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Windows Phone Tweets ‘Instant Costumes’ Courtesy of T3


It used to be that if you forgot a costume on Halloween you had to find and rob some guy with an eye patch or wrap yourself in toilet paper. Now, thanks to T3 and the Windows Phone, that won’t be entirely necessary.

T3, no stranger to Twitter campaigns for the Windows Phone, has unveiled a new “Halloween Reinvented” social campaign.

The idea is simple: go here and choose from a variety of “instant costumes” to download; then share your pics with the #HalloweenReinvented hashtag. Instant costumes include a vampire, pirate, creepy clown, mummy, and mustache dude. It’s a fun little idea that shows off a novel use of the Windows Phone. If you need another reason to get behind the instant costumes idea, know that @BrandWriter Brian Thompson, the man responsible for Passive Aggressive Notepads, is on the case. So go get your digital costume, share your pics on Twitter and in our comments section, if you feel so inclined. It will save you a lot of toilet paper. Happy Halloween everyone.

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Brian ‘The Shirt’ Thompson Returns with ‘Passive Aggressive Notepads’

It’s been a few months since we’ve heard from good ol’ Brian Thompson, aka @BrandWriter. Well, now that he’s done giving presentation tips while showing off his incomparable fashion sense, the T3 ACD/copywriter has returned with a Kickstarter effort to fund a new effort he’s dubbed “Passive Aggressive Notepads.” Yes, Thompson is reverting back to paper form to let people express their rage constructively via various messages printed on pads. His goal? To “solve life’s most annoying problems,” whether it be in the office or at home or when you’re going shopping. So far, three different notepads have been produced, and while we’re skeptical of the effectiveness of this project as a whole, Thompson is already a third of the way to his goal on Kickstarter, with 23 days to go. At the very least, we’re glad he’s once again sporting his presentation shirt, which he says he’s wearing “out of spite.” Whatever does the trick, sir.

Are You Wearing the Right Shirt to Your Client Presentations?

Listen up, people. T3′s Brian Thompson and his shirt are here to give you four simple steps to nailing your next client presentation!

For those of you who prefer your tips in text format as opposed to video, here are the key points:

  1. Posture: Stand up straight. This requires putting your shoulders back and chest out, allowing your clients a better opportunity to check out your God-given physical attributes. If you’re packing in the rear, knock a pen off the table and take an extra-long time to pick it up. It’s this negotiation tactic that made up the basis of Legally Blonde, after all!
  2. Gesture: Pinkies out! Pinkies always, always out! It shows class. Also, remember: When you’re presenting your “big idea,” try to stretch your arms out as wide as you possibly can. This will help the client better understand the enormity of your concept. When saying your goodbyes, give the client a firm handshake, while simultaneously using your middle finger to subtly tickle their palms.
  3. Pause: The best tactic for keeping your client on their toes is to suddenly stop mid-sentence when you’re in the middle of your presentation. Believe me, they’ll never see it coming. Only resume your presentation after the client asks you AT MINIMUM three times if everything’s okay.
  4. Eye Connection: Never, EVER, break eye contact. Have everything memorized so you can talk about your concept without ever looking at it. Avoid blinking if possible; the only time an eye should close is when winking. If you wear contacts or have naturally dry eyes, try to wink at least once a minute. Remember, this is about eye connection, not contact. Pretend the client is Leonardo DiCaprio‘s character at the end of Titanic, and you’re Kate Winslet floating on the door. Never. Let. Go.

Practice these moves with your family over the holiday weekend, and come back to work on Monday presenting with confidence!


@BrandWriter Returns to Soothe the Hearts of ‘Lonely Valentines’

When he’s not copywriting at Austin agency T3, ACD Brian Thompson, aka AskACopywriter and/or @BrandWriter, is keeping busy by coming up with side projects like this. Dubbed “Lonely Valentines,” Thompson, the man previously behind efforts such as the “Resolution Setter” is reaching out to those who expect to have a lack of mutual admiration come Valentine’s Day (never mind having an actual date).

If you “choo-choo-choose” not to send a loving card to anyone this year, perhaps a bitter pill of “Lonely Valentines” might be more up your alley, with cards ranging from $4 to framed ones at $25. Thompson tells us, “This industry doesn’t make having a relationship easy, and Valentine’s Day just rubs salt in that bitter wound.” We feel ya, homey, so if you care to indulge the man and his latest non-agency creations, which were illustrated by Dave Schwab, feel free to purchase to your, um, heart’s content here.

‘Resolution Setter’ vs. ‘Resolutionizer’: Pick Your Poison

You might remember Brian Thompson, aka @AskACopywriter, as the man who formerly starred as, you guessed it, a copywriter at the Concept Farm before being asked by the agency to find a substitute when they found out he was leaving for T3. Anyhow, Thompson has now unveiled “Resolution Setter,” which happens to coincide with BBH’s launch of “Resolutionizer.” We know that absolutely no one will stick to their guns anyway, but which one do you prefer?