And so, our little summer experiment continues as we pass the mic to those hard-working interns who are toiling away this season at various advertising/marketing companies. Next up to bat is an entry from the nicely named Alex Apple Sullivan, a junior at the University of Virginia who’s currently serving as a consulting intern at PSFK. Here, Sullivan discusses her involvement with the organization’s Future of Retail report.

I was eager to join PSFK as a consulting intern after closely following its innovations and ideas website. My primary task for the summer was to assist in research and work on our third annual Future of Retail report. When all of the report’s preparations were finalized and the presentation day arrived, I was charged with making sure all attendees were identified, given a brief handout of the presentation, and most importantly, could hear…

In a room filled with corporate CMOs and company founders, the consulting team presented the nine trends we identified as defining the future of retail. When the presentation got going and I watched as the thought leaders in attendance were engrossed and voraciously taking notes, I briefly thought we were fooling them – what could they possibly learn from us? Turns out a fair amount.

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