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m:united Breaks Out the Carols in ‘Winter Wonderland’ for Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3

m:united has launched a new holiday spot for Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3, entitled “Winter Wonderland.”

As you might have guessed from the title, the 30-second spot makes use of the carol of the same name. And as you might have guessed from recent Surface Pro 3 ads, the spot is based on a minimalist comparison with Apple’s MacBook Air, visually limited to the computers in question and two pairs of arms. “My Mac is great, it’s so delightful,” begins the ad, with a reworking of the holiday carol sung in a somewhat grating voice. “So’s my Surface, it’s just as powerful,” answers a chorus, as the ad then goes on to list the features that make the Surface Pro 3 superior: the touch screen, digital pen, kickstand and detachable keyboard. By the end of the spot, the Mac booster is ready to make the switch to the Surface Pro. Somehow we don’t think most Mac fans will be quite so easy to convert.  Read more

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Commonwealth/McCann Highlight Chevy’s Tech Cred

You’re almost certainly aware that General Motors is currently suffering through a scandal created by its lack of tech savvy. Yet, even as the terrible PR is somehow increasing sales numbers for the automaker, a new spot created by Commonwealth/McCann indicates that Chevrolet wants customers to know that it’s moving on. In fact, we might say that the brand has begun “a new journey.”

This spot is ostensibly all about the 4G Wi-Fi available in new models, but in a larger sense it’s about how Chevrolet is moving forward on all cylinders and bringing its customers along for the ride.

The July 4th debut was no accident, either: as Chevy’s VP of Marketing puts it, “What better time than the Fourth of July to celebrate the new independence that Chevrolet provides”…via working Wi-Fi.

In order to reinforce this point, the team at Commonwealth/McCann Detroit adroitly make the sort of “that was then, this is now” juxtapositions that one sees in many campaigns for products with tech components.

Credits after the jump.

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Here’s the Jesus/’Walking Dead’ Crossover You’ve Been Waiting For

Gather round, dear AgencySpy readers. It’s time to hear the tale of Easter and Passion Week.

After a triumphant entrance into Jerusalem during what the church refers to as “Palm Sunday,” Jesus and his disciples sought a place to celebrate the Passover in the Holy City.

On Thursday night, Jesus and his posse took part in what would be referred to as “The Last Supper.” Jesus, having a good deal of insight into the human condition and also being an omniscient deity, predicted that one of his disciples, Walter White, would betray him. You see, Mr. White was all about getting money, and it didn’t matter to him who he would have to wrong to get more of it. It’s speculated that Walter had a form of lung cancer or something.

After Jesus gave Mr. White a chance to come clean, he took a few of his disciples to a garden, where he prayed to God so hard that it’s said that he sweat blood. Here, Mr. White gave up Jesus to the Roman soldiers, who, after a few hours of trial at the hands of Jewish and Roman leaders, was sentenced to be crucified on the charge that he was undermining Caesar’s regime.

While dying of what is speculated to be eventual suffocation, Jesus was reminded by a Roman soldier stationed at Golgatha by the name of Don Draper that “the world is indifferent.” Don, fancying himself a clever wordsmith, is actually said to be responsible for coining the tongue-in-cheek expression “Good Friday” for this occasion. While there was nothing all that “good” about it, Draper delighted in the irony of the phrase and also thought it would be a great way to sell t-shirts.

Three days after his death, Jesus rose from the dead. While presenting his risen form to friend Mary Magdalene, he was approached by two swarthy men with crossbows. The above clip from former BBDO CD Scott Kaplan depicts what happened next. Credits after the jump.

