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Friday Morning Stir

-Steve Harmer, formerly GM of Blast Radius Toronto has now been appointed managing director of Wunderman Toronto and will lead combined efforts for both agencies on accounts including Kraft and Microsoft.

-Ladies and gents, welcome Finien, a new L.A.-based operation that specializes in naming, identity and digital design for brand launches (see slick self-promo above). link

-Minus a review, Cali-based, possibly hipster-supported Interbike International Bicycle Expo, a division of Nielsen Expositions, has selected TDA_Boulder as its first-ever agency of record. Print and online advertising is expected to break this month.

-Mindshare alum Nadine Young has joined Aegis Media-backed strategic comms unit Vizeum in the newly created role of chief strategy officer.

-So long, McDonald’s Angus Third-Pounder, we hardly knew ya (and we mean that). link

-D.C.-based shop Bully Pulpit Interactive has hired Kate Kochman, who previously worked with Rahm Emanuel before and during his tenure at the White House, as its new chief operating officer.

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Arnold CW Bows Out Rather Poetically

We’ve contacted one Richard Tseng about this to determine its validity (Update: Yep, legit), but while we wait, here’s his apparent exit letter sent to friends at Arnold, where he’s spent the last 18 months serving as a copywriter on campaigns for Panasonic, CVS, truth, Volvo and more. For some reason, this note from the young creative, who‘s also freelanced at the likes of CP+B and Critical Mass, makes us want to watch a Game of Thrones marathon. Read on..

“In Canada’s frozen north, during a particularly harsh winter, a starving Eskimo tribe (Inuit for the politically correct) was forced to abandon their eldest matron on the ice. Being a tough old broad, she followed her clan for several days, making sure to keep just out of sight.

One day, a polar bear happened upon her. Taking her for a straggler and an easy meal it strolled up to her, mouth open, ready to swallow with one gulp. The Eskimo lady waited and, once in range, plunged her walking stick down the bear’s gullet.

Hours later the clansmen could see her, cresting a snow hill, dragging behind her enough meat to feed the whole tribe.

Times are tough, and circumstances beyond anybody’s control have dictated that I must leave. Totally understand. But, as Rahm Emanuel would say, “Never fucking waste a fucking crisis, fucker.” Which is another way of saying that it’s actually an opportunity. And I intend on seizing it.

So thanks to every member of this tribe called Arnold. It’s been an honor and pleasure working with you. I hope our paths cross again. Who knows? I might even be back one day. Hopefully with enough polar bear sushi to share.

In the words of a fellow young Canadian:

Never say never,
Rich Tseng”

Godspeed, sir.

Digital Campaign Tries to Keep Rahm Emanuel On the Ballot

Yesterday, the Illinois Appellate Court declared that former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel did not satisfy Chicago residency criteria, which would’ve allowed him to run for mayor of the city. The ruling shocked many (Emanuel included), as popular opinion was mistakenly held, even by some AgencySpy commenters, that Emanuel had already proved residency, and his name would appeal on the mayoral ballot. America’s endless appeals system wins again.

While Emanuel and company have ample time before the Feb. 22 mayoral election to get the Illinois State Supreme Court to overturn the ruling, early voting opens in the city in less than a week on Jan. 31. If Emanuel’s name doesn’t appeal on the early voting ballot, his campaign is in quite a bit of trouble, and donors will not be happy. As his people scramble to get the high court to reverse the ruling, Emanuel is reaching out to his supporters via the internet, asking them to vote online and offer their e-signature to a campaign trying to get Rahm’s name back on the ballot. Locally-marketed websites like Chicagoist are being covered with “Your Opinion Counts” flash banner ads. But, will this digital campaign help convince the Illinois Supreme Court that Emanuel can run?

For those wondering why Emanuel’s duty to the federal government made him lose Chicago residency while part of the Obama administration, the law states that he may still vote in elections in his hometown, but it says nothing about his eligibility to run for office. As Emanuel was sitting comfortably in the lead with polls predicting 44 percent of the vote going his way, Former Sen.Carol Moseley Braun, with 21 percent support, is looking to gain some of Emanuel’s supporters. However, most believe that former school chief Gerry Chico with 16 percent tallied will benefit the most should Emanuel stay off the ballot.

Update: The New York Times is reporting that the Illinois Supreme Court just ordered Emanuel’s name back onto the ballot. The Court also agreed to hear the case on an expedited basis, nullifying the validity of 300,000 ballots without Emanuel’s name that had been printed by noon.

Rahm Emanuel Pledges to Clean Up Chicago

While continuing the battle to prove his status as a Chicago resident, Chicago mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel is beginning to run campaign ads in anticipation of the Feb. 22 election. Those from outside of Chicago might be wondering why a candidate whose legitimacy is still under debate is producing television commercials and acting like his name is already officially on the ballot. Well, that’s because it is in a sense.

(ed: The original Rahm ad we posted this morning was pulled. Here’s its replacement for the time being)

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Illinois Lottery Asks That We ‘Joy Someone’

Did you know that it’s only nine days until the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade? Yes, it’s almost that magical time of year when you’re family gorges itself on poultry and you gather ’round the TV to see the Detroit Lions embarrass themselves in front of the nation. Of course, Thanksgiving also marks the beginning of the holiday season, and what’s more Santa-approved than participating in your local lottery?

There are very few stocking stuffers more convenient than lottery scratch-offs. Not only can they fit into any regulation-size stocking, but there is that slim possibility that your $2 investment could be worth much more for the recipient. And, this spot from Energy BBDO names all sorts of people for whom a lottery ticket would be an appropriate gift. Sure, you might not give your kid or your sibling Christmas-themed scratch-off sheet and a quarter to ease the process. But, what of that supporting cast in your life for whom you need some sort of cheap present?

Sure, 2010 probably won’t be what Illini remember as the year when “joy” became a verb. But, it will be known as the year Rod Blagojevich got away with selling a gubernatorial seat, the year Mayor Daley announced his retirement and the year when Rahm Emanuel became a worthy contender for Chicago’s throne. Illinois is a state of high rollers, and while it might not win it big any time in the foreseeable future, they play for the chance of a big payoff. Will it be worth it? Well, just look at the Chicago Blackhawks.