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Archives: March 2010

AgencySpy Facebook Twitter Social Media Spasm

bondgun.pngFor awhile now we’ve had Facebook and Twitter accounts that we used to varying degrees. Twitter, of course, is where you go for updates on our reports and banter and links to interesting things that may or may not be adv. related. But what to do with Facebook…Finally, an answer.

There are some inherent problems with the site, namely that in order to follow us on Facebook you have to admit that you’re friends/fans of AgencySpy and people can sometimes see who you’re tapped into and that can be bad if your employer, for example, is a dick.

Also, what’s the point of a Facebook profile/fan page? We already have Twitter so who cares. You should, because as of now we’re going to use them as our tip jar, only you’ll be the ones getting tipped, not us. Whenever we get a tip and start chasing it, we’ll let you know about it via Facebook. Some stories will inevitably be too large or sensitive to hint at but we’ll do our best. It’s a way for you to be more tapped into whatever we’re working on, if that’s what you’re into.

This could and probably will flop and I may be back here in a week being all “that was stupid” &#151 but that’s just the way it is with social media. We’re not experts, we’re experimenters. So keep up with us on

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Up Next for Y&R: A New President in Asia


Compared to all the tumult and transition occurring within its Stateside operations, Y&R’s news overseas seems a little more clear-cut as the WPP agency has hired Matthew Godfrey as president of Young & Rubicam Asia.

Godfrey, who’s the second Y&R president announce in as many days, will officially join the agency in May and be be based in its Singapore headquarters. He replaces Ambar Brahmachary, who spent three years as Y&R Asia president and is now “exploring newer challenges within WPP” according to the announce. Godfrey, meanwhile joins Y&R from Publicis, where he spent the past four years as CEO/COO of its Asia operations. He began his career at George Patterson Bates Sydney in 1989 and ultimately wound up as COO of Bates Asia Group in 2003, where he remained until joining Publicis three years later.

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Wednesday Morning Stir


-Eric Slutsky was appointed to EVP/group director of Ogilvy PR’s New York Consumer Marketing practice. link

-Census 2010 folks are now invading your Chinese dining experience. link

-Adidas, Anheuser-Busch, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Nike and Visa are among the major marketers gearing up World Cup campaigns. link

-Apple is the third most-valuable U.S. company behind Exxon Mobil and Microsoft. link

-Forrester: Advertising is entering the “adaptive marketing” era. link

-Outdoor execs are banking on a 2010 rebound thanks to improved metrics. link

-Fast food logos can trigger fast behavior in ways that have nothing to do with eating according to a study. link

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Young & Rubicam Gets New NY Prez, Settles Tumult in Dell Account

Enfatico is officially dead. For a long time it was just sick and dying but now it’s gone and we can stop thinking about it. But the job of transferring a $185 million account from the defuncto agency to the very-much living Young & Rubicam must have been monumental. Y&R CMO Mitch Caplan was pulled from his desk to oversee the job. It took 10 months, we hear. He’s done now, and all is seemingly well as Dell preps for a big ole’ summer campaign. Also, the New York shop hired a new president. Still, something doesn’t seem right.

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Tuesday Odds and Ends


-Publicis Groupe acquired a 5% stake in Sao Paulo-based agency Taterka Comunicacoes. link

-Luke Wilson is allegedly being a pain in the ass on the set of his AT&T commercials. link

-Greystripe modified its iFlash ad format for the iPhone and iPad. link

-TMZ reports that Tiger Woods shot a new Nike commercial in his Windermere, FL neighborhood. link

-Lou Reed dons neon glasses and hawks his own iPhone app in an infomercial. link

-Foxwoods tapped Mullen as its AOR. link

-AdMaven reviews crowdsourcing firm 99 Designs. link

-Google is quite the player in Washington D.C. link

-SoHo-based agency Barker/DZP promoted Kim Tracey to account director. link

-Banner ads may still be the best option for advertisers wanting to push a product on social networks. link

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Catholic League Stands by Pope, Catholic Church via NYT Ad

In light of the global shitstorm that’s surrounded the Vatican, Pope Benedict and the Catholic Church following sexual abuse allegations from Wisconsin to Miami to Germany, Catholic League president Bill Donohue (left) is rushing to the defense of his religious brethren with a quarter-page ad in today’s New York Times (below).


