Now that the summer interns have scurried back to school, it’s time to soldier on with our normal rotation of op-eds (though you can expect fall interns to chime in imminently). This latest entry comes to us from Jonathan Forstot, director of marketing at San Diego-based brand agency, MiresBall. Here, Forstot touches on how to overcome the disconnect between traditional brand strategy and website development. Take it away, sir.

You’ve selected a top-notch digital agency and are ready to launch a major website redesign, but your lead brand agency—which helped determine the brand’s strategy, voice and much of its look—is out of the loop. In fact, they were never actually in the running because they don’t have the technical background for a web development project of this scale. It’s understood, but the agency still wonders why they’re not contributing to such a high profile brand initiative. It’s a common disconnect that happens almost automatically, and one that has created a chasm between traditional marketing strategy and website development.

Is this scenario inherently flawed or is it rooted in logic, if not practicality?
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