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Ashton Kutcher Demonstrates ‘Acting Range,’ Looks for Love with Popchips

And now, a riddle: What do each of the men in the above dating video have in common? Stumped? Well, you’ll never believe this, but they’re all actually Two and a Half Men star and former Mr. Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher! Oh, the headline of the article and the title of the video gave it away? Well, the press release we were sent along with this video said, “Viewers won’t believe it’s Ashton until they see his cameo!” We deeply apologize for ruining the surprise.

From L.A.-based agency Zambezi comes a series on online video spots advertising fake dating site Interested viewers who follow the URL will actually find themselves at Popchips’ Facebook page, where a custom web app allows users to send personalized messages to their Facebook friends from each of Kutcher’s exaggerated stereotypes alter-egos. You can send a greeting from Raj, a 39-year-old Bollywood director, Nigel, a 24-year-old hippie stoner, Daryl, a German fashionista of unknown age, and Swordfish, a 29-year-old biker dude with a beard.

The “Play Matchmaker” campaign from Popchips follows last year’s popular and similarly vexing effort “Who Wants to be Ashton Kutcher’s VP?” where fans applied for a one-year gig and $50K salary to join Kutcher’s entourage. Watch each of the character’s personalized digital shorts on Popchips’ YouTube page. Credits after the jump.

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Copywriter Will Surely Win Demi’s Heart with This Plea

We know the world is still slowly getting over the crushing end of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore‘s marriage, but that isn’t stopping this enterprising young lad from capitalizing on the actress’s newly restored single status with this two-minute clip called “What About Me, Demi?” As you can see, the goatee-sporting guy above who goes by the name of James is indeed one James Beikmohamadi, a copywriter at CP+B (which has nothing to do with this project) who’s been with the agency for just over a year and worked at EVB prior to that. Will his plea work? Well, you probably know the answer, but why not entertain the CW’s fantasy for a quick minute.

Toshiba Experiences the Butterfly Effect

As Ashton Kutcher found out in the 2004 thriller The Butterfly Effect, small decisions can lead to huge consequences. Actually, I never saw that movie, so I don’t know if he found that out or if someone in Hollywood decided it was a nice title for a film, which it was. But, just as I assume Mr. Demi Moore‘s character learns about the intricacies of the paths we choose, so too does Toshiba assume Murphy’s Law when creating the perfect laptop.

The above spot is the first of two in a new branding effort from agency Goodness Mfg. As you can see, had Toshiba not included an “impact smart hard drive” in its laptops, a clumsy satellite custodian would have inevitably caused a city-wide blackout, sour milk and a zombie apocalypse. The ad never explains what an impact smart hard drive has, but apparently it had something to do with not causing outlets to short circuit after someone drops their laptop on the ground. See what happens when Toshiba doesn’t include a WiFi connection on a TV after the jump.

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Guest Review: DNA Foundation – ‘Real Men Don’t Buy Girls’

Our pal Roger Baldacci from Arnold Worldwide is back with his bi-weekly campaign critiques. This time, he offers his $.02 on Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher‘s attempt to rid the world of child slavery. Take it away, Roger.

This week, I thought I’d take a brief hiatus from my personal crusade against viral stunt videos and lighten things up.  Have a bit of a laugh.  Enjoy some blithe comedy while we explore the more hilarious aspects of child sex trafficking.

A lot of people are up in arms about this unconventional effort from Ashton Kutcher and his cougar wife Demi Moore to heighten awareness of forced prostitution. What offends me the most, frankly, is that these videos are not terribly funny. It’s hard enough to make people laugh in general. Comedy writing is actually very difficult. One need only judge the radio category at any major award show to truly grasp this tragic truism.  So making people laugh while talking about the child sex trade is even more difficult. Ashton and Demi went with using A-list celebrities and the soon-to-be patented “Old Spice type” humor. In fact, the Old Spice guy even starred in one of the videos. Thanks to the fine folks at Wieden, we will all be subjected to this brand of “off-beat” humor in the coming years to sell everything from CPG products (“Look at your Swiffer mop, now back at me!”) to more hard hitting/comedic public service campaigns for issues like female genital mutilation.

I get what they are trying to do. It’s the hamster cannon all over again. If people are talking about it, even hating on it, then they are talking about this very important issue. And guys are the target and are more likely to pass along something crude and funny versus a more powerful, sobering message. And it’s working, is it not? I am writing about it. But it just doesn’t feel right. It’s like watching the clip of Michael Richards committing career suicide in front of your eyes. Still, I joined their Facebook page, found my photo embedded in the spot and witnessed Jessica Biel say directly to the camera as if she had inside knowledge- “Roger is a real man.”  Talk about uncomfortable comedy.