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Archives: March 2008

First Work From Jan Jacobs And Leo Premutico

Remember how I told you that Jan Jacobs and Leo Premutico, former ECDs at Publicis Groupe’s Saatchi & Saatchi, were opening up their own shop? Well, it happened. The name? Johannes Leonardo. Ha. Ha. Ha. And, you can check out their first piece of work above for a new brand of soccer boots called Nomis.

The duo have set up shop and a payroll for seven in Tribeca. Congrats to them! Meanwhile, Simon Skirrow, a former Adidas designer, is the man behind Nomis. It’s a small brand with a meager budget, so the creative needs to be better than be tight. The execution sicker than flawless.

Tell ya’ what… I think the shoes are hideous. Now, will soccer players love ‘em? Soccer players are fetishists of their shoes. It’s the only piece of equipment they have, so naturally, right? Wondering if the splashy colors will go over well. Hmm… for this new generation of soccer players, maybe. The Copa Mundial this is not and maybe that’s the point, yeah?

Back to the ad… Boy, that tune is catchy. I dig it. What do you guys think?

Agency: Johannes Leonardo
Creative Director: Johannes Leonardo
Art Director: Johannes Leonardo
Copywriter: Johannes Leonardo
Agency Producer: Matthew Mattingly
Production Company: Nexus
Director: Woof Wan-Bau
Executive Producer: Chris O?Reilly,
Charlotte Bavasso
Producer: Isobel Conroy
Director of Photography: Philipp Blaubach
VFX Company: Framestore, London
Post Production: The Mill
Music/Sound Design: Amber Music
Composer: Will Bates,
Phil Mossman
Executive Creative Director (Music): Michelle Curran

Another BBHer Hits the Dust… In Style.

Recently, a handful of mid-level creatives have bailed from BBH NY. One story that can be added to this mini-exodus is that of Art Director Andrew Tider.

Before leaving the shop for a gig over at Nitro, he decided to make a video of himself packing up. Not just his office… the whole shop.

His coworkers dug it, of course… and luckily so did his superiors. Steve Hearty apparently called it “extraordinary.”


Who Needs Creative Merit?

mcgarrypic2.jpg It seems mcgarrybowen in NYC is on a roll these days. After winning JP Morgan and an assignment from HP, one has to ask what initiated all this sudden success.

Could it be some hot new hires bringing cutting-edge concepts to the table? Or a new division, offering services not once offered before?

No. It appears that award-winning, unconventional work is not how mcgarrybowen wins its business.

An example: recently, the agency won a piece of business from HP. Apparently, an environmental branding effort. SVP/CMO Michael Mendenhall gave this assignment only to mcgarrybowen and had the contract to move forward on his desk from day one.

Before his gig at HP, he was EVP of Global Marketing for Walt Disney Parks & Resorts… an account mcgarrybowen won a couple years back. Milking an existing relationship, mcgarrybowen simply followed Mendenhall like a lost puppy over to HP and went scratching at his door.

Same goes for JP Morgan, which was acquired by Chase Manhattan Corporation in 2000. mcgarrybowen started with Chase, moved on to JP Morgan, and is now secretly moving in on Visa. One of the top clients at Chase also happens to sit on the board over at Visa, and his vote carries a lot of water.

It’s like a new form of nepotism – which is unfortunate. The business dinners might be nice – kicking back with old friends, but the creative is just “good enough” and doesn’t push the standards of GREAT creative. Agencies in mcgarrybowen’s position don’t want to bite the hand that feeds them… especially since those hands seem to be the ONLY hands willing to touch the agency.

Zimmerman Comes From Behind The Bit


The Zimmerman agency has locked up a new client. Pep Boys has selected the Florida based agency, as it’s agency of record. There was no incumbent on the brand, which in has used man-a-shop in the past to create creative including The Richards Group in Dallas. The agency is having a good year. They won the Friendly’s, as well as the Integrated Beverage Group accounts in this year.

Zimmerman also has its own equestrian invitational. Who knew? It’s no small thing either. The annual Wellington event is a seven-week hunter/jumper and three-week dressage horse show. It features up to eight rings simultaneously showcasing trained mounts and riders. That’s Hillary Dobbs riding Corlett on in round five of the $30,000 Challenge Cup Series in Wellington.

Fine. I’m One Of You. Fine.

Okay, okay. I’m using Twitter. I like it and you can follow me, Superspy, here. Down Low and Agent C, may get aboard, too.

I thought it would annoy me and maybe it still will, but right now, I’m all over it. As such, Alan Wolk (aka Tangerine Toad) has sent me this little love letter. I liked it so much and as it is Friday, I thought you might enjoy some good natured distraction.

