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Archives: December 2008

Marty Markowitz And The High School For Advertising Honor Roll Students


All of you from New York are probably familiar with the name of Brooklyn borough President, Marty Markowitz. He’s everywhere. Master of the press and all that. In a year end review, Marty highlighted his job creation abilities for the home of the Notorious B.I.G in the local journo, The Brooklyn Paper.

“…job number 1 in 2009 is creating jobs. Uniworld, which is the largest African-American advertising agencies, and that’s a very well respected, nationally celebrated advertising agency, [moved to Brooklyn] and I’m delighted. It’s the start of another possibility of ethnic oriented advertising agencies in Brooklyn. It goes hand in hand with the first advertising high school in Brooklyn. That was my baby. It started this fall. “

Along with Omnicom, the advertising and marketing high school kicked off this past September and is very much Marty’s baby. He pledged $2M to get the school up and running this year. The High School For Innovation in Advertising and Media currently has 77 students and notes in its core mission statement that: “The buying power of African Americans is projected to be $950 billion dollars in coming years” and that only “around five percent of the product managers and advertising executives…..are African Americans.”

To that end, lets shout out their gold honor roll students. Congratulations to: Wendy Rivera, Ian Pelton, Maegan Francis, Jermaine Richards, Sigazie Brown, Tevin Jeffery and Walyn Moiseau. Keep it up. The industry needs some fresh blood.

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Curb Your Fears of Certain Doom with Chill Swill


Tough economic times got you down? Wish you could go back to the days when advertising wasn’t so volatile? Well, you can’t &#151 but a new beverage promises to help you feel calm about whatever you’re dealing with, without giving you one of those pesky hangover things. ViB (pronounced “vibe” &#151 and no, this doesn’t have anything to do with the Virginia Institute for the Blind) is the latest in canned bullshit technology, and as far as we can tell, it makes you feel like you’ve just smoked a certain green herb. Copiously.

“Hopelessness. Anxiety. Burnout. These are concepts everyone can empathize with in these uncertain times. Happiness is taken for granted, as is the relaxation that’s a byproduct of stress-relief. Stress is not just a problem &#151 it’s the problem. Everyone longs for an escape from their problems; a vacation; a place where they can go to be happy; a place from where they return and share their happiness with everyone around them. ViB is your vacation in a bottle.”

David Ibsen over at “5 Blogs Before Lunch” turned us on to this fascinating new product, which can be purchased at 7-Elevens and Albertson’s. We’ll stick to headache inducing beverages of another sort for now, but let us know if you think ViB is the right product to fill the under-represented calming-beverage market. Look out Chamomile.

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Dentsu And Nintendo Get It On


Advertising agency Dentsu has teamed up with Nintendo’s Wii to produce downloadable video with original content created by the agency. Think family friendly programming – cartoons and whatnot. Some of the shows will reportedly be ad supported while others will not. Japanese consumers can expect to see the channel go live this spring. If it all goes as planned, a global roll-out could be next.

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Peacock’s Feathers Ruffled Over Co-branded Ad Deal with Cesario Migliozzi


The story immediately below this post talks about Cesario Migliozzi‘s plan to create an eight-way ad for the upcoming Superbowl. Yesterday, AdWeek published NBC’s statements on the issue, which noted that the deal was “dead” and “and there is no way” is was going to happen. The agency is now asking NBC (via lawyer) to retract those comments, calling them “defamatory.”

“At this time we are demanding a full retraction of these statements by NBC,” states the letter.

A source close to the matter told AgencySpy that as of Monday, all signs were go for the co-branded plan (recall, eight brands would buy-in to a $3 million spot during the SUperbowl) &#151 and that almost overnight, arrangements that were made with NBC had completely dissolved. Leading up to yesterday’s news that NBC was not playing ball, we’re told network sales reps. were more than intrigued by the opportunity and the creative strategy CM was employing to sell their ad space.

“(The agency’s plans) were basically protecting (NBC’s) rate card,” said a source familiar with the matter, referring to the plan to charge each contributor $395,000. The spy went on to say that NBC was even offering kick-off time slots, space that’s highly sought after.

