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Archives: December 2009

McGarryBowen Snags Maxwell House


McGarryBowen, Chicago won the ad account for Maxwell House over the holidays, marking at least the sixth Kraft brand on the agency’s client roster including Miracle Whip, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Kraft cheese singles, Oscar Mayer and Lunchables. In a statement to the Chicago Sun-Times, a Kraft spokeswoman said, “McGarryBowen has done some great work for other Kraft brands, and we think they will do likewise for Maxwell House.”

The MH account was previously handled by Ogilvy New York, which has worked with Kraft General Foods’ nearly 120-year-old coffee brand on and off as far back as 1958, when David Ogilvy and co. launched ads for Maxwell House using the slogan “Good to the last drop.”

Meanwhile, OgilvyAction and OgilvyOne will still handle promotional and digital work for the brand, respectively.

Via DM News

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Mac Fanboys Return with Some Auto-Tuned Adoration (Headphones Strongly Recommended)

Nerdy jokesters The Pantless Knights follow up their “Mac or PC” spoof from a couple years ago with a slightly more R-rated, NSFW jam to profess their Apple admiration.

Here, the boys revamp the lyrics to Lonely Island/T-Pain’s already amusing auto-tuned ditty “I’m on a Boat” and in turn give us “I’m on a Mac”. Sporting some Steve Jobs wear, two Knights along with some spandex-clad chap called “PC Pain” rock the mic with some cheeky, overt rhymes to show how gangsta they are for using Macs. PC trash talk and shout-outs to Mac accessories and even Steve Wozniak are all included in the mix.

Via Mashable

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Will Facebook Help Authorities Catch Craig ‘Lazie’ Lynch?


For three months now, Craig ‘Lazie’ Lynch has been on the lamb from London authorities after escaping from a Suffolk Bay prison in September. The convicted thief has been using Facebook to taunt his pursuers, posting pictures of his various exploits &#151 which include activities like sex and cooking.

Though entertaining the story may be it calls to question how Facebook will react in light of a convicted criminal using the site, not for criminal activity per se. It’s likely that Lynch’s Facebook profile is the strongest link (Update: apparently, Lynch has two profiles) to his whereabouts given Facebook at this very moment has access to Lynch’s IP, and therefore (potentially) his whereabouts. Facebook’s privacy policy, which changes almost monthly, is clear: “We may disclose information pursuant to subpoenas, court orders, or other requests (including criminal and civil matters) if we have a good faith belief that the response is required by law.”

The “good faith” clause is a common way for companies to deflect responsibility to proper authorities in cases like this. But Lynch hasn’t done anything illegal (that we’re aware of) on Facebook, and so the question becomes whether or not Suffolk Bay authorities have gone so far as to contact the social networking site. Facebook PR did not respond to an email request by the time this story was published.

But Facebook is an American company, so how do they handle cross-border issues like this? Again, the privacy policy is clear: “This may include respecting requests from jurisdictions outside of the United States where we have a good faith belief that the response is required by law under the local laws in that jurisdiction, apply to users from that jurisdiction, and are consistent with generally accepted international standards.”

Assuming Facebook would choose to aid authorities, they’d most likely provide Lynch’s IP address, which authorities could use to determine Lynch’s whereabouts. Giving up user data is a slippery slope, opening the door for lesser and lesser offenses to come under scrutiny by Facebook. To date it hasn’t been a national-news issue, but once in awhile the site gets wrapped up in criminal foibles.

Update: Facebook’s UK PR team got back to us and “have spoken with the Suffolk police (the force who are looking into Craig Lynch’s) disappearance and I can confirm we have been in touch and will work with the police about this matter and we work with law enforcement agencies where they are investigating criminal activity.”

Update 2: Asked what information they will provide authorities, the Facebook UK representative writes, “The police have asked us to not talk about methods we can use as they don’t want to do anything which might jeopardise Mr Lynch being caught as quickly as possible.”

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Point of Sale Fail

Monday Odds and Ends

-Comparison ads, social media stars and possibly maybe mobile marketing breakthroughs await in 2010. link

-The App Store killed it during the holidays. link

-The Martin Agency’s Mike Hughes got inducted into the One Club Creative Hall of Fame. link

-Verizon got a beatdown from the FCC in regards to early termination fees. link

-Mashable picks its top 10 augmented reality marketing efforts. link

-Alright, we’ll quit already…just stop singing! link

-TGI Fridays garners some communications campaign awards. Flair optional. link

-Recent ad campaigns are feeling the love. link

-IHOP’s taking advantage of National Pancake Day and giving to charity in the process. We all win. link

-Google and Baidu go head-to-head in China. link

-Facebook referrals can earn you a buck. link

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Endorsements Evaporated: How Sex, Drugs and Teardrops Spoiled the Aughts

Continuing in our weeklong listicle funtime, we give you our top five most notable celeb endorsement fallouts from the ’00s. Whether it be due to massive infidelity, a hit from the bong, a few bumps or plain old blowhard crying, it’s time to take a quick look back at how some of the mighty have fallen.

