Seattle-based agency Creature has put together a new campaign for DoubleDown Casino, “the world’s only place to play authentic Vegas games on Facebook and mobile devices.”

The campaign launch the social gaming platform with a series of videos that show the service bringing Vegas-style pizazz to boring, everyday situations. In the first spot, “Bedtime” a woman opens the gambling application after her partner falls asleep, spicing up what would otherwise be a night trolling the Internet for kitten photos (not that there’s anything wrong with that). When she opens up DoubleDown Casino, she prompts a cheesy, Vegas-style song and dance routine. The lyrics, of course are about how her romance novel isn’t making the cut and what she really want is slots. The similarly minded “Office” swaps out the bedroom for a bored man at the office who finds DoubleDown a better alternative to going out for fast food.

In addition to the videos, the campaign also features an interactive web experience called Hot Streak Finder. In Creature’s own words: “We asked ourselves, ‘This St. Patrick’s day, what’s the best way to drive traffic to DoubleDown Casino?’ And we answered that question with, ‘by exploding a live-action leprechaun through interactive tickling. Of course.’” Of course, it almost goes without saying.

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