Reasons for NBC’s decision to pull out of the deal (and negate it as a possibility) are speculative at best. But if we were spending $3 million and found out we could have bought placement for um, 10 percent of that cost, we’d be pissed at NBC. Just sayin’.

The statements at issue are as follows: “Furthermore, an NBC rep said it was never in the cards,” and “‘It’s dead,’ reinforced an NBC rep, who insisted that the agency was never upfront about the exact plan until it went public yesterday.”

In a letter to NBC, CM’s lawyer writes, “These statements are untrue and desperate attempts to quell complaints from your existing advertisers to the detriment of my client. My client has been very forthcoming about its intent to co-brand the advertisements…”

According to the letter, Michael Migliozzi, who is the CM staffer that was dealing with NBC’s LA office, left a voice mail with Seth Winter at NBC, explaining his intent. That was “on or about” Dec. 15. Corbin Snelleman of NBC Sports and Olympic Sales Los Angeles returned the call, at which time he and Mr. Migliozzi apparently had “open and frank” conversations about the co-branded plan.

“For (NBC) to turn around is bullshit,” said our source.

Following the aforementioned conversations, CM issue a press release on Dec. 19th, last Friday, further detailing their plans. But by late evening the following night, the whole thing had basically disintegrated. AgencySpy is told that at least six brands were “firmly committed,” and a handful of others were being considered. Word from our source is that those negotiations have likely fallen through, meaning lost revenue for CM.

As best as anyone can tell, the groundwork was laid for this plan to succeed. But NBC’s reversal suggests greater concerns are at play &#151 or at least that the network has taken issue with CM’s plan to dice up the ad space, so to speak. Maybe they didn’t want to start a trend, or as we mentioned earlier, fears of how clients would react may have been at play. Whatever the case, Cesario Migliozzi feels they were defamed.

Click continued to see the cease and desist we received.

We’ll have more for you on this matter as it happens.

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NBC Sacks 8-way Superbowl Ad

NBC representatives say the eight-way superbowl ad deal with Los Angeles-based ad shop Cesario Migliozzi will not happen, according to Adweek. The so-called spot would cost each advertiser an estimated $395,000 &#151 covering the $3 million for NBC’s ad space and an additional $160,000 for creative.

But, what would an 8-way-ad look like, anyway? We surmise the difficulty in executing such a feat was part of NBC’s decision to deny. Seth Winter, senior vp sports and Olympics sales at NBC said, “We’ve not given them permission, and there is no way we are going to.”

To us, this is another example of how TV advertising is a ginormous waste of money. Yeah, it’s the superbowl, but dropping $395,000 to share ad space with seven brands &#151 each with its own message &#151 well let’s just say we wouldn’t envy the agency charged with making all of them happy. And doing it on budget.

Inevitably, at least one of the clients would be of the type that was stretching his budget to be part of the project &#151 and his concern for how his money was being spent would be the wrench that ruined it all. Kudos to NBC for stopping this before it got started. Though, we would love to see the train wreck.

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What do Enfatico and NASA Have in Common? Marketing!


Over on “The Next Storyboard“, also known as Enfatico’s unread blog, there’s a compelling post about waste in advertising. You know, how there’s a lot of it, (eh hem, CP+B and your meat perfume) and we should all be working hard to prevent it. Turns out, Enfatico’s anti-waste beliefs are shared by NASA &#151 and former Enfatico front-man Casey Jones.

Via Valerie Hausladen, managing director of Enfatico Austin, who wrote the post: “We combine advanced analytics designed to provide strategic insight &#151 just the type of targeting Casey mentions &#151 with a system built to deliver utmost efficiency i.e. insights into previously unmeasured consumer behavior, a global talent pool, and integrated marketing disciplines working in close collaboration so that we can efficiently develop multi-disciplinary campaigns for execution in markets around the world.”

She continues: “At Enfatico we’re using the same technology that NASA uses to fine tune our marketing communications programs…”

Glad to hear that. But we think it’s a bit hard to be wasteful when you haven’t created anything to begin with. Though, ruining the careers of countless industry folk, including those who were put out of work by the merger and those who will lose their jobs when WPP ices the thing (well, it’s a looming possibility at this point, isn’t it?) is in a sense, “wasteful.” It’s also excessive to drop mad cash on a 10 year lease when your contract only lasts three years and when the industry is on the cusp of a colossal fail.

Maybe they’re talking about a different kind of waste, but that’s what came to mind when we read the post. Back to an earlier point: meat cologne…really?

Electrabel’s New Year Video is, in a Word, Cool

Shared by our friends at IllegalAdvertising, here is an ad European energy company Electrabel made to help ring in the New Year. We think it’s pretty amazing. Check out how it was made, after the jump.


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The Soup Wars: Campbell’s Targets $650 Billion GLBT Community


A recent ad placement in The Advocate, a national gay and lesbian news magazine, has put Campbell’s Soup toe to toe with the American Family Association. The print piece shows a lesbian couple and their young son hovering over a box of Swanson’s broth &#151 and being that the AFA is pretty anti-all-things-pro-homosexuality, they’ve taken issue with the ads.

To us, the executions are fairly innocuous, and considering TA’s position we wonder if the AFA isn’t just whining for the sake of hearing its own cold, steely voice.

Remember how Campbell’s was having it out with Progresso? Could this be part of their bid to take the lead in the so-called Soup Wars? Click the link you just skipped over to see a hilarious video on the subject. And click continued to see the entire set of ads.

The AFA recently said the following on their Web site, in an article entitled, “M’m! M’m! Bad! &#151 Campbell Soup Company embraces homosexual agenda,”:

“Campbell Soup Company has openly begun helping homosexual activists push their agenda. Not only did the ads cost Campbell’s a chunk of money, but they also sent a message that homosexual parents constitute a family and are worthy of support. They also gave their approval to the entire homosexual agenda.

In defense of the ads, three of which included New York City chefs, a Campbell’s rep. told Slog, “We support all types of families, regardless of how they’re defined, [and have done so] for more than 100 years. We advertise in a variety of different media outlets that appeal to a broad spectrum of society. That’s what we’re doing here, and that’s what we’ll continue to do.”

Another company rep. told AdAge, “The LGBT audience is the third-largest in the country behind African-Americans and Hispanics,” said Ms. Graham. “And we’re very in tune with which brands embrace the community and whose messaging and imaging reflects that.”

The AFA is urging supporters to contact Campbell’s president Douglas Conant. Based on the statements above, sounds like Campbell’s probably won’t be changing their minds.

Use this handy poll to tell us how you feel.

Raise Your Hand if You’re Offended by The Above Ad
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Question: Who Is Serving The GLBT Demo?


Hey. So do you guys know which agencies have the largest/smartest amount of billings for GLBT targeted media? Who is doing the GLBT community proud? Are there agencies who are just doing great work for this demo? Let us know! Please use the comments or email us at: agencyspy at mediabistro dot com.

- Super Spy

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A Super Bowl Ad For $395,000 From A Los Angeles Ad Agency

Embedded video from CNN Video

Maybe you’ve heard about this? If you’re like me, then you’ve been too busy fretting over bills to have picked up on an advertising agency, Cesario Migliozzi, who is offering 30 seconds of “Super Bowl Glory” for $395,000. The $395,000 price includes creative, production, and the media buy, all provided by the agency.

The agency is currently in negotiations to buy one or more 30 second spots from the NBC Television Network. Cesario Migliozzi will then package the time as a co-operative spot to eight select marketers whose logo will appear on screen for the full 30 seconds, rather than the few seconds it typically appears at the end of a stand-alone, $3,000,000 Super Bowl ad.

Get it? Crazy right? Not so crazy. According to the agency, American Apparel, Facebook, JetBlue and others are interested in the bid. Logos from all the brands will appear on the screen at the same time for the entire length of the spot. The entertainment backdrop, says Migliozzi, will mimic an old-style 1940s musical, complete with tap dancing according to Mediapost. Tap dancing? What? Oh. I can’t wait to see this one.

The Los Angeles based agency is also responsible for the video above featuring a devil pitching a Christian network. On in Los Angeles, kids. Only in Los Angeles.

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