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Archives: April 2009

Don’t F*CK with Popeye’s Customers: The Popeye’s Payday Pseudo Fallout

OK so in the first video people are pissed because a local Popeye’s franchise in Minnesota (and also the only Popeye’s in the state) wasn’t honoring the company’s advertised 8 pieces of chicken for $4.99. So um, why did the ad run in MN markets? It must have been a national buy…

In the second one people showed up for the same deal but some of the stores ran out of el pollo. That means chicken. And now I’m hungry.

One thing is for sure &#151 people are passionate about their chicken. Wonder how the PR fallout is going.

Apparently like 98% of the franchisees participated and this was the biggest day for the company, ever. So, you take the good with the bad. This is GSD&M’s account.

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Digitas Ranked #3 in Top Companies to Work for in New York


Update: According to two anonymous sources, employees were asked to respond positively on the surveys. Take it to mean what you will. Wa waaa.

Best Companies NY named Digitas the #3 company to work for in New York (with more than 250 employees). It came in just behind Edward Jones (2) and Nokia (1). The rankings are based on policies, practices and demographics; an employee survey that including 72 statements that employees respond to on a five point agreement scale. A random group of 400 company employees are surveyed.

Which agency has been your favorite to work in?

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US Beats UK in Bid to Promote London Olympics


WPP has lost the bid to promote the 2012 Olympics because the company “was unwilling to split the tender for marketing from the tender for market research, which is being awarded separately[,]” according to a report in the Financial Times. Their sources say the work will go to Interpublic Group’s McCann Erickson.

America, Fuck Yeah
Are we allowed to be patriotic again? We contacted a McCann rep as well as one from WPP but neither responded by the time this story was published. Parker and Trib are laughing about how WPP couldn’t even get someone to take their services for free…Since of course, agencies have to pay to represent the Olympics. In this case, McCann allegedly dropped 10 million pounds (about $20 million) for the spot. Apparently WPP offered much less.

It’s been a bad week for WPP, whose revenue tanked 6%.

Full Story
, Image

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We Hear: ECD Tom Christmann Left Cliff Freeman


Update 2: Tom Christmann has negotiated to move forward as a freelance creative and will continue to work with/for Cliff Freeman.

&#151 The agency has 15+ employees right now (not 9)
&#151 The agency did not lose Barnes and Noble biz…it was never a roster client. CF&P did a 6-month project for Quamut, a small division of B&N and completed the project, as planned, in 2008. The relationship with Quamut was not expected to go further…and the agency is not pitching B&N business.

&#151 CF&P is actively pitching new business

&#151 The agency’s “most profitable client” is still engaging in partnership with CF&P, which has no reason to believe the client is going anywhere

Update: A source tells us the B&N business has been gone for something like 6 months.

In what’s been a rough month for New York agency Cliff Freeman, today brings word that ECD Tom Christmann, who came to the agency just more than a year ago, has apparently quit. We’re told he resigned Monday, just a week after CEO Clayton Ruebensaall III resigned.

Reports are coming in that the last profitable piece of business the agency is working for may not be there at all indicating that the small (9 people, we’re hearing) staff could soon be looking for work elsewhere. That is, unless Barnes & Noble pans out or some other business comes in.

We contacted sources at some of Christmann’s old haunts, which include TAXI, BBDO, TBWA/Chiat/Day. He’s grown pretty rapidly from an ACD up to the ECD role he manned at Cliff. Says a source, “My guess is he’ll land on his feet somewhere, assuming the market allows.”

He may already have something in the works, but Christmann didn’t respond to an e-mail request for more info. Neither did the agency, by the time this story was published. More to come.

Cliff Freeman has had a spot of bad luck lately, losing Snapple, Bonefish Grill and their relationship with MDC Partners.

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Matt Spangler: Back to Work


We just wanted to take a minute to fill you in on the other thehappycorp founder, Matt Spangler, who as we’ve noted has been MIA. We got an e-mail from Matt saying he’s been out of town, as we told you, relaxing and just living off the grid. There’s nothing like it.

As for his future, Spangler says he’ll occupy his time with some consulting/freelance work. In our words, he’s a free agent.

For what it’s worth Spangler says he was staying at an off-the-grid type resort &#151 which is pretty sweet since most of us go on vacation to be total trash whores. I use “most” loosely.

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Who’s On Houston? JWT’s Shooting Their Microsoft Work RIGHT NOW!


Update: This shoot is for Microsoft’s search business (codename Kiev) &#151 which JWT has already won. This is not to be confused with codename Pink/Tribe, the mobile business that’s being kept on the down low.

This is why we need interns. I’m hearing that right now, JWT’s (NY) super-secret campaign (but less secretive than the pitch for mobile) for Microsoft’s search business is being shot down on Houston here in Manhattan. Damnit, I may go dark for awhile and go seek them out. I’ll be the guy in the trench with aviators and an umbrella. And a tiny camera!

