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Archives: November 2008

Sean Combs Compares Himself To Obama


Puff Daddy is releasing a new fragrance, “I Am King.” He’s kicking off the launch of this egocentric fragrance with a billboard in Times Square. Meanwhile, perfumers are pissed that Diddy keeps ripping off his scents. Still, consumers loved his women’s fragrance, Unforgivable, stolen or not.

“The billboard portrays Sean “Diddy” Combs dressed in a sleek, white tuxedo, with an image of his new men’s fragrance, I Am King. Impeccably put together, he is the ultimate man of power. He is daring and mysterious, refined and sexy.”

Oh my god. Barf and barfier. The billboard is located at Broadway and 47th Street in New York City if you must go see it. He is tying this image of a high rolling, James Bond casino style mogul to Obama.

“When you see Barack Obama, you see a strong, elegant black man and when people see my ad, it’s almost like that’s the trend,” he said in an interview.

Diddy is so Sarah Palin. That sentence barely makes sense. Neither do many of his videos on YouTube. How he manages all these businesses? No idea, but you know – bully to him for keeping the money pump pumping.

Sean is now also pursuing an acting career. Did we learn nothing from DMX? Just because you can rap does not mean that you’re going to be the next Will Smith, the next mega-star. Take it slow Seany. Real slow.

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Cunning Asks You To Make A Wish


Cunning, that wacky street action agency, has turned 10 years old and to celebrate they’ve baked a special online birthday cake. You can either blow out their candles with your mouse or by using the camera on your computer. For every wish made, Cunning will make a donation to Action For Children in the UK or, in the U.S., Children in Need.

Go blow out their candles here.


Adidas Featuring David Beckham, Red, Meth, Some Girl… Yawn.

Adidas is throwing a party. Well, a broadcast party anyways. It’s the brands 60th anniversary and their new spot smashes Katy Perry, Method Man, Kevin Garnett, Redman, the DMC (of Run) and David Beckham at a house party they would never be at. Check the video above. The ad was directed by Nima Nourizadeh, who did a nice job, with music remixed by Pilooski.

Love the feeling of a house party. Love to see it captured on tape.
Simon Atkins, director of U.S. marketing for Adidas said: “It’s a house party and everyone’s invited.”

Yeah, but – when our you guys going to throw the real version, y’know for the real originals? The kids making art on the street ad the 30 year olds coding us into the future? Montreal-based agency Sid Lee created this one dimensional global campaign. We’re not impressed.

Where’s the party where I can get some kicks, dabble in originality and alter them on the spot? Anyone recall the brilliance of the Adicolor campaign? Where’s my free beer and opportunity to be actually, original? The celebrity hype-machine is gettin’ old, yo. The concept of originality could be so much bigger than this. Sigh.

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Ogilvy Names Worldwide Creative Director


Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide has named Tham Khai Meng as its Worldwide Creative Director and Chairman of its World Wide Creative Council. Meng is a big ass baller with awards and juries snug beneath his belt.

Khai has been running Ogilvy Asia Pacific since 1999. Shelly Lazarus, Chairman and CEO of Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide, said,
“Khai’s record speaks for itself. He gets results. He believes in great work that works. And above all, he is an Ogilvy ‘gentleman with brains’ to his bones.”

How poetic. Still, what the hell is an Ogilvy gentleman? Is he opening doors for the ladies of the office? Serving stiff brandies to potential clients? Simply, not following the Dentsu mold of client services? What? What does that mean?

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GM Kicks Tiger Woods To The Curb


GM, in an effort to save some bread, has cut long time spokesman Tiger Woods loose. After nine long years, the car maker’s need for “budget efficiencies during a difficult economy”(guffaw) has made the break up necessary.

Though, as Tribble notes, the company “had no problems funding a private jet to fly to Washington DC to ask for a bailout.”

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Deep Desk Dickin’ 3: Sex In An Advertising Office

At a digital New York-based ad agency, two staffers have apparently been caught on tape gettin’ that sweet pootang after hours. And yes, we’ve seen the tape. And yes, one of the sex offenders is supposedly pretty high up there. And um no. The lady in question looks like she’s having no fun at all. Dude. It’s about rhythm and motion. Humping her like a dog will get you nowheres, kid.

Now, we’re sure that in the upcoming days some feisty blogger will post the video in its entirety. No. Don’t ask. We’re not going to do it. We’re pro-office sex. Let the staffers run wild. Until someone else takes the plunge, the pic above will just have to satisfy.

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BBDO Finally Gets Its Props From Starbucks


Like we said, way back in October, BBDO has won Starbucks. Today, the agency has announced that they are the AOR for the brand.

Terry Davenport, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer at Starbucks said in a release:

“Already, we have seen an indication of the kind of fresh thinking, new energy and strong sense of partnership BBDO brings to the brand.”

Um yeah because they’ve been churning out work for you for over two months. Silly brands. Welcome to the internet age. Whatever you were trying to protect by delaying this news, did it work? Is everyone safe and sound? Sheesh.

By the way, did you know that BBDO’s mantra is “The Work. The Work. The Work.” News to me. Anyway, congrats (again) the the agency.

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Free Dr. Pepper Fail


Remember how Dr. Pepper said they’d give everyone a free can of the goodness if Guns N’Roses released their forthcoming album ‘Chinese Democracy’ (which was nearly two decades in them making) in 2008? Yeah, well, that’s not going so well.

Yesterday the record was released, and people started flooding Dr. Pepper’s Web site (drpepper dot com slash freedrpepper), and it’s basically crashed, completely.

When we attempted to reach the site, we got a ‘Service Unavailable’ error. Hey Code and Theory, how about a blast server? Oh well. The soda maker released a statement earlier today saying that due to massive Web issues, it would honor the free DP offer through 6 p.m. today. This could get messy.

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How To Get Your Very Own Advertising Book Deal


There are a slew of people in the advertising business who swear they have the next Tipping Point beneath their belt. And, as the market trends down into the dumps, many laid off mad men and women are thinking that now is a good time to pen that book about the business. Have you got the right stuff? Is there even room for yet another advertising and marketing book in the market? What exactly are book agents looking for these days?

We decided to ask one. Jud Laghi is one of the agents at well known agency, LJK Literary Management. He has represented both non-fiction and fiction titles, including the bestsellers Brainiac by Ken Jennings and The Hipster Handbook by Robert Lanham. His clients include journalists from The New York Times, Rolling Stone, This American Life and many more.

There are a million advertising books on the market. Do you think the market can support more?

“Yes-there’s still plenty of room in the market for books that crossover ad and marketing concepts in ways that people outside the industry can relate to. The average person now has the ability to be heard on a scale that was once reserved for established personalities and companies. Writers with a background in advertising and marketing have a unique insight on that model, and how to apply it on various scales.”

Are there any specific types of advertising and marketing books that you are currently looking for?

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