From creative agency Studio Output and prodco Marshmallow Laser Factory comes a new round of online spots promoting Sony’s “PlayStation@Store,” an online service where PlayStation Network subscribers can rent the latest blockbuster movies in HD starting at $1.99.

The above Tron-themed short finds Joe Everydude settling in for a night of movies with his PlayStation 3 (we assume that he canceled his Netflix subscription in protest of the recent price-hike fiasco). Suddenly, with the aid of a watermelon and a group of mysterious people in white body suits, Mr. Everydude finds his bare-looking living room transformed into a virtual world of glowing motorcycles and Jeff Bridges.

In the announce, we were told that the shorts contain, “No post production, no SFX!” (minus, of course, the obvious uses of SFX). One interesting detail about the films is that they were shot using PlayStation’s own “Move Controller” and “EyeToy” technology. View two more shorts, one an homage to Transformers and the other to Pirates of the Caribbean, and more instances of people in white body suits engaging in celebratory dancing, after the jump.

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