I’m told the team is shooting two New York well-knowns. Oops, did that just slip out?

Ten points for the spy who sends me pics of video of the crew in action (agencyspy @ mediabistro dot com).


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Tuesday Odds and Ends


The news these days, I tellya, it’s all about the Twitter and the pigs and the drug lords cuttin’ off heads and well I just can’t take it anymore. Nay, I cannot. So here’s a little bit of news that might maybe possible change your afternoon but not in the kind of way, you know, getting a beej in the parking lot would. Just in the kind of way that like, finding a fiver would. And then you realize it’s soaked in what appears to be urine so you just leave it there and then some ass walks by after you and promptly picks it up. This guuuuuyyyy, eh?

&#151 The ANA drives me crazy. This is why. link

&#151 The ADC’s 88th Gala something or other is Thursday and I’m wearing a tux. Look for the guy in the tux. No link, just tux.

&#151 Sodie-pop studs Pepsi and Coke aren’t doing so well these days, well compared to other days, at least. link

&#151 The headline of this story is “Kiss up, piss down” so you should pretty much just read it because of that. link

&#151 I heard somewhere that both GSD&M and BBDO staffers aren’t supposed to talk to me on risk of death. Or at least a severe scolding. See you at the ADC thing, where I will get you all fired. Or scolded.

&#151 The BBC might renew Horne and Corden. Hoo. Ray. link</a

&#151 Watch this video or so gad help me I'll keep making non-sensical statements. link

&#151 BMorrissey and TNudd have a little Twitterrific site called TweetFreak and despite the fact that they’re AdWeek folks, we think it’s pretty darn neat. So is this interview with Al Boguskeeeeeee. link

&#151 Chris Brown is so totally effed it’s not even funny. Ha. link

I gotta power down the noodle before it sticks to something. Have a happy Tuesday, y’all.

WebMediaBrands Picks Up Brands of the World

BOTW.gifWebMediaBrands, the company that owns (which operates AgencySpy) announced the acquisition of Brands of the World, the most comprehensive resource and one of the most visited Websites for users to browse and access the world’s most famous brands and logos.

Since WebMediaBrands (formerly JupiterMedia) founder and CEO Alan Meckler sits pretty close by, we took the opportunity to ask him a bit about the purchase and what it means to you ad-folk.

BOTW is a user-generated site with more than 160,000 brand logos and two million unique visitors a month. “It’s a resource for anyone looking to create a logo, especially if they want to know the history of a certain brand’s form,” says Meckler.

WebMediaBrands owns a similarly named site, Ads of the World, which was created by Ivan Raszl who liked the idea of BOTW so much he named his site after it. According to Meckler, Ads and Brands are two of three design-related sites that will be operated under another WebMediaBrands property,, which he is morphing into a one-stop shop for designers. Courses, forums and a job board will all be part of the family &#151 as will typography site Fonts of the World (which is in the works).

Only 20% of BOTW’s traffic comes from the U.S. and Canada, says Meckler. “On a local and global scale there’s a lot of room for growth,” he says.

Also slated to launch is an offering called Freelance Connect, which will pair freelance gigs with available designers.

Codename Pink, Er, Tribe; Whatever, This is About Microsoft’s New Search Tool and Campaign


Microsoft’s search business is up for grabs and as it is with that group, everything is hush hush. So shut up, spies, don’t you know you’re not supposed to tell me things like:

&#151 Microsoft has registered the name “Bing” but that’s more than likely just a diversion. Other possible names for their search tool include Snap and Kiev.

&#151 Contrary to what many have said this is not a rebranding of MSN but an entirely new platform specifically geared for the mobile world.

&#151 JWT is balls deep in the pitch, which is said to be worth upwards of $100 million. It includes traditional and new executions for just about every medium.

&#151 Lately JWT has been getting more and more Microsoft work indicating &#151 a departure from McCann? Probably not since Microsoft is all about the multi-partner approach. But c’mon, CPB doesn’t have the global capabilities Microsoft needs to get all this work done.

&#151 One more JWT tidbit; the pitch room is locked off and the windows are covered in paper. Who wants to sneak in and snag some pics for us? Web infamy for whoever does! E-mail agencyspy @ mediabistro dot com.

&#151 McCann is also in the pitch and, presumably, CPB is as well. However, representatives from those agencies didn’t get back to us.

Um, Microsoft has used “codename pink” before, I think for the Zune Mobile project.

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Walton Isaacson Nabs One From BBH

Walton Isaacson is this full-service “brand building” agency with shops in NYC, 90210 (or thereabouts), Chicago and Tokyo and it’s backed by who, Magic Johnson. Just heard they nabbed a little project for Axe, called “Double Pits to Chesty”, by basically waltzing in there, hanging the balls out and pitching the spot you see above. Nice chops, WI. The spot? Meh. Maybe the kids will dig it.

Isn’t this BBH’s account?

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