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So, An Indian Guy Walks Into an Irish Pub…

Since St. Patty’s Day falls on a Saturday this year, we’ll start the party a little early by bringing you this little ditty from one of the oldest Irish pubs in the nation, New York City’s own McSorley’s. It’s not the choice watering hole for yours truly, but apparently its ale has some interesting effects on Indian guys like myself. One of the copywriters on this spot, which was directed by Matt Fischman and basically given to the 158-year-old drinking institution, is none other than Tom Christmann (Scott Kaplan was the other CW). We’re checking to make sure that it’s the same Tom Christmann that left JWT for the freelancing life last fall. Anyhow, slainte! Update: Yes, it is that Christmann, indeed.

Lion-Winning Ad Community Couldn’t Care Less About Real Lions

As they say, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. That’s the proverb that seems to driving freelancers Amee Shah (formerly of BBH) and Scott Kaplan (not the producer, but the SVP/senior CD who left BBDO in early 2010) to give it another go with their project for Animal Defenders International. As you see in the sad case study above, the pair’s objective was to urge those Cannes Lions winners to save the $1,200 they’d normally spend on purchasing their award (only a few Lions are actually given away per entry in case you didn’t know) and use the money to help rescued circus lions instead.

Well, Shah and Kaplan’s efforts helped garner a whopping $0 from the ad industry. Considering how much importance is placed on having a Cannes Lion on one’s shelf, why are we not surprised?  But as the duo says in the end of their clip above, “We thought we’d give it one more try.” Better luck this time, gang.

W+K Gives Isaiah Mustafa a Breather in Latest Old Spice Campaign

You know, these ads just aren’t the same without Isaiah Mustafa, but then again, maybe it was time for W+K Portland to make a fresh start with its valuable client, Old Spice. But we don’t know if this spot, which may have been copywriter/art director Eric Kallman‘s last writing effort for the brand (didn’t he jump to BFG9000 already?), is it. Here, a sea captain with the worst fake facial hair since Theo and Cockroach on The Cosby Show charms a lass while punching an octopus. The swagger and nod to Mustafa is still in effect, but our swooning has long since ceased. TV credits and a print element after the jump.

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Hahn Beer Looks Expensive to Make

Never had Hahn beer? Well, it’s apparently quite a big deal in Australia, where it’s been in business for 25 years.

This new TV spot for Hahn Superdry comes from Aussie agency Publicis Mojo and is directed by Emmy-winner Tom Kuntz. Yes, that Tom Kuntz, who’s recently been behind lens for award-winning campaigns for Old Spice and Skittles. So, if you notice a little Kuntz’ absurd humor and cry “ripoff,” you shut your trap, you hear?

Q: How do you make Superdry beer? A: With a super factory. The director who’s helped define an age of television advertising where going viral is as important as making something that looks whimsical on an HDTV just doesn’t seem to miss, and he hits it out of the park yet again. So, while you might never have heard of Hahn beer before in the states, you will soon. Credits after the jump.

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The Isaiah Mustafa Blitz Continues

We’re sure there’s many of you who think the Isaiah Mustafa-led Old Spice campaign has lost its luster, and perhaps some of the more recent spots have sullied the once-novel concept. But that hasn’t stopped Wieden+Kennedy from continuing to use its buff pitchman, who returns to dazzle the ladies and continue his role as  in this latest installment entitled “Fiji.” Does the fresh scent of Fiji make your man smell like a never-ending tropical sunset, personalized love song melody and a romantic puppy surprise? Mustafa says, “yes.”

Credits and an example of the print component after the jump.

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It’s Easy to Go Overboard with Unlimited Data/Web

For only $25 a month, Virgin Mobile along with the the new LG Optimus V offers unlimited data and web giving you access to email, Twitter, Flickr, Foursquare, etc.. As you will see, it can be both a blessing and a curse. If you have a crazy Valentine stalker as depicted in this campaign, everything mentioned above can be used as a tool to follow your every move.

This creepy/comedic effort marks the next phase of the “Crazy Life” campaign created by Mother, which if you remember won back the Virgin Mobile business last summer.  Tom Kuntz handles directing duties for these spots, which we know are just a tad untimely, but better late than never. View one more spot and credits after the jump.

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