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Dollar Shave Club Makes Broadcast Debut

Following a string of viral digital ads, Dollar Shave Club is making the leap to broadcast television.

The move follows the company’s recent success, as, according to founder and CEO Michael Dubin, the brand “finished October with 1.1 million active subscribers, $7.2 million in monthly sales and what the company estimates as a 10% volume share of U.S. cartridges.” Dollar Shave Club also recently raised $50 million in venture capital funding.

“It’s no secret that advertising on television is a great tool in building your brand,” Dubin told AdAge. “Some of the messages we wanted to communicate felt really right for television.”

Dubin declined to specify if the budget for the broadcast campaign came from revenue or the recent round of venture capital funding. A former improv comic, Dubin co-wrote the ad, entitled “Security” with Alec Brownstein, Dollar Shave Club’s creative director. Radical Media’s Steve Miller, who has worked on the “Most Interesting Man in the World” campaign, directed the spot. “Security” pokes fun at the extreme lengths many stores go through to keep their razors from being stolen, often placing them under lock and key. “It’s almost like they don’t want you to buy their razors,” the ad jokes. A second spot, “Free Gift” takes a similar approach, employing mocking humor. Read more

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Brownstein’s Latest Project Includes a ‘Sopranos’ Reunion

Ah yes, our old pal Alec Brownstein is at it once again in his post-agency career, this time tackling scripted comedy he’s dubbed “Forever Wrong.” Now that he’s played office mischief-maker, the former Y&R creative has moved on to write, direct and co-create a show that stars a half-goblin named “Bernie,” who’s been dealing with immortality for 400 years in all the wrong ways.

If you’re not a Sopranos diehard like yours truly, Bernie is played by Will Janowitz, the co-creator of the show who played Meadow Soprano’s boyfriend Finn on the HBO show. As you’ll see, even Meadow herself, or Jamie Lynn-Sigler rather, does her part in “Forever Wrong” as do other bit Sopranos players. Feel free to point them out if you can. Anyhow, it’s an interesting evolution for Brownstein, who after leaving his senior copywriting gig at Y&R New  York last summer, has evolved from t-shirt maker to TV show runner. Best of luck in the network pitches, dude.

Designer Graffiti-Tags CP+B Twitter Feed in Job Stunt

From here, 2010 seems like a much simpler time. Back then, jobs at marquee agencies could be attained by Google AdWords bids that targeted ad execs with a penchant for Google-ing themselves. While Alec Brownstein‘s digital stunt landed him at Y&R NY, many others who have followed in his tech-savvy footsteps have fallen short. But, one graphic designer’s recent job-seeking stunt is so utterly bizarre that it might inspire a whole new class of young ad professionals who seek creative respite beyond the typical portfolio, resume and cover letter trio.

Inspired by the late Jean-Michel Basquiat‘s SAMO style of street art, wherein key words and phrases are repeated throughout various artworks, graphic designer Shaun Gibson is hoping to attract the attention of CP+B by using the agency’s website Twitter feed as his own personal camera. In the image above, you’ll see that Gibson repeatedly uses the phrase “Van Skin” when he posts, establishing his virtual alter-ego while utilizing the fact that CP+B’s Twitter feed automatically pulls in any and all mentions of the agency. Along with the Twitter takeover, Gibson is supporting his campaign by creating James Victore-inspired images using the Van Skin tag, like the one below.

In addition, Gibson tells us, “The last part, and while I am not expert with video, I was planning to close this campaign out with a few youtube videos with a mock testimonial and maybe a mock ad then reveal who I am. Needless to say if the blogs pick this up I probably wont need to reveal myself, you will do it for me. Either way it’s been fun.” Well, either way, Shaun, we’re happy to give you an additional platform to make your case. Watch the very creepy video below, and consider how Van Skin might support your agency’s art department.

Well, This is a Fun Way to Play Office Mischief-Maker

Since leaving his senior copywriting gig at Y&R New York nearly nine months ago, Alec Brownstein has been keeping fairly busy, freelancing for Grey here, teaching proper Vietnamese pronunciation via clothing there. In his latest project, Brownstein, along with fellow creative/freelancer Jamie Overkamp and entrepreneur Romanos Fessas, shows off his mischievous side with “Leave It On The Printer.”

Whether you just feel like playing office prankster or are in a plain old vengeful mood, here’s your chance to do something about it via perhaps the most standard of office items and a rather unflattering “official document” (it ain’t pretty, but pretty funny and can viewed in full after the jump). According to the parties involved with the effort, the document templates will be updated once the current one gets old, or in the case of holidays, timely events, etc. If you feel like adding “some mayhem to the world,” click here. It’s probably for the best, though, if you leave the boss out of it.

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So, What’s Alec Brownstein Been Up to These Days?

It’s been just over two months since Alec Brownstein left his senior copywriting gig at Y&R New York, a job he earned of course thanks to his little Google experiment. So, why the hell not bring you up to speed on his activities. Along with freelancing at Grey, Brownstein has co-created this site that teaches you how to pronounce what is perhaps the most popular surname amongst Vietnamese people: Nguyen. Brownstein and his co-conspirator Liem Nguyen are even selling t-shirts to hammer the message home. Help a brother out if you so choose (that dijon style intrigues us most).

Alec Brownstein Leaving Y&R

Copywriter/director Alec Brownstein, the man behind the Jerks in Your Area blog who famously landed a gig at Y&R New York last year via his soon-to-be award-winning Google job experiment (see below), is leaving said agency to go freelance. Brownstein, who was a senior copywriter at Y&R and whose last day there is this Thursday, tells us that he’s leaving on “excellent terms” and now it’s time to “explore and experience different agencies and make some more time for my personal projects.” Best of luck, mon frer.

TweetForger Launches for April Fool’s Day

Ever wanted to see @charliesheen tweet, “Let’s be real guys. I’m lonely, sad and just desperate for a hug.” What about @McDonalds tweet, “Honestly, no one should ever eat our food. People who do are fat suckers.” Maybe you just really want to see @ChryslerAutos tweet, “I find it ironic that Detroit is known as the #motorcity and yet no one here knows how to fucking drive.” Wait…forget that last one.

Now you can with the TweetForger, a new website from that jerk copywriter who conned his way into a job at Y&R NY, Alec Brownstein, and that flash-enthused McCann designer whose goal in life is to piss off Steve Jobs, Mat Bisher. All you have to do is go to TweetForger’s website, enter the Twitter profile you want to spoof and then type in what you want it to say.

The finished product looks a little something like this. All in all, it’s a fun way to spoof your friends and co-workers who take Twitter way to seriously on this ridiculous holiday.

Most Popular Stories on AgencySpy of 2010 (Fin)

It’s come down to this, people, the final two items that snagged more hits, page views, what have you than any others this year. We’d like to take a quick moment to thank you all for continuing to read AgencySpy and keep the site thriving. We’ve wavered at times, soldiered through staffing changes and got bombs lobbed at us in the comment threads (when bombs weren’t being lobbed at the subjects of the posts themselves) but we’re continuing to improve and trying to be a thorn in the industry’s side. We can’t win all the time, and we do take your suggestions/hate to heart, so we’ll do our best to be bigger and badder next year, hopefully uncovering more truths and poking fun at an industry that takes itself way too seriously in the process. Anyways, I digress. On with the show…

#2: Behold: The Social Media Sobriety Test

#1 after the jump…

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