Today, Fast Company‘s Danielle Sacks, who we deduce is either Alex Bogusky‘s best friend or arch-nemesis, wrote a tome called “The Future of Advertising,” which claims that the ad industry is on the cusp of its first creative revolution since the days when Don Draper types puffed cigs and drank the days away.

To complete her opus, Sacks interviewed no less than 75 people in the industry, grabbing quotes from notables such as Publicis’ Maurice Lévy, McCann’s Nick Brien and IPG’s Michael Roth. What does the future look like? Rather than shake the 8-ball, we turned the spotlight onto Sacks herself to gain her insight from the rather extensive piece. To tease things a bit, Sacks tells us about agency progress, saying, “The economic model of agencies is one of the biggest prohibitors in agencies evolving. Agencies know they need to collaborate, but in many cases separate P&L’s mean different disciplines within an agency or holding company are built to compete against each other, rather than share and cooperate. Also, given that most of the industry is consolidated in behemoth public holding companies, most CEO’s who want to invest in R&D and change their internal structures are battling against the short-sighted nature of being part of a public company.”

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