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Code and Theory NY Redesigns Finlandia Site

Code and Theory New York have redesigned the website for Finnish vodka brand Finlandia, giving it a sleek new look.

The new site features a unique and unusual visual design that lends itself well to the brand’s “To the life less ordinary” tagline. On the site “a singular access point icon has replaced the fixed navigation, the logo surfaces only when necessary, and product-specific sections like “Drinks” are more about cocktail inspiration than a recipe archive.” The site invites viewers to scroll down the page for a cinematic experience, ending with a 1:06 video (featured above) that correlates with the rest of the site. That all of it is rather strange (in a very Nordic kind of way) and doesn’t make a ton of sense, again, completely fits the “life less ordinary” attitude the brand is promoting. Intended reaction (I’m guessing): “I have no idea what’s going on, but it kind of makes me want some vodka.” Check out the site for yourself, and stick around for credits after the jump. Read more

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Code and Theory, Snapple Are Off to the Ostrich Races

The world is weird, and Snapple has succeeded in giving us small moments to reflect and delight in that with every juice. Now with their latest digital campaign from Code and Theory (check out our recent Cubes tour with the shop here), those moments are deepened via “Re-enFACTments,” videos that bring Snapple Real Facts to life.

The most recent bit of useless knowledge re-enFACTed is that the ostrich’s brain is smaller than its eyeball. To prove this point, we see the ostrich peck moodily at the camera, allow humans to ride on its feathery back, and make vague humming sounds. But the real point is that, “the true measurement of a champion *isn’t* the size of its brain.”

365: Neck-in-Neck is an HBO-24/7-style sports documentary on the wild world of ostrich racing. In the 5-minute (riveting and thus justified) spot, we watch the townfolk of Chandler, Arizona, put on their annual ostrich race, featuring both riding and chariot racing. Snapple interviews the head trainer and his prize ostrich, Julio, who was apparently bullied as a youngster. He hid his head in the sand but was still mercilessly attacked by vicious teenage beaks. Today he is a winner.

This is all real, seconded by a Daily Mail article on the “Hilarious and Unpredictable World of the Great American Ostrich Races.” There’s something fascinating about ostriches, and seeing fully-grown men on their backs is even more bizarre. Snapple strikes us with wonder every time we open a juice, and this campaign lengthens that curiosity, engaging until the last sip.

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Dr. Pepper’s Biggest Fan is Apparently a Straight-Edge Metalcore Guitarist

Meet Andy Williams, a 30-something bearded musician who shares a name with a recently deceased beloved pop singer/actor. Williams hails from Buffalo, New York, eschews the mere notion of a 9-to-5 office gig, and plays guitar in semi-popular hardcore band Every Time I Die.

It might seem to a naive person that Williams has it all: A cool job, musical chops, great friends, adoring fans and a magnificent beard. However, Williams suffers from a debilitating addiction. While his bandmates indulge in the clinically recommended rock star diet (drugs, fast food, booze), Williams battles every day with his 23-flavored soft drink crutch, Dr. Pepper. In fact, as the above video from Dr. Pepper and Code and Theory suggests, Williams cannot even take the stage some nights without receiving his fix.

As with most cases of substance abuse, Williams’ crippling habit has racked up quite the bill over the years. It’s become so bad, in fact, that Williams is now soliciting fans to buy him cans of Dr. Pepper via Twitter. More disconcerting still is that having heard of Williams’ unique problem, Dr. Pepper has decided not to encourage the guitarist to seek the medical attention he requires. Rather, Dr. Pepper is integrated Williams’ story into their “1 of a Kind” campaign, propping up his near lifeless body against a wall and making him pose with a guitar for a giveaway.

Remember, the moment your friend gets a Dr. Pepper tattoo is the moment you start setting arrangements for an intervention. Credits after the jump.

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