Our summer intern series keeps on rolling. This latest entry comes to us from Bradley Girson, a senior at Tulane University studying entrepreneurship and marketing. He is currently working at MEC in the New York office as a media planning intern. Here, he discusses meeting a senior digital planner at the agency. Take it away, sir.

Usually, the mornings fly by. I’m in the agency at 8:15am; reading MEC case studies, drinking coffee, and eating breakfast until about 8:30am. Before my day even begins to take shape, our client’s daily status meeting carries me straight up to lunch time. If we are lucky, my fellow interns and I are treated to the always exciting lunch and learn. During these sessions, various MEC directors spend two hours teaching us about their specific sector of the industry. I try to approach a lunch and learn meeting as if I’m David Frost sitting across from Richard Nixon. I ask meaningful questions that are occasionally more than the director bargained for. Sorry, but it’s what interns do.

Like the lunch and learns, I look forward to vendor presentations, an integral part of our industry. To dive deeper, one Monday, an invitation arrived in my inbox from my team’s senior digital planner. Not coincidentally, this planner had recently dangled the digital carrot in front of my face. And much to my traditional team’s disappointment, I chomped at the bit.(1)

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