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Archives: March 2008

Who Will Take Home The O’Toole Award? Do You Even Care?


The 4A’s have announced their finalists for the O’Toole Awards, which is the annual advertising awards program that honors creative excellence for an agency’s body of work throughout an entire year. The AAAA will announce the winners April 29th.

Who are the finalists? Agency Award For Offices With Between 100-300 Employees were Bartle Bogle Hegarty; The Kaplan Thaler Group; and DeVito/Verdi.

For some reason, a bunch of you readers are going to be pissed that Kaplan Thaler is on there. Could someone please inform us as to why we keep getting hostile and incredibly vague anonymous tips about this agency? Please?

Catch this – DeVito/Verdi has already issued a press release that reads:

“looks to take home the top prize for creative excellence for the seventh time in the past 13 years.”

Do you think the 4A’s have already told De/VitoVerdi that they won, ’cause other wise, this is such a balls out statement that are jaw is quite close to the floor. Really, if you were next to us you could see our molars and everything.

Oh, There You Are! Hello SS+K!


SS who? Me? Oh, no SS+K. That’s right – Shepardson Stern and Kaminsky – the agency that you very rarely hear about it has sent out a press release. Good to hear the Josh Kilmer Purcell and the rest of the crew are still churning out work.

SS+K has just launched a new advertising campaign for Congestion Pricing on behalf of the Environmental Defense Fund. Mayor Bloomberg’s Congestion Pricing is up for consideration in the New York State Assembly on March 31 and is facing strong opposition from alternate plans and special interests. SS+K, who dabbles in politics quite a bit, are hear to save the day!

“New Yorkers agree that commuting is a nightmare,” said Marty Cooke, chief creative officer at SS+K. “So we’re targeting them at their most miserable: while they’re waiting for buses or packed into subway trains. It’s the perfect time to tell them how 100% of the money from Congestion Pricing will finance improvements to their commute.”

Now, Marty… You know, what? We’ll save our Marty stories for another post. So, after that little quote, the press release gets a little weird. Included in the release is a swill of information that seems more like an internal release than one for the press:

“Although the campaign will use contextual headlines to reflect the range of placements, it will communicate the following key message in all ads:

  • Keep New York New York: Congestion Pricing means more and better, transit, and a more livable city for all of us.
  • 100% of the money raised by Congestion Pricing will go to more buses, more subways and a better commute.”
  • To view the work, go to:
    Username: congestion_pricing
    Password: sskcp21

Don’t bother trying the FTP. It doesn’t work (and yes, we tried a MAC and a PC). I guess it would make way to much sense to send out a press release and have the related media on hand for the press to view.

Anyway, nice to hear from you SS+K.

R.I.P Herb Peterson


5 Blogs points us to the death of Herb Peterson, 89, the man credited with inventing the Egg McMuffin has died. He began his career at McDonald’s as vice president of the company’s advertising firm, D’Arcy Advertising, in Chicago. He wrote McDonald’s first national advertising slogan, “Where Quality Starts Fresh Every Day.” Peterson is survived by his wife, son and three daughters.

The Egg McMuffin is so good, it really does hurt.

YouTube Offers More Stats And Metrics


Google really is trying to get in your good graces. YouTube will not give posters more details about who is watching their video clips. The program called YouTube Insight, is free, but is still an attempt by Google to make money of its $1.76B purchase. Marketers who buy ads on YouTube already get statistics about the performance of their ads, but this new program will break down viewership by day and shows the states or countries where most viewers are. Kind of like a Nieseln thing, but no, not at all.

Tracy Chan, a YouTube program manager said that the new tools, “give a lot of context around the performance of video over time, where are your audience coming from and how your message is connecting to your audience.”

Who doesn’t love that? Good for them for trying to make some cash. Google actually saw slower growth in the number of clicks on text advertisements last month, adding to folks concerns that the economy is going to touch every last bit of business. Well, just chill okay? Seriously. Google is gonna be fine. I think. I think.


Good Morning From The PSFK Conference


Good morning ad men and women. This morning, me, the OG Super Spy (not to be confused with Agent C or Down Low) will be spending my morning at the PSFK Conference. Hoorah! I’m not in an office chained to my computer wishing I wasn’t on a conference call.

I’m looking forward to a rousing morning to shake me right out of my hangover and into creativity, ideas and inspiration. Wish me luck? The event is sold out with a ton of young and good looking bodies filling up the Art Director’s Club here in New York City. Things are looking up already.Over the course of the day, I’ll be posting some of the more interesting bits of the conference for your enjoyment.

I’m actually going to use Twitter. I know, weird right? You can follow me here.

More on Hyundai.

Word on the street is that Hyundai is all ready leave Goodby with a “Dear John” letter and jump in bed with someone else. Namely, the Richards Group in Dallas.

That’s right. Their ex.

Hyundai is actually thinking about gutlessly running back to their ex. Just remember Hyundai – after a break-up, you only remember all the good times.

This should get interesting.

Chop Shop?

Hmm… there’s been some buzz about Hyundai and Goodby’s rocky relationship as of late. Kinda makes you wonder if the shop actually got too much of a good thing when it won Sprint and the aforementioned car manufacturer back to back.

Apparently, Hyundai Motor Company’s dealers don’t want Goodby as their agency. They feel the advertising currently being done doesn’t properly connect with their consumers.

And dealers ALWAYS know what’s good for business, right?

