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Beer Plumbing from Saatchi and Saatchi Fulfills Alcoholic Fantasies

Funny prank, or the ultimate gift?

For Saatchi and Saatchi’s latest campaign for DB Breweries, the agency pranked a friend named Russ by plumbing his house with beer.

Following their plumbing hack, every tap in the house flows with cold beer, fulfilling every alcoholic frat boy’s wet dream. (It is unclear if the toilet is also tapped with beer.) They then set up cameras around the house to capture the reactions of their friend and his significant other. Russ is initially flummoxed by the brown liquid flowing through the tap (usually when that happens it’s time to call a plumber); after smelling and then tasting the beer he delightedly pours himself a glass and decides, “That actually tastes really good.” His wife/girlfriend, on the other hand, seems significantly less amused, presumably with concerns of when water will once again flow through the taps. The spot concludes with Russ climbing under his house, to find the kegs tapped to his plumbing. At this point the prank crew jumps out of hiding, and, predictably, everyone enjoys a good brew.

Since launch last week, the spot has gone viral on YouTube, with the full-length version (watch at your lunchtime leisure above) already racking up over three-million views. There’s also a :90 version, with :60 and :15 TVCS to follow as well as social media support, billboards, etc., etc.

Should Saatchi wish to duplicate this experiment in the States, I would be more than happy to volunteer my apartment. Let’s make this happen guys.


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Cat Physically Abuses Self, Commits Suicide for a Ride in a Toyota Corolla

As any Internet humorist will tell you, felines are one of the few animals you can always laugh at when they hurt themselves. If a dog hurts itself, it’s generally a pretty sad affair (see Homeward Bound when “Shadow” tweaks his ankle attempting to crawl out of a 12-foot pit). If a cat hurts itself, it’s probably a good bet that it deserved it in some way (see Homeward Bound when “Sassy” gets flung about 40 yards off a teeter-totter into a sandbox). If you are over 30, you probably do not understand my Homeward Bound references in the least.

For the campaign ringing in the launch of Toyota’s new 2013 model of the Corolla, the folks at Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand decided to put the world’s love affair with delighting in cats’ pain to the test. We see a sad feline stuffed into a cat carrier to be hauled off to the vet, only to experience the ride of its life in the back of a 2013 Corolla. Really, what cat wouldn’t be absolutely enthralled by the Corolla’s spacious and luxurious interior? Well, as you might guess, the cat associates harm with a chance to ride in the back of the car, and its fucked-up mental state leads to it harming itself in tragic ways that your whole family will guffaw at.

As with most individuals who find themselves associating pain with pleasure to an extreme extent, the kitty’s strange fetish leads to its demise. It just felt so good inside, you know? These things happen, and the cat’s transformation into zombie cat will most certainly make your children beg for a Toyota Corolla. Credits after the jump.

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