Barely two weeks after captivating the internet with his “Applefied” take on ads that features some of our most well-known brands, RPA intern Bryan Evans shares his thoughts on coming up with the idea and the experience of winning over the web audience for a few days. Take it away, sir.

A few weeks into my internship at RPA I found myself driving through the heart of West L.A. I was with a group of my fellow creative interns, returning to the office from lunch at one of our favorite local eateries. As we talked, I was struck by an image on one of the many towering billboards: a gigantic ad for Apple’s latest version of the iPad laid out in all its minimalist, glistening white glory.

“How do they get away with that?” I asked, rejoining the conversation. “It’s literally a picture of an iPad with a hand touching it, white background, that’s it. They sell millions of these things.”

A week or two passed. I had just wrapped helping with a Honda Pilot print piece as well as a Honda corporate print and digital project. I was in between assignments, passing the time reading ad blogs, when my thoughts unexpectedly returned to that iPad billboard. And I wondered:

What if all advertising looked like Apple’s?

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