Happy Friday and of course, we hope you’re working hard for the weekend. Since today is something of an auspicious American holiday, we thought we’d do what we usually do on Fridays and give you some lovely ad related videos. Watch. Learn. Tear-up. Laugh. Enjoy life today friends. It’s worth living.

8.  God damn, Betty is an insufferable bitch. But at least we know there’s a God in Mad Men world, because they made her fat. This is old news. But it’s still awesome, as is this little gem of a clip about her wait gain. “Fat Betty, baba lab.”

7. Young people – fuck them all. Not only do they took arr jarbs, they have the visual competence to make a half court shot, on their 21st birthday, to win a Jeep. This kid must be some kind of religious zealot to actual be sober here. I’m sure he and his home-bros got all kinds of drunkkers post game. Rollin deep, in a Jeep, which he got for cheap. I can do this all day.

6. Jim Henson is so many kinds of bad ass that, well, he’s just really bad ass. Here’s a pitch for The Muppet Show that probably trumps anything you’ve ever done.

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