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Archives: October 2008

Publicis West… What? No? Can’t Be!


Oh, sweet, sweet Publicis West… It seems the agency has won an account. That’s right – rub your eyes, scratch your head, it’s fucking true. Publicis West has snagged the vacation rental company HomeAway. Yeah. I don’t know what that is either, but Digitas picked up the digital portion.

Anyway, CEO Randy Browning said in a statement in Adweek, “This is an opportunity to partner with a global brand that has unbelievable potential and a team who possess an insatiable hunger and ability to redefine their category. We’re ecstatic to be partnering with a world-class operation that shares our vision and values.”

All that blustering and hubbub for a $500K account? Well, come on. Randy must be stoked. What else has the shop got going for them other than Wenatchee, Washington, where they run spots at 3 AM to get them into Cannes and the T-Mobile account? Oh, they also had a bigwig ECD leave them. Dan Fietsam bailed to join Energy BBDO as CCO in June. They also choose not to defend the Washington State Lottery account, which went to Cole Weber in August.

And shiiit. There was David Camp’s departure or dismissal depending on who you ask. If you recall, Camp joined the shop from Microsoft in August 2007 with the task of increasing the business coming in from T-Mobile. Apparently, no liked him and out he went. Well, the good news on that front is that Scott Foreman, Executive Business Director and backbone of the agency, can get back to running the account as he sees fit. The bad news? It’s still the same old Publicis West with good talent going to waste behind that fancy pants website of theirs.

So yeah… 500K probably seems like Valhalla at this point.

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W+K Cries Foul! Readers Say Shut Up!

W+K London wants you to know that someone has stolen their work:

“This isn’t a case of ‘inspired by’, or ‘referring to’ or even ‘hommage’. It’s just bloody copying our ad.”

They’re talking about the W+K spot for Lurpak butter (see below). The alleged crime was committed by Batey for Qatar Airways. Blah, blah, blah. What’s more interesting is the comments on the W+K London blog that put piss on the agency’s fire:

“Some might say your ads have a similar feel to the M&S food ads? and anyway its all cooking/food porn at the end of the day and non of you do it quite as well as Nigella.”

Or, “Uh, I once did an ad where a guy had eyebrows… So, no doing ads with eyebrows now you. your on the eyebrow porn watch list.”

Or, “sorry but you have no case. slow-motion macro food porn shots have been done to death. so what they used similar angles. your voiceover and copy are miles away from theirs and far better, too. tons of superfluous words in theirs.”

The Original:

The Impostor:

Demi Cooper Says Hello, Happy Halloween

Considering that the real world is a very scary place, it will be quite nice to retreat into the ritual that is Halloween tonight. Happy Halloween wishes from Agency Spy, but also from Demi & Cooper Advertising based in Elgin, Illinois. This quick little shout-out look as though it encompasses the entire staff of this hard working agency headed up President Charles Falls. By the way, we’re totally sold on the shop. There’s something about the questionnaires they have each employee fill out and honestly, you can just tell that they love the business.

Hey… speaking of the Addams Family – whatever happened to that lawsuit aimed at the Mars company? BBDO created an ad for the Mars’ brand M&M. The brand cleared only some of the rights with the “Addam’s Family Foundation,” failing to clear incidentals on the usage rights for likeness of the characters portrayed in the print and TV spots. Remember that?

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JWT Rocks it ’til 8:30 in the Evenin’


Last night we took one for the proletariat and attended JWT NY’s Halloween party/costume contest. Just, you know, to see what it would be like. Admittedly, it felt strange at first, and a little bit dirty, to be standing face to face with the folks we write about. But they were cool about mingling with the frenemy, and even gave us a front row spot for the contest. And beer. And a few drinks.

In the end, the Chinese food delivery guy won, with Roseanne taking second and the wench winning third. Prizes included cash ($200 for the winner, and smaller amounts for the others) and, lost pride.

Happily, we avoided drowning in the Kool-aid, and managed to make some connections with the folks there. So, thanks for letting us in JWT (specifically Erin Johnson, vp communications)…ps we’re free for holiday parties, too!

Click continued to see a video and a bunch of photos.

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AdAge’s Web Site Down


As of 12:18 p.m. today, AdAge dot com is down. The image you see above is exactly what you’ll see what you try to visit the site. Bummer &#151 no ‘Three Minute AdAge’ today!

Razorfish Goes For Global Domination


The recently name changed Razorfish is still on the chopping block. In August, we told you that Microsoft was looking to dump the agency in a swap with WPP for Open AdStream. Big wigs at Razorfish said this was untrue despite the mass media coverage the rumor received. Sure. Whatever.

But, yesterday Razorfish purchased Spanish digital firm Wysiwyg to expand in Europe and “said it aims to generate a third of sales outside the U.S. by the end of 2009.” Full steam ahead!

Chief Executive Officer Clark Kokich said the shop was looking to expand deeper into Europe as America’s economic ship sails into oblivion. More foreign acquisition will surely help the agency land ever larger, global accounts.

Meanwhile, Mommy Dearest Microsoft declined 1.1 percent this morning.

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American-Muslims And The Advertising Agency Dilemma


The world is a crazy place right now so, we decided try and make sense of at leat one puzzle: Islamic/Arab/Desi advertising in the U.S. Naturally, we contacted Michael Hastings-Black who runs Desedo Films with director Raafi Rivero. The firm specializes in new media and minority markets.

After the jump, Hastings-Black goes through who is doing right, wrong and what your agency should be on the look out for.

1. What are the assumptions that advertising agencies need to wipe away when considering advertising directly to the Arab/Middle Eastern/Muslim demographic in America?

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Goodby Silverstein & Partners Present: The Best of Sarah Palin

Submitted for your approval, Goodby Silverstein & Partners, with the help of Clay Weiner of Biscuit Filmworks put together the best Sarah Palin clips.

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Super Spy Is Out In The Cold


The economy is officially in a full fledged, can’t be denied, brain draining recession. And, this week, I’ve been trying to hold my shit down. You see, I’ve been laid off. Just like hundreds of other people in this industry, the axe has fallen on little ol’ me.

Why do you think I wrote the 10 signs you’re about to get laid off post? Ah. Bah. Humbug.

So, as I scramble around (arms flailing, heart racing), bear with me. I shall try not to let the adventures of drinks, headhunters, more drinks and interviews get in the way of my duties here at Agency Spy. Promise.

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You Guys Liked Obama’s Ad


Yesterday, we polled you to find out what you thought about Sen. Barack Obama‘s 30-minute infomercial, which aired Wednesday night. Click here to see the video.

With the help of our polling site, PollDaddy dot com, we were able to put together a super-scientific poll, the results from which are listed after the jump.

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