Donohue didn’t spare the hyperbole, using the headline “Going for the Vatican Jugular” before rebutting the Times‘ editorializations and accusing the paper of teaming with “radical lawyer” Jeffrey Anderson in order to “weaken [the Church's] moral authority.” But why the spoil the rest. A larger image of the ad is after the jump.

Via Dave Ibsen

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The Week in Advertising: You’re Going to See a Butt

Last week’s show was all about lady-parts. Vulvas, specifically, but we’d prefer not to think about that right now. Why? Because there are other parts of the anatomy (human) to think about. Today, the anus. The colon. The butt. The cheeks. Ass. Bum. Seat. Kaboose. Tail. Sin maker. You’ll be surprised what comes out. Ha ha, ew. Seriously.

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Apple Worked With Vitrue to Develop App Store on Facebook

There’s few better calling cards than having worked for Apple, especially on a social media project. Vitrue‘s team is likely buzzed after building and launching Apple’s App Store on Facebook, a move that combines two of the Web’s biggest time vortexes &#151 apps and talking to yourself.

“With more than 170,000 apps available in the App Store and with more than 3 billion downloads, bringing the incredibly popular app store to Facebook was a perfect fit,” wrote Vitrue’s Chad Estes in a blog post.

So yes, people will now have the all the functionality of the app store on their desktop. Essentially now you can, with one click, download an app and save it via iTunes.

Of course, Vitrue tied in all the basic functionality you’d expect them to: featured apps, games, sharing features and their own social relationship manager thingy. That’s the scientific term.

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Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal Opens Atlanta Office


Lori Senecal sent a note to agency staff today regarding KBSP opening an office in Atlanta. This is MDC’s third round of expansion news in recent weeks. The note is posted below and continues after the jump.

“We are delighted to announce that kbs+p is opening an office in Atlanta. This is a fantastic strategic opportunity to grow kbs+p outside of New York, as well as add new marquee brands to our client roster like The Coca-Cola Company, Arby’s, Church’s Chicken, and Levi-Strauss & Co.

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Universal-Funded Campaign Equates Music Piracy to Drunk Driving

Universal Music is funding a new “educational” effort called Music Matters, which is aimed at eradicating music piracy and tells the tales of notable musicians like Nick Cave, Sigur Ros and Kate Bush via animated short films which you can view on the campaign Web site (intro below).

Yet, Techdirt has already deemed this a “silly and amusing propaganda campaign.” Why? Because of comments made during last week’s London launch by UM’s Niamh Byrne, the Music Matters director who drew parallels to anti-drunk driving campaigns in terms of gradually changing attitudes–this time in regards to illegally downloading/sharing music. “It’s not going to happen overnight but I think the whole point is basically creating awareness and to chip, chip away,” said Byrne. “The key thing is that this is a starting point.”

And then there’s Chris Morrison of CMO Management, Byrne’s former employer which handles affairs for Gorillaz and Blur. Morrison, who’s no fan of Radiohead’s In Rainbows marketing approach according to his comments in the Telegraph, also brings up racism when qualifying what Music Matters is trying to do with piracy. “You can educate that out of people. Racial prejudice was rife when I was a child…the public attitude towards it has changed radically,” he tells the Telegraph. “You educate, it’s generational. It may take five, 10 years, but you need to start in schools.”

We’re not sure whether it’s appropriate to place Music Matters’ cause on the same level, and seeing as music piracy was reported to be “not that bad” as of early 2009, it’s hard to tell whether Universal’s latest effort will have any impact on the kids. After all, the music industry behemoth has gone after sites like MySpace in the past under the guise of tackling music piracy but its true motives with things like that are still up for debate.

As Techdirt says, “With the music industry, it doesn’t take long for kids to recognize that the issue isn’t that file sharing is inherently bad. They see lots of bands that are doing quite well by embracing it. So they quickly realize that it’s just those dinosaurs who refuse to adapt who start pushing this kind of propaganda.”

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