1. Tiger Woods


Considering the amount of coverage from all sorts of media (including 19 straight days of NY Post cover stories–beating 9/11!?), it’s hard to imagine that it’s been just over a month since Tiger took a tumble. While Accenture made its point about dropping the world’s #1 golfer from its roster, brands like TAG Heuer and Gatorade have wavered on their billion-dollar endorser. Nike, meanwhile, seems to be the only one that’s firmly standing by Woods during this whole fiasco. Somewhere, Phil Mickelson is smiling.

2. Glenn Beck


Fox News showed its imbalanced side thanks to liberty-loving Glenn Beck, whose tear-laden discourse about losing the country served as a catalyst for a mass sponsorship drop-off this fall. Everyone from Geico to P&G to SC Johnson pulled ads from the show after the host among other things called President Obama a racist. At least he can still hawk Goldline International without coming under scrutiny..oh wait.

3. Michael Phelps


The swimmer with 14 gold medals to his name is probably wishing they never implemented cameras on mobile phones as Michael Phelps‘ toke took a toll on his alliance with brands like Subway and Kellogg’s. We’ll leave the Weedies jokes to you.

4. Dell Dude

dell dude1.jpg

Enfatico troubles aside (here, here and here for example), Dell made news when it dropped its slacker-y “Dell Dude” from its ad campaigns in 2003 after dude–aka Ben Curtis–was caught trying to buy a bag of weed in NYC. Thankfully, he had a second career to fall back on.

5. Kate Moss


Supermodel, George Parker muse and one-time Johnny Depp flame Kate Moss took a spill off the runway after pretending like she was in Studio 54 in 2005. The beauty was pictured taking some yayo in a recording studio with her then-boyfriend and pillar of the community Pete Doherty. Subsequently, H&M, Chanel, and Burberry all told Moss you’re out. But after a stint in rehab, the model’s experienced a glorious turnaround as Burberry was once again knocking on her door as well as Calvin Klein, Dior, David Yurman and Louis Vuitton.

Honorable mention of course has to go to Jersey Shore, which has lost Dell and Domino’s as major advertisers (and probably more as the days progress).

H/T to The Good Drugs Guide for some info.

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Mac V. PC, the True Story


Justin Long may have more coolness in his blood than John Hodgman, his counterpart in those lovable Mac v. PC ads from TBWA’s Media Arts Lab. But Hodgman has something PC guys will always cling to: geek-cred. And when you talk to die-hard PC fans, they’ll tell you geek is cool and cool is nerdy. So who’s got the better computer now?

Gizmodo via GeekDad

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Automaker Uses Harrowing Footage in Advertisement

Jalopnik points out an ad for Brazilian automaker Troller Veículos Especiais S/A (aka Troller), which is actually just news footage from the historic floods that have swept the South American country.

In short, a news helicopter catches a Troller (essentially a diesel-powered Jeep) driving through the flooded streets of Sao Paolo, water up to the windshield. Despite being nearly submerged, the rig powers through the flood-ravaged streets as though it were on a leisurely Sunday drive. “We know the vehicle, but we don’t know the driver” reads copy accompanying the ad (above) “This Truck’s Yours?”

Apparently, the driver’s identity is still unknown.

If you’re wondering how a vehicle is capable of driving with its engine under water, the answer is pretty simple. A snorkel. Click here to see what we mean.

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Best Buy Offers Free TweetDeck for Free


Best Buy really earns its title with this ad flyer that was sent out this week. Nothing says good deal like a paying $10 for Robin Thicke and then getting an already free app for your iPhone to go along with the rapturous listening experience courtesy of various Interscope artists.

Via Consumerist

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By the Numbers: Most Read Stories on AgencySpy From 2009

2009 was a year void of sex scandal, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t privy to some great tidbits. We’ll bring you more of the most relevant stories later, but for now, here’s what brought the most pageviews.

1. Michael Phelps‘ abs may have been responsible for this story’s success, but the real story ended up being his fall from grace post-bonghit. link

2. In our earlier days, gaming Google seemed possible. This holdout from 2008 still makes the top 5 list simply for its headline, “Porno Porno Porno Canada Porno Dick.” link

3. The power of the Web over traditional outlets was increasingly clear this year, and at one point we thought it was better to advertise with Perez Hilton than on TV. link

4. This year the Web opened the west to content from the far East, and this clip aiming to teach non-English speakers key phrases hit the nail on the head with “I have a case of bad diarrhea.” link

5. A simple commercial about blood pressure turned into a phenomenon across the interWebs. But seriously, who knew blood pressure could be so funny? link