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Wednesday Morning Stir

-The U.K.’s largest air traffic control service, NATS, created a promotional video showing every flight across the north Atlantic (video above). link

-New Gallup study critical of social media cites data from 2012. link

-Amnesty International apologizes to Iggy Pop for using his image without permission in Justin Bieber anti-torture ad. link

-Ben Hostler joins Smith & Milton as digital creative director. link

-Botnet-filtering startup White Ops gets funding. link

-Facebook may be a little too eager to beat Snapchat. link

-Cracker Jack attempts to break out of the ballpark with “The Surprise Inside Project.” link

-An analysis of the viral spread phenomenon. link

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Mediabistro Job Fair

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The Barclaycard Introduces Us to the Horrifying World of Toys

Seeing this new spot for Barclaycard UK from BBH London, you have to wonder whether or not the first test-screeners of Toy Story looked like this. And, by “this,” I mean a terrifying journey into the land of toys, where everything from Barbie dolls to an RC helicopters have a sinister agenda for the confused middle-aged consumer.

However, I cannot speak for parents who have to do holiday shopping for their kids. In that sense, this may actually be an accurate representation of what a toy store looks like–a dizzying mess of colors and sounds that would leave some people foaming at that mouth while writhing around on the floor.

While this spot doesn’t exactly help parents decide what to buy for their kids (Pro Tip: Your kid probably knows what it wants for Christmas and could write you a list 50 items long if you give her or she the opportunity), it does give a quick example of the ease with which you can use the Barclaycard. I mean, you just wave your phone over a credit card machine or something, right? But you need some sort of sticker on the back of it? And it has to do with VISA? Well, if you want more info, visit the Barclaycard’s U.S. site here, and get your tickets for Justin Bieber‘s performance tonight at Brooklyn’s new Barclays Center here. Credits after the jump.

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Op-Ed: Maybe Abercrombie Should Call Its Agency?

HUGE marketing strategist lead Josh Seifert is back for his monthly contribution to this here site. In his latest entry, Seifert discusses why the viral “Call Me Maybe” redo from fave “bro” brand Abercrombie & Fitch was a “missed opportunity.” The floor’s yours, sir.

In the past four months, since Justin Bieber et al. made this video, dancing to the pop hit “Call Me Maybe,” there’s been no shortage of parody videos, and compilations of everyone else’s parody video. Love or hate the song, it’s wildly popular as are the spoofs on YouTube with millions of views. Every week there seems to be a new parody launching, from the Harvard baseball team—and subsequently every other sports team that travels by van—to Sesame Street. There’s no shortage of people and groups using the popularity of the song to have some fun and get their own few minutes of fame.

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Wednesday Morning Stir

-AgencyNet wants to celebrate Justin Bieber‘s 18th b-day tomorrow by setting a Guinness World Record. link

-San Francisco indie shop Swirl promoted Eric Perko to associate media director.

-Grey/Amalgamated/Mullen alum Scott Karambis joined SapientNitro’s Boston office as VP of marketing strategy and consumer insight.

-Former MediaVest SVP Jen Soch was named managing partner, global account director at MEC.

-Forget the McRib, let’s meet the McRibster. link

-Hong Kong and gender roles play a factor in a new Louis Vuitton short film (above). link



Hey, There’s an ‘Eyebrow-Raising’ Billboard in Times Square

Around midnight EST tomorrow, those within view of a television will watch a giant glowing ball shimmy slowly down a pole, ushering in 2012 AD (CE if you want to get weird about it). Some will cheer, some will toast, some will mumble made-up lyrics to “Auld Lang Syne,” and many will grab a significant other or stranger and engage them in a full-on lip-lock. Each of these, the last especially, is unavoidable. Why? Because it is tradition, so deal with it.

So, what better time for gay social network site Manhunt to drum up some publicity by placing the above billboard in Times Square? Located at the corner of Broadway and 47th Street, Manhunt’s billboard, which will be up through Jan. 6, was described to us in an email as “raising some eyebrows” and featuring “two sweaty guys in dog tags about to make out.” In the days since the “Zero Feet Away” campaign rolled out, it’s already greatly offended one L.A. mom, despite the fact that a similar Michael Kors billboard (depicting a woman placing her hand inside a man’s briefs) has been the subject of no such controversy. Most curiously will be how much (if any) airtime the Manhunt ad gets during the broadcast of ABC’s “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve,” where the American public will be subjected to performances by Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and (new mother?) Beyonce.

Thanks for tuning in this year, spies, and let’s look forward to these final few months as we plunge headlong into the Apocalypse. Have an awesome New Year’s Eve, click here for the actual lyrics to “Auld Lang Syne,” and watch Mariah Carey do whatever it is she does below.

