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Thursday Morning Stir

-StrawberryFrog loses a Brazilian partner. link

-The IAB tests “Sports Savvy.” link

-BBDO was named the most creative agency network according to The Gunn Report. link

-Directing collective Special Problems joined The Sweet Shop for commercial and branded content work worldwide.

-Here’s Mark Zuckerberg‘s desk, if you’re interested (above). link

-An Angry Birds baby product line, you say? link

The ‘Fanwagen’ is Better Than You at Social Media

We’ve all been there: Cruising in our VW Beetle, blasting something along the lines of Belle and Sebastian or Rilo Kiley, and thinking, “Gosh, this sure is swell. But, it would be so much more swell if my wheels displayed my Facebook profile to everyone else on the road.” Well, get ready for a gnarly swell, because Dutch agency Achtung! is building the VW Fanwagen, the “most social car ever.”

Much like the whoever wins next year’s presidential election, this vehicle is “built on Likes,” and a visitors to the Fanwagen’s website can use their own Facebook Like capabilities to vote for their favorite classic VW, with the winning model actually turned into a functioning social media machine.

So, what’s included on the Fanwagen? As the announce tells us, “The Feed-O-Matic allows users to print their friends latest status updates, straight from the dashboard. Looking for the poke button? It’s sitting pretty on the steering wheel, ready to ask for attention from anyone on the road. And next to the Birthday notification system and the Friend finder (a map with all your friends hometowns plotted on it), the lucky winner will even be able to set his or her relationship status on the license plate. That will help avoid those uncomfortable situations if you get stuck in traffic. Should you hit things off, you can easily adjust to ‘adjust the privacy settings’. How? By opening or closing the curtains built into the car.”

As of right now, the T1 hippie bus is beating out the Beetle with 75 percent of the votes. There’s no word yet on who actually gets to have the Fanwagen, but we’re sure Mark Zuckerberg will have the first crack at any additional models that are produced.

Look Who Cracked the Fortune ’40 Under 40′ List

Maybe it was his nifty workspace that sealed the deal, but yes, Grey New York’s president/CCO Tor Myrhen has made it to¬† number 37 with a bullet on the just-released Fortune “40 Under 40″ list. It appears that Myrhen is the only ad industry individual on the list, which includes everyone from Foursquare’s Dennis Crowley to TOMS founder Blake Myckoskie and of course Mark Zuckerberg, who is numero uno.

Wednesday Odds and Ends

-Mike Bauman was promoted to COO of DDB Group Canada. link

-One of the folks behind “Bump a Smoke” turned the recent Old Spice duel into a form of self-promotion. link

-Here are your 2011 IAB MIXX Awards finalists. link

-AMV BBDO/CP+B alum Matthew Ryan joined GOOD/Corps L.A. as creative director.

-New York-based prodco Nola Pictures is launching a full-service animation division dubbed NolaMola. link

-Chicago agency Tris3ct launched a new national campaign for Kimberly-Clark’s Cottonelle brand (above).

-Presenting the Mark by Mark Zuckerberg fashion line. link

-Legendary ad man Jerry Della Femina takes on President Obama in an open letter. link


Friday Odds and Ends

-Urban Outfitters = ripoff artists. link

-Let the borough wars begin…again. link

-Chicago-based prodco Rascals & Rogues launched a series of spots for Culvers. link

-Who was Wunderman Zed Academy’s Marketer of the Year 2021? link

-Even the top advertising minds have to have a good cry sometimes. link

-Mark Zuckerberg channels his inner Ted Nugent. link

-Some company called Cooliris claims to have created the first 3D ad for the iPad. link Ashton Kutcher is an internet pioneer. link

Greenpeace Takes a Stand Against Facebook’s Unclean Ways

Well, you certainly didn’t think your Tuesday would include looking at Mark Zuckerberg‘s cartoon dong, did you? Life can surprise you like that.

This new spot called “Unfriend Coal” from Greenpeace, critically acclaimed director Daniel Bird and Savage, a production company based in New York and Prague, informs the viewer of a giant coal burning factory Facebook has in Oregon. As naked Zuck stands atop his piles of money with “Friend” and “Unfriend” buttons at his sides, Greenpeace links to their site where the goal is getting Facebook to completely abolish its reliance on coal by 2021.

It’s always weird to remember that it’s the famous young innovators of technology who tend to rely on old, cheap and dirty methods of manufacturing. That little British boy definitely doesn’t sound too happy.

