chance to berate something I do for a change, advertising.

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The Week in Advertising: The Day MadMen Killed

Spoiler alert: Gene’s dead. Now, watch this episode of The Week in Advertising knowing there’s one less confusing character in your future. And pray for September 27th to roll around, when Californication (a show about a blogger who gets laid, always!) comes back for its third season.

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The Week in Advertising: No Infomercials, 33% More Erections, I Hate Kevin

It’s no mystery that informercials suck. Nor is it unbelievable that 33% of Americans asked their doc about specific drug after seeing a pharmaceutical ad. But did you know Oreo’s are (possibly) engineered to taste better with every bite? We heard that somewhere, and now believe it more and more every time we eat one of those delicious (and sometimes double stuffed!) morsels.

Enjoy our 41st episode, and thanks a million for continuing to watch.

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The Week in Advertising: Minnesota Represented, MadMen Resented, Kevin Allocca Dented

Ever since faceless intern ryan went back to college (two weeks before classes started so he could “prepare” [his liver]), I’ve been looking for someone at whom to aim my ire. The target focused on TVNewser Editor Kevin Allocca, who is a worthy adversary, and usually has better comebacks than me. Watch as the drama plays out in yet another episode of The Week in Advertising.

Today, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre sells TVs, poorly, for Sears; the Minnesota Lottery copies, of all companies, Domino’s; and do you remember that Electric Company Interbrand ad ripoff we did? Well now you do.

Note: This video is also available in the player on the right side of the page, where you will also find every other video we’ve done. Scroll through to see our best and latest work.

Episodes of The Week in Advertising

The Week in Advertising: a MadMen Recap

Follow these instructions carefully if you want to see this week’s episode of The Week in Advertising. And last week’s, since most of you who watched in the past missed it.

First off, we implanted the video on AgencySpy’s homepage, permanently. When we added the video to a post, it would be gone from the homepage after a day and you told us you didn’t like that. So we solved the problem. It will forever be on the right side of the page just below the banned ad for ADiFY.

What you should do right now: look to the right side of this very page until you see a still image of me, with a play button over my face. Click that, if you care to. Since many of you missed last week, worry not &#151 it will play immediately after the current episode. Grab some lunch and enjoy our recap of MadMen. Spoilers? Not really.

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TWIA is Permanent, Evidenced by Fancy Player on the Right Side of Your Screen

The Week in Advertising, aka TWIA, is 38 episodes old. Similarly, our director/cameraman/editor Weston Almond is 38 years old. Happy birthday, dude.

And in celebration of this fine day we have two exciting announcements to make. First, we’re not fired (yet). Second, the wonders of The Week in Advertising have been implanted on our homepage. Just look to the right and you’ll see the media player has been embedded (translation: made fairly permanent) on the right side of the site.

The best part is you can see every episode without doing a thing. Once you click play that annoying intro will begin and the player won’t stop until you tell it to. You’ve got 38 episodes to watch, so get to it. You can call it research, or something, on your time sheets.

Oh, a little ‘splainin: this week’s show is a compendium of our favorite clips from the last 9ish months. Notice: the vast difference (vas deferens?) in my hairstyles, including mustacheness. Also, we expect to get a cease and desist from the “Growing Pains” people later today, so watch soon!

Note: if you’re on the mobile version of our site, I have no idea what you can expect.

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The Week in Advertising: Romance, Cheap Dates, MadMen v. MadAve and the “Sorry” of All Times

Today we sent faceless intern ryan back onto the streets to compare Don Draper to Andy Azula. Before that, though, we look at a Cadbury at close to my own heart and some other junk about how women never buy dinner. Oh, and the “sorry” moment was so horrendous I couldn’t watch. Legit, I still have no idea what it is because I refuse to watch. Enjoy.

Note: Soon the video will be hosted on the homepage &#151 as in it’ll be right below that square ad-space on the top right of the page. Sweet!

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The Week in Advertising: Kids on the Juice, MadMen v. Mad Ave (Part 2) and a Fauxprosal

We have to hand it to faceless intern ryan who has pioneered our new segment, MadMen v. MadAve, wherein he stalks passersby on Madison Avenue to ask them who is more recognizable: Don Draper or advertising “celebrities”. This week, Alex Bogusky unknowingly goes up on the chopping block. Who will win, and more importantly, what hilarious things will people say about him?

And finally, I’ve been meaning to bring up this issue for awhile: a person close to me has been really bad about watching the show. There’s only about 17 of you who do with regularity and I feel that this person should be one of them. In this episode, we call her out.

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