This week the internet wanted you to feel things, to reminisce and look back, but also up to the heavens. We watched Felix Baumgartner break the sound barrier, Katy Perry performed “Firework” to the accompaniment of a young girl living with autism, and the Charlie Bit My Finger kids got grown up. Coke Zero let commuters feel the excitement of being James Bond and Drambuie reminded us that the world is extraordinary. It was all touching and fun, and it was this week’s ad related videos. Enjoy as we look back at the work that’s moving us forward.

5. The new Bond flick, Skyfall, stars Daniel Craig (as usual) is upon us and Coke Zero didn’t want to miss out on the fun. To make the connection to their brand, they ran a promotion that egged vending machine customers to run like Bond to make a train, and to make it interesting the brand put some formidable barriers in the way of contestants, who had just 70 seconds to race to their destination. As one creative we know put it, “it’s offing awesome.”

4. “Owwww! Charlie bit me!” Anyone with an internet connection knows that phrase, uttered by a young boy as his toddler brother, Charlie,  gnawed playfully on his finger. The clip is one of the most famous videos on YouTube to date, and Ragu found a great way to tie it back to there core messaging – a long day of childhood calls for Ragu.

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