We’re sure to have post-Super Bowl thoughts as well, but in the meantime, read below on what Teddy Stoecklein, group creative director at Portland, Maine-based VIA Agency, has to say about big game advertising.

Who has the most anticipated spot in this year’s Super Bowl?

First, let me tell you who doesn’t. The idea of Doritos crashing the Super Bowl with user-generated spots has lost its orange, finger-staining luster. We all know those bags are half air. And Bud Light’s “Superstitious” campaign, void of the whiffle ball-to-the-groin humor—which, sadly, always resonates with the average viewer and gets them top honors—will probably not make the top 10.

My two most anticipated spots are from perennial Super Bowl powerhouses Budweiser and Volkswagen. What’s more American, or Dutch rather, than Budweiser’s Clydesdales (see touching 2013 Super Bowl spot below)? I was hoping they’d return to their glory days when they did things like play football in front of a couple of cowboys or engage in a snowball fight. Unfortunately, I saw the spot posted online. It’s not funny at all. Instead it’s just a long, albeit charming, story to get you to name a baby Clydesdale through Twitter. Hopefully you won’t miss the game-winning touchdown when you’re busy tweeting “Buddy” or “Suds” to #clydesdales.

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