Greg Verdino Chimes In On That Whole GSD&M Virtual World Thing

Just a second ago, we mentioned that GSD&M has partnered with Metaversatility to begin taking survey and acquiring data in virtual worlds. See it here. We decided to take our own suggestion and ask Greg Verdino, CEO of crayon, what he thought about this new journey for Idea City.

“Strange indeed.

Virtual ethnography isn’t a terrible idea – there are other companies walking down the same path and I think it’s a path worth walking — but I’m not clear on what any of this has to do with GSD&M. I know they’ve done some work in Second Life but they hardly seem to be at the epicenter of the virtual worlds movement. In theory, I’d think Metaversatility could have done this on their own – no?

Plus, I wonder if “lack of data” isn’t a red herring. I’ve never had a client tell me that they won’t experiment with virtual worlds due to lack of data;; lots of them shy away due to lack of scale, especially with worlds like Second Life and The real virtual world action seems to have shifted to youth-oriented worlds like Webkinz and Club Penguin and into worlds that seem to be more marketer-friendly like virtualMTV or inherently brand-focused like Virtual Magic Kingdom.”

Full disclosure: GSD&M was a crayon client – but hasn’t been for a while now.

“I’m A Fan Of Steve Biegel!”


AdAge has located the Steve Biegel has Facebook fan club.

It’s mission is to support “Steve Biegel who stands up against sexual pressure of the toughest kind. And has the stamina and courage to sue the Fattest Japanese Ad Agency.”

Biegel, as we all know, is turning into a bit of a sordid legend for his sexual harassment and anti-semitic based lawsuit against advertising firm Dentsu. Harry Van Dam, the groups creator, has thrown his support behind Stever due to the fact that he was “man enough to say no to a hooker and no the man who was going to pay for it all.”

GSD&M? Where The Crack At?


GSD&M has a project coming out of the gate. No, no. Don’t be silly. It’s a not a paid campaign! Although, the shop has partnered with developer Metaversatility to create a research program across virtual worlds, providing clients with consumer, product and experiential insight and knowledge.

Blink. Blink. Nope. That text is still there. GSD&M is getting into the virtual reality game. Insert joke about them having a hard time in reality here.

Idea City and Metaversatility have collaborated to “fill a gaping hole in the growing marketing channels that are 2-and 3-D virtual worlds” with this thing called the IdeaBot system, which “automatically screens and surveys market research panelists in various virtual worlds, including Second Life, allowing for a large and diverse selection of responses. Most importantly though, the IdeaBots allow for the research to happen in-world, instead of, like with other virtual worlds research offerings, being kicked out to the internet to complete an on-line survey.”

As exciting as virtual worlds are, we know that deep knowledge and insight are needed to ensure that they are effective channels for our clients and their business objectives. We are excited to provide our clients with a unique service offering, combining world class research, marketing and in-world build capabilities,” said Rene Huey-Lipton, Director of Marketplace Planning at GSD&M Idea City.

Hey, Greed, Sex, Drugs and Money? Puff, puff, pass okay? You guys don’t seem to be learning any lessons. Virtual worlds are amazing enclaves, but if the business has learned anything about them it’s that they are places of escape and imagination where consumers don’t necessarily want to be bombarded with real world antics like um, surveys. You are interrupting the experience. That’s an even older lesson. Brands dabbling in virtual worlds need to do so with so much authenticity that they’re bullet proof. Do you guys think that querying Second Lifers or those in Gaia is bulletproof?

You know what… go ask Greg Verdino of Crayon. He’ll tell you all about it.

L.L. Bean Is Up For Grabs


L.L. Bean is looking for a new agency. That photograph up there is of Leon Gorman, L.L. Bean’s grandson who took over the company in 1960. Chris McCormick is the current CEO, but this picture of Gorman standing beside those iconic boots could not be resisted.

The lucky five in contention for the $30M account include Modernista!, Cramer-Krasselt; GSD&M, Cutwater and McKinney. Isn’t that a weird mash-up? The retailer has used Martin/Williams up until 2005 and then JWT for a brief stint.

Adweek has final presentations due on April 22-23.

Bottom Heavy

Apparently there are lots of empty slots that need filling in NY agencies.

(Insert perverted response to last sentence here.)

These slots, however, are way up on the food chain. Seems like a whole lotta gigs for lifers.

Publicis needs someone to head up new business. As does Taxi.

TBWA Chiat Day
, Kirshenbaum & Bond, and BBH all really need head planners pretty bad.

Merkley and JWT are both on the prowl for a CMO.

DDB Worldwide
is still looking for a global chief of marketing and strategy.

Strategy and New Business seem to be the keywords here… hmm… where did all these guys go? And why the need for so many…?