Hopefully, Goodby can address their concerns and show them how to do right by their business. Steering around dealership associations is a tricky business, unfortunately. They cause the deaths of more good automotive campaigns every year…

A dealer couldn’t acknowledge good creative even if it rabidly ripped off his left butt cheek, slapped it down on his lap, and then said “hi. I’m good creative. I’m the one who just ripped off your left butt cheek.”

Sad but true. Let’s all not forget the unfortunate dealer-butt-cheek-dismemberment incident at Fiat in the late 70s.

And then there were .

Apparently, the creative staff at TBWA/Chiat Day NY has dwindled to about 7 people. SEVEN. A pittance, considering how much work still must be done there. The remaining creatives must be reduced to zombies at this point.

Kinda can’t blame Ian Reichenthal and Scott Vitrone for bailing. Apparently, they got a sweet offer over at Y&R. Word is, they’re going to be the go-to dudes for the network.

They need a crazy campaign in London? Send Ian & Scott! Problem in Sydney? Ian & Scott to the rescue.

That’s the plan for them anyway. And who wouldn’t want a gig like that?

No Wukkas


Before you have a total system failure like Tom Cruise‘s robot wife, Katie, just go get a new gig. It’s time for No Wukkas – The Job Hunt!

1. H2 Agency – Copywriter, Chicago, IL

“Full-time position in a thriving downtown agency.
This is a chance for a writer to utilize their clever writing style.
You’ll be working primarily on print and broadcast and will be involved with content strategy as well.
Position starts as soon as they find the right candidate for the job. Salary TBD.
If this sounds like you, please send us your resume and writing samples to: julie at h2agency dot com
“When you need a creative, we get creative.”

That’s what we like to see in a job ad – simple and to the point. Get more info on the agency here.

2. DraftFCB – Art Director, Seattle, WA

“Draftfcb Seattle is looking for a stellar art director to work on a variety of regional and national brands, including Providence Hospitals, Washington Tourism and Sunkist.You should have 5+ years of ad agency experience working on a variety of accounts (healthcare a +) and media platforms (We offer a competitive salary + full benefits package. Qualified candidates should send their resumes, excellent work samples and superb portfolios to: Miles.Nored at draftfcb dot com”

3. Carat – Assistant Media Planner, New York, NY

To land this gig, you must have the following qualifications:

  • College graduates who enjoy dealing with numbers
  • Relevant internships and coursework are a plus
  • A strong interest in media, strategy, and branding
  • Excellent computer skills
  • A desire to break ground beyond the traditional media landscape
  • The ability to ask questions, be curious, and create excitement
  • Must be extremely articulate and show professionalism

Get more details here.

4. Organic – Director, Engagement Management (Online Media)

What a mouthful to get onto a business card!

“The Director of Engagement Management is responsible for the successful delivery of large-scale client engagements and/or multiple smaller engagements for a single client. The Director is often the primary client contact as well as the Organic team leader, which requires the ability to effectively balance longer-term strategic issues with day-to-day tactical project issues.”

“Organic is all about the exceptional. We are a leading digital communications agency – the first, in fact – focused on designing and building exceptional experiences that help make the online channel really work for leading companies.”

Really? You’re the very, very first? Right. Anyway, get more details on the job here.
5. Media Storm – Strategic Buyer, Norwalk CT

Bachelor Degree preferred.
At least 2 years of media buying throughout multiple U.S. markets within an agency or client environment.
Experienced in Broadcast TV, Cable (spot and/or network), and Satellite negotiations (VOD platform a plus but not required).
Research System experience preferred (MRI, Scarborough, Strata Broadcast Sys.)
Computer skills required: Word, Excel, PowerPoint
Strong verbal communication skills and demonstrated client service skills.
Ability to multi-task and strong attention to detail.
Ability to mentor junior staff and to train them in preparing, evaluating and implementing media plans and projects.

Get more details here.

6. Art Director – Avenue A/Razorfish, New York, NY

“Let’s start with a secret: Art Directors are arguably the most important player on a digital creative team (don’t tell your Creative Director). Why is that? Because Art Directors are even more hands-on. You must be able to concept, direct, execute, produce, forecast, and troubleshoot everything related to design. Please note, at Avenue A | Razorfish, Art Directors are not glorified Senior Designers; they are born conceptual thinkers with keen directing, producing, and presentation skills. Beyond the textbook interactive stuff, Art Directors are tastemakers. You know culture, mainstream and underground. IMDB, Pitchfork, and Newstoday should not just ring a bell; they should ring your bell.”

Are you done feeling satisfied now that the agency has licked you all over and called you God? Good. Get more details on the job here.

Harrison Ford… Copywriter?

Usually, when people think of Harrison Ford, they get a warm, fuzzy feeling. They think of years past… Star Wars marathons, seeing Indiana Jones on the big screen, dressing up like an Amish guy for Halloween because you loved Witness so much…

However, as nice a guy as Harrison might seem to be in all the Barbara Walters interviews, he’s apparently not such an easy guy to work with when making an ad. Even an ad to promote an environmental cause he’s involved with.
BBDO NY is currently developing a campaign with the actor, and he has attempted to rewrite the creatives’ scripts himself… multiple times.

He’s finicky about scripts, mainly because he’s so concerned about his voice and face being attached to the project. Not because the scripts or concepts are bad… but because… well, he’s a celebrity and celebs apparently have earned the right to be difficult.

He’s apparently so finicky, in fact, that his demanded changes completely decimated a scheduled shoot in Latin America to get the campaign rolling.

Oh, Harrison. Just go with it. BBDO does great work.