Bieber Fever Knows No Bounds

Tween heartthrob, pop sensation and accused baby daddy Justin Bieber apparently has the same effect on grown men as he does on middle-school girls according to this Black Friday ad created by JWT New York for Macy’s. The Biebs, sporting a new, um, more mature do and promoting his Someday gift set, shows off his acting chops as he causes a stir during a late-night trip to the retail chain. All we can say is good luck to those parents who will be forced to brave the stampede and wait in line this Friday to buy the Bieber set. On the bright side, at least a few bucks from each purchase go to Make-a-Wish. Credits after the jump.

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5 Things You Need to Know This Week: Herman Cain Sings and Matt Lauer Goes Missing

In this week’s episode of “5 Things You Need to Know This Week,” Herman Cain sings about sexual harassment, Justin Bieber has a baby with Kate Middleton (I think I have that right), and nobody seems to know the whereabouts of Matt Lauer. Plus, we debut the 1st annual “Where in the World is ‘Five Things You Need to Know This Week?’”

For more videos, check out, and be sure to follow us on Twitter: @mediabistroTV

Jimmyjane Attempts to Free Consumers from 9-to-5 Oppression

Which would you rather being doing: Walking the neighbors’ dogs while they’re on vacation, or masturbating? Okay, would you rather be stuck in a client meeting for two hours, or making sweet, sweet love to your significant other with the aid of a battery-powered device? Which would you rather have in your hand right now, a singing Justin Bieber-branded tooth brush (that doesn’t vibrate) or a bright pink vibrator that looks like something Jane Jetson would use?

A new in-house spot from vibrator manufacturers Jimmyjane invites consumers to approach their deepest wants and needs with unbridled honesty. We know you’d probably rather be getting off right now than reading AgencySpy. If we’re going to play the honesty game, we would probably rather be getting off right now than writing AgencySpy. And, for those whose orgasms require $145 purchases, why not spend that dough on the brand that’s won the trust and approval of various Conde Nast publications?

So, put down that pencil, your partner’s hand, that 5 lb. dumbbell, that electronic cigarette, that iPad, that gun, the various cats running around your house, that constitutional amendment, that ransom note and that protest sign, and reach for a vibrator. We all know you want to.

Saatchi Scribe Hears True Calling, Leaves Agency World for Beard-Selling

If you haven’t heard the story of JD Beebe before, well here you go. Though he’s been at it for a couple of years now, Beebe, who spent the last year or so as a copywriter at Saatchi & Saatchi LA, bid adieu to agency life a month back in order to realize his dreams of, yes, selling wigs and fake facial hair. As a result, he moved cross-country, though he tells us, “I’m still wondering why I exchanged driving an El Camino down the Pacific Coast for the humid trash-stink of NYC.”

It’s safe to say that Beebe’s time in agencies was rather brief, whether spending eight months at the now-defunct Modernista! or completing two yearlong tours of duty at Goodby. Beebe seems more like a budding entrepreneur, which can explain why two years ago while at GS&P, he decided as a joke to himself to create a facsimile of Zach Galifianikis’s now well-known beard. We take it he’s a Hangover fan. Anyhow, Beebe, who got some promotion in write-ups by the Los Angeles Times and, says that he had “…so many more facial hair-themed ideas to pitch [at Saatchi] but the dream was calling me.”

The “dream” he’s referring to is, which Beebe say supplies “relevant and topical costumes of the people, characters and memes that made the news this last year.” Yes, the calling of “Justin Bieber wigs, Kardashian hair and Snooki poofs” was too overwhelming for Beebe not to split from Saatchi and pounce, though he tells us he left the agency with “a heavy heart.” See, there is life post-advertising after all.

Here’s How to be Molested by a Flying Justin Bieber

Warning: This spot will either make your day, or it will completely ruin it. This is the kind of ad that will place near the top 5 of everyone’s “Worst Ads of 2011″ list. Hell, it could even make your list of the “Worst Ads of the Decade.” This is the kind of ad that the director (we’re still figuring out credits) either took very seriously while in production, or it took forever to shoot because the director couldn’t stop laughing. It’s simultaneously very creepy and very funny. How would you like this in your portfolio? Would you be overjoyed, or would you die with shame?

Lord knows 14-year-old girls aren’t insecure enough. Listen, little girl, just douse yourself in this perfume, and Justin Bieber will fly into your window to take you in his arms and steal your innocence. Seriously, what the hell? Is a full-length movie that features basically the same plot soon to follow? Justin Bieber’s “Someday” perfume for girls: Because “someday” actually means “right now.”

(h/t Christine)

Update: Despite what commenters are saying, KBS+P was NOT responsible for this spot. We’ve been told it’s from the HOWL Group.  Credits after the jump.

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