We don’t know Jerry Comyn from a hole in the wall, but we can at least appreciate the man’s bravado after reading a letter he sent last night to those on his mailing list. Comyn, you see, has been a national account manager on-and-off for OOH advertising giant Titan for the last few years, but now it appears that he’s done some soul-searching and wants out of the biz for good. We’ve reached out to Comyn to make sure he still feels this way the day after and are waiting to hear back. But anyhow, on with the show (the full note is after the jump):

“Hello all,

Having spent the past 18 years of my life in advertising sales, TV, Radio and Outdoor, I’ve always wondered why I was in a business I detested. For years, I couldn’t figure it out, and then I realized what was motivating me, MONEY! There are few careers where one (we called ourselves a business of C students) could earn so much money for doing very little.

Update: Comyn himself says the letter is not referring to any one company, but was written in general terms and encompasses his experiences of years in the advertising/media business.

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