Yes, ladies and gents, Simon Mathews, currently chief strategy officer at West Coast shop, Extractable, and who’ s also worked at the likes of Isobar as well as Molecular on the strategy side during his career, is back with his monthly contribution to this here site. Let it roll, Simon.

I was having a flashback.

Last week I was on a stage in front of around five hundred financial advisors at a large resort hotel in Orlando.  The flashback was of a similar room at the NEC in Birmingham (in the UK, not Alabama) filled with professional photographers back in 1994.

Back in 1994 I was part of a panel on trends in photography and my role (I was a PR flak for Kodak at the time) was to promote how digital cameras would be the future of photography.  This was just months after Apple had launched the QuickTake 100 digital camera with a stellar 640×480 resolution.  It was a tough sell, and understandably, I was pretty much laughed off stage.

The trigger for my flashback, besides the similar setting, was Mike Walsh, the keynote speaker on stage before me today. Mike, an author and speaker on the digital future and emerging markets focused his speech on how embracing disruptive technologies and behaviors will drive success in the future.

As an aside, Mike may have the best email signature ever.  His company is called ‘Tomorrow’, so of course his email sign-off reads “Mike, CEO, Tomorrow”.

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