No need for drivel because we’re sure you know the score if you’ve been checking out the site this week. As we lead up to Super Bowl XLVII, the agency feedback keeps pouring in. This time, Jamie Ambler, executive creative director at WPP-owned The Brand Union makes it quick and painless, giving us his list of favorite Big Game ads and why they’re on it.

Some of the Best Super Bowl Spots

I learned a long time ago that when you work in advertising, people expect you to watch and critique the Super Bowl commercials. This includes relatives and friends who want to know if you worked on any of them. “Hey, did you do that commercial with the lizard for Geico?” (I wish).  Or, “I love that beer commercial with the guy at the party–did you do that?”

As a creative in advertising, the worst thing you can say on the day after the big game is that you weren’t really paying much attention to the commercials. I confess that I actually have said that. No apologies, though. Some years, they’re generally terrible, with a few bright spots, and other years, they’re way more entertaining than the lopsided games.

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