Wednesday Odds and Ends

-Jean-Yves Naouri is taking on the executive chairman role at Publicis Worldwide. link

-Wong, Doody, Crandall, Wiener grabbed the TGI Friday’s creative biz. link

-Grey Canada has a new president/CEO. link

-Dennis Go joined prodco Brand New School East as design director.

-Springfield, MO agency Marlin promoted Jeff Eaker to ACD.

-Google introduces its +1 button. link

-Great, marketers love QR codes. link

-Mark Zuckerberg‘s dad learns that it’s better to advertise on Facebook and not with it. link

-Proximity Chicago launched a Facebook contest for State Farm dubbed “Shotgun!” link

-Denny’s launched its own Facebook sweepstakes to celebrate all things bacon. Mmm, bacon. link

SXSW Keynote: 4chan’s Chris Poole Discusses Canvas, ‘Fluid Identity’

One of the more amusing keynotes, and fittingly so, at SXSWi this weekend was Chris “moot” Poole’s dissertation on his meme-happy, image-based BBS knows as 4chan. AT&T’s favorite site has some significant presence during this event, as there is also a conversation this afternoon called Haters Gonna Hate: Lessons for Advertisers from 4chan (so maybe SapientNitro did get its wish after all).

Anyhow, Poole went into great detail discussing his eight-year-old site, including its goal of reimagining what a message board could be, leaving the archives and registration aside for instance. One of his more profound statements: “It’s not the product that’s fascinating but the process in which you arrive at the product.” A fundamental idea behind 4chan is to create what Poole calls “fluid identity,” in which contributing anonymously gives you flexibility–though this is what also gives comment threads (ahem) and 4chan itself notoriety. Poole went on to say that he disputes Mark Zuckerberg‘s notion that anonymity equals cowardice, adding that it is “totally wrong” and in his world, it’s “content over creator.” 4chan and its 12 million unique users thrive on what the founder calls an “ephemeral” structure and “creative mutation,” where there’s “riffing” back and forth on a massive scale–usually through something as basic as MS Paint. During the talking points, Poole garnered some chuckles from the audience with a slideshow of popular 4chan memes and images, as well as showing how its users have had fun manipulating things such as the spam-fighting tool recaptcha and playing games like “refrigerator magnet,” which he says reiterates 4chan’s ephemeral message.

After pointing out that 4chan’s peak time is somewhere around 9pm on a Sunday, Poole teased his new beta program called Canvas, which is perhaps the former IRC geek’s attempt at legitimacy. The concept seems simple on paper: build a better place to share, play, collaborate and hang out. Unlike 4chan, though, Poole & Co. are looking to weed out who they deem are “casual trolls” by requiring simple registration through Facebook Connect. By doing this, he hopes that it discourages people from “mucking stuff up.”

There are already more artistic activities taking place in beta on Canvas, including “Finish the Drawing,” but Poole says that he and his staff are being a bit more deliberate and are pacing themselves with the site. Right now, he says using Canvas en mass might “dilute the experience.” According to Poole, the “issue is not scaling, but building a community worth scaling, nurturing…nice and slow.” Perhaps this more nurtured web experience can usher in actual brand advertisers (or advertisers, period), which Poole says have been ruled out because of 4chan’s adult content among other things.

Friday Morning Stir

-The Wheat Thins crew goes to great lengths to prove their ad campaign is indeed real. link

-Lady Gaga unveiled the new Polaroid line at CES. link

-Marc Jacobs, meet Mark Zuckerberg, fashion maven. link

-Google claims that its mobile ad network, AdMob, receives more than two billion ad requests a day. link

-The maker of Arm & Hammer is suing Clorox over cat litter commercials. link

Wednesday Odds and Ends

-Reminder: The ADC Gallery is playing host tonight to a convo between Jeff Goodby, Dan Wieden and David Kennedy. link

-The McRib is back! And now, the artery-clogger comes with a contest! link

-The L.A. Dodgers sue over a Brooklyn burger joint’s logo. link

-Mark Zuckerberg finds time during Facebook’s mobile event today to dis the iPad. link

-The ASA is at it again, banning a “misleading” ad following a Unilever complaint. link

-A “communications professional” lists five ways to win the big pitch. link

-Princeton, NJ-based digital firm Rosetta nabbed interactive AOR duties for Helzberg Diamonds. link

-Samsung debuts display ads on YouTube’s mobile site. link