We mentioned a few weeks ago that there was a good chance our summer intern series would continue into fall, and so it begins. Our first entry this season comes from David Sebela, a native Swede who is in currently in the midst of a 16-week internship at Barkley’s innovation lab known as Moonshot. Sabela, who’s here with the help of the America Scandinavia Foundation exchange student program, discusses the difficulties of actually making it to the States and what it’s like working at the Kansas City-based Barkley.

After 4+ months of struggling with long waiting times and piles of paper work, I had developed a severe case of tunnel vision. I knew that things would all come together in the end, but the process seemed like it was never ending. When I was finally holding my visa to the USA, reality caught up with me fast. I would be leaving my friends and family behind in Stockholm, Sweden and heading to the states.  Kansas City here I come…

I have now spent 5 weeks here at Barkley, working side by side with their Moonshot Innovation Lab team, an integral part of the agency’s creative conceptualization capability. My expectation of going to a company of this size was that there would be tons of long meetings, really slow approval processes and so forth. But my internship has proven to be quite different from what I originally thought. One of the things that has surprised me the most is how “agile” they are, like in a meeting today my manager said, “This technology is really cool, we need to update our roadmap to fit this in.” Even though Barkley is a big company and change can be slow, I can see how the small things like that will make change happen in the long run.

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