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Archives: January 2009

The New Ogilvy

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Bye bye Madison Ave., hello 11th. The new Ogilvy & Mather (pronounced may&#151ther) offices are nearing completion! The digs are at 636 11th ave., way the hell over there in Midtown West, Hell’s Kitchen, Clinton &#151 whatever they’re calling it these days.


The site dedicated to the “new ogilvy” has some decent stuff as far as updates on the project go. Though if we were working there we wouldn’t be too stoked about the shared desk situation. Oh, and the three or four avenue walk from Port Authority or Times Square respectively will suck hard. Trust. When the Hudson wind hits the faces of O&Mers as they tromp westward, they’ll certainly be thinking, “David never would have stood for this.”

Whatev, it isn’t too far from their current spot at least. Slummin’ ain’t easy! Click here to learn more about the progress.

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State Of The City:Philadelphia Halflife


Jared Scott, co-founder of Philadelphia agency Stick and Move, has kindly agreed to query his colleagues and give us a fast run down on the scene in city of Brotherly Love. Here’s a run down on my own hometown stomping ground:

“Maybe it’s just because our shop’s name (STICK and MOVE) has its roots in boxing lingo, but a fisticuffs metaphor seems to be a good one to describe the Philly ad scene at the moment. We’ve taken some tough hits – a few even below the belt. But we’re far from going down. In fact, we’re just getting warmed up. Like every other city, there have been some layoffs. Some lost accounts. Some slashing of clients’ budgets. And some frustrating moments. But at the same time, there were plenty of shiny happy moments in 2008.

RedTettemer took a major stop in the whole “Who needs a client? We’re going to do something awesome without one!” movement and launched their own gin last year, badassly named TubGin.

Early last spring, The Brownstein Group launched a solid on-line effort for ESPN’s March Madness coverage.

Last summer, Gyro released a book called Virus that profiles the history of the agency and curiously credits them for the evolution of marketing over the last 10 years. Steve Grasse may not be the most adored figure in advertising, but you got to love that crazy bastard for never failing to be bold and making some noise.

Midway through the year Empathy Labs, a young interactive shop, got into bed with the likes of WWE and VH1. And Tierney Communications defended the Commerce Bank business and continued to hang on even after Commerce was bought out by TD Financial. Across the board, others like Nieman Group, Agile Cat, RazorFish and Digitas all seem to have netted out well last year. And as for STICK and MOVE, we started new relationships Disney, KimberlyClark and Subaru.

But enough about the past. What about the future?

As everyone knows, in times like these, small to mid-size agencies can provide efficiencies for bigger clients. Well, as it so happens, Philadelphia is solely comprised of small to mid-size agencies. So I like to think that this could be the year for some agencies here to really shine. As for us, the phones are still ringing with interesting potential. Certainly, the upcoming year will be a different story from last. For most of us, there will likely be more cutbacks from current clients as the months continue. The lean times certainly aren’t behind us. But everyone I’ve spoke to likes to see these as merely a good kick-in-the-ass to go after bigger, better and braver clients. After all, accounts are still being won and money is still being spent. So here’s to STICK and MOVE and the rest of our Philly brethren getting a fresh, big slice of branding pie in Round 2009.

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Looking Back: The First Mac, and Steve Jobs With Hair

Today we take a look back at the computer that started it all &#151 and a presentation by a bow-tied Steve Jobs (pre-bald) that changed the way we think about computer processing. Click play and enjoy the show.

Via Illegal Advertising

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No Wukkas: DraftFCB is Hiring


Update: We’ve received multiple tips from varying sources that indicate DraftFCB NY is laying people off today. Hmm. Closest thing to a number we’ve heard is, “double digits.”

Happy Friday, everyone. When you’ve been laid off, you have a lot of time to ponder between episodes of Dirty Jobs. Speaking of dirty dirty, though the last few months have been saturated with layoff news, for the first time in awhile we have some positions to announce.

They’re all at DraftFCB (SF) &#151 but this is no time to be judgmental y’all. See below.

&#151 Assistant Account Planner
&#151 Assistant Account Executive
&#151 Account Executive
&#151 Management Supervisor (tentative position)
&#151 Sr. Broadcast Producer
&#151 (2) Sr. Art Directors
&#151 Sr. Copywriter
&#151 Data Analyst
&#151 Sr. Client Finance Analyst
&#151 (2) Sr. Interactive Producers
&#151 QA Analyst
&#151 Flash Designer
&#151 Sr. Front-end Web Developer
&#151 Visual UI Designer
&#151 Media Supervisor
&#151 Planning Director

Ready. Go.

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Back to Basics: Bill Backer


Bill Backer co-founded Backer & Spievogel. The South Carolina native spoke with The Wall Street Journal about how it sorta bothered him that his part of the country was rooted in old ways, and that focusing on the future helped his career.

On leaving home (for New York): “This is the place to be if you’re creative; it’s where it all happens.”

On goals and ideas: “At the start, Carl (Spievogel) and I had one goal: to return to a ‘classic agency’ where top management works at a client’s business, not their own. Our personal goals? To have some fun, and make some money.”

You have to admire Backer’s simple honesty. Not that he was simple, but he speaks in no uncertain terms that New York is the future, and making money is what this business is about &#151 but the way to do it is by focusing on the work. Well, that was his way, at least.

On advertising and sales: “Advertising is a substitute for a salesperson, so it should likable. You wouldn’t buy from a salesperson who’s rude, arrogant, insulting would you? … Over the long term, consumers like to do business with people they like, and they resond to advertising created by people who like people.”

Extrapolate this idea for whatever aspect of the business you’re involved with.

On hiring and firing: “We want decent people with talent who make life exciting when they come in all revved up in the morning; self-starters who don’t need prodding.”

On invisible advertising:
“To beat clutter, you need advertising that isn’t part of the din, advertising that works harder on the third exposure than the first.”

Image: Backer is on the far right.

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Thursday Odds and Ends

Is it me or has this week dragged on like a dog with an itchy ass when he/she drags it across your nice new Persian rug? Yeah like that. Must have been that whole four day week we’re just getting out of. Or maybe it’s all the bad news we keep hearing. Either way, here’s some of the news we didn’t write more than a sentence about.

&#151 WPP bought into another company. This one is in South Africa. link

&#151 Cash4Gold will represent during the Super Bowl. They’re bringing back MC Hammer and Ed McMahon. Shillerific! link

&#151 Spoiler Alert! The online ad business sucks, too. link

&#151 TiVo admits that they kinda screwed the advertising industry, and urges you all to get your ducks in a row. link

&#151 NetFlix isn’t the only techesque company that’s having a ball in this damned economy. WTF is admob? Read it. link

&#151 More reasons why the Big 3 avoided the SuperBowl (other than the obvious ones). link

&#151 Adman turned art muse befuddles us all. All, I say! link

&#151 Bob Dylan is renting his 1963 hit “Blowin’ in the Wind” to the Co-operative for commercial use. Homie’s gotta eat. link

&#151 Ian Schafer talks about a fancy new application called FaceBook Connect that could save the facebook app market. Gawd, no. link

&#151 Some nerd-os hacked a road sign and made people think there were zombies ahead. Great, now what happens if there’s real zombies? Dilemma! link

&#151 Don’t. Buy. Houses. Or do and hope to God that they don’t lose anymore value. link

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Be Advised: Vitaminwater is Still With Berlin Cameron, BBH is Included in Agency Roster


AdAge reported recently that Vitamin Water, a product of Glaceau, was moving its business from Berlin Cameron to Bartle Bogle Hegarty. Though the account has moved from BC to BBH, Berlin Cameron still producing for the beverage maker.

And so is Ammirati. In all, Vitaminwater now has three agencies working for them. Berlin Cameron has at least one project in the works, and other briefs are on the way as well, a source inside the agency has confirmed.

Now on to the dirt. We’re told Berlin Cameron has been writing the briefs that BBH is slated to produce. As in &#151 BC writes, passes on to Vitaminwater, who then drops them in BBH’s lap saying, “can you do this, please?”

The question remains: does BBH know that their fancy new client is still hanging with the ex. Both the agency and Vitaminwater were unavailable for comment.

So far as the loss being a big blow for Berlin Cameron &#151 well, it would be if the business had left, clearly. But that’s just not how it is. We may be facing tough times, but Berlin Cameron surely doesn’t work for free. Believe.


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Mad Libs Spoofs Mad Men; It’s Mad Hot

Sorry for saying mad so many times. creates original videos, and the the one above, called Mad Libs, is just another example of what 20-somethings who smoke mad weed can do with decent production teams and nothing but time. Click play, watch jealously, revel in the knowledge that the actual Mad Men is coming back. Hoo Ray.

Thanks Tina Dupuy of FishbowlLA!

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Yippee! The One Show Got Greenwashed


Sound the trumpets. Make good green advertising and you could win a green pencil. Here’s what they want you to know.

The green pen…cil is “crafted from recycled glass by Tittot, Asia’s leading contemporary glass art maker, this special award honors excellence in the field of environmental advertising.”

It makes sense, but doesn’t it remind you of that giant joint you smoked last May when you were in Jamaica shooting a spot? Tee hee. The image below is random, as we found it on the interwebs. See look. Anyway, we saw the pencil, and the lame joke wrote itself.

“Over the past few years, The One Club has made a concerted effort to minimize its carbon footprint. In addition to reducing the number of printed materials, The One Club recycles all digital entries as well as all entry packing materials. In 2009, The One Club will also recycle all paper entries.”


Good for them. But have they seen the “book” that R/GA made containing all the entrants and winners and everything? We have, because we have one from 2008. It’s heavy as shit, and consists of three books &#151 design, interactive and advertising. Couldn’t the whole book just be replaced by a Web site? Yes, it could.

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Clear Uses Beer to Explain Coverage

Check out this new spot for Clear, a mobile internet provider that’s just getting started. The coolest thing about this company: WiMax &#151 their version of WiFi, which travels miles instead of feet. Say goodbye to wireless thumb-drives.

Santa Monica based Secret Weapon Marketing, whose founder and creative director Dick Sittig also created the Energizer Bunny and the Jack campaign for Jack in the Box, is